Super Mates Episode 30: Spidey Meets The Avengers, Movie Trailer Talk, and Feedback!

Chris and Cindy talk about the latest geeky movie trailers cracking the internet in half! They briefly touch on Ant-Man and Star Wars: The Force Awakens before digging in deep for the controversial Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer. You’ll believe a man can use an anti-depressant!

Then it’s the main event: Spider-Man tries “…To Become An Avenger” from Amazing Spider-Man Annual #3 (1966). Chris and Cindy break down the story of Spidey’s first meeting with Earth’s Mightiest Heroes…just in time for a certain summer blockbuster featuring some long-underwear types! Also, the actual historic meeting acted out, just for you in the return of Super Mates Theater!

We wrap things up with feedback from you!

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Chris (aka Earth 2 Chris) co-hosts the Power Records Podcast with the esteemed Rob Kelly over at the Fire and Water Podcast feed!

Next time: Kyle Benning of King-Size Comics, Giant-Size Fun stops by as Super Mates joins the Conway’s Corner Crossover podcasting event! We discuss legendary writer Gerry Conway’s crusade for creator equity, and review a Conway-penned epic from Superman Family #186-187. The Supermen of Two Worlds must merge to face an unbeatable foe! #ConwayXover

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