Super Mates Episode 42: The Starman Chronicles, Part 3

Chris and Cindy return once more to Opal City for another session of Starman Chronicles! They cover Starman #7-11 by James Robinson, Tony Harris, Wade Von Grawbadger and friends! Jack Knight has a harrowing night at the circus, and meets an unexpected ally…a former Starman! Jack learns a dark secret from his father’s past, as his sworn enemy Nash escapes prison. Then Starman tackles the swamp monster known as Solomon Grundy…but he’s not quite what Jack expected! Finally a tale from Times Past: The Justice Society of America battles the machinations of mort turned messiah, the Ragdoll!

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Cindy and Chris join Professor Alan and Emily Middleton, Michael Bailey, and Bob Fisher on Michael Bradley’s Superman and Batman podcast to discuss the premiere of the Supergirl TV series!

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