Super Mates Episode 48: Bombshells, Batman and Bags of Mail!

Chris and Cindy take a look at the first 6 issues of the new DC Comics Bombshells series, based on the merchandising blitz casting DC’s female characters on the frontlines of WWII! Does the comic match the exuberance and fun of the collectibles it’s based on?

Meanwhile, in Gotham City, our Dynamic Duo review the last issue (sob!) of Batman ’66, by Mike, Laura and Lee Allred! Did they give us the series finale we always wanted?

We round up the show with a heaping helping of comments from you!

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Clip credits:

“Wedding March” from Flash Gordon by Queen

“Kalamazoo” by Members of the Glenn Miller Orchestra

“Sing Sing Sing” by The Benny Goodman Orchestra

“Down South Camp Meeting” by The Benny Goodman Orchestra

“Swamp Thing” animated series theme

“Batman Theme” by Neal Hefti/Nelson Riddle (Batman TV Series)

“Gotham City” by Nelson Riddle (Batman TV Series)

“To the Batmobile!’ by Nelson Riddle (Batman TV Series)

“Minding My Business” by Adam West (The Milton Berle Show, Sept. 16, 1966)

Next Time: Sins of the Child, the next chapter in The Starman Chronicles!

9 responses to “Super Mates Episode 48: Bombshells, Batman and Bags of Mail!

  1. I liked the designs and I like female-driven superhero comics, so I wish Bombshells had been better. Might still read it just based on my love of alternate realities.

    I mean, I liked Ame-Comi Girls.

    1. You and me both, Siskoid. As you can tell, Cindy and I REALLLLLLY wanted to love this, or even like it, and just couldn’t.


      1. It used to be called “pulp.” Pretty much a rebranding of an old sub-genre. Problem is that “steampunk” has become an in-vogue thing, so pulp adventure set in the 20th Century tends to get lumped in as steampunk, rather than termed pulp or dieselpunk. There doesn’t seem to be the same literary base, either and what little I have seen tends to be lacking the “punk” aesthetic that early steampunk had. Heck, even later steampunk seems to be missing that, going more for the Victorian setting and steam technology than the punk attitude. The early stuff was more political, like Michael Moorcock’s Warlord of the Air or the work of KW Jeter and Paul Di Filippo.

        Dieselpunk seems to be more of an art movement, like the steampunk craft movement, using a diesel and gas-era machinery aesthetic.

        I’m old; but, when I see Nazis, giant robots, vacuum tubes, thick power cables, advanced airplanes and flying fortresses, I think “pulp.”

  2. Thanks Chris & Cindy! You saved me the heartbreak of reading DC Bombshell’s. I was planning to pick up the trade based upon my love of the covers and the statues. So disappointing that it didn’t live up to it’s potential. Someone like Jeff Parker could have made a series like that so much fun!

    Really enjoyed the recap of Batman ’66. Definitely sounds like the perfect celebration and send off!

    You crazy kids make for really engaging podcasting. I’m also terribly jealous. I can’t get my wife anywhere near the microphone, and she doesn’t really share my geeky interests. You’re both lucky to have found the other! Keep up the great work!!

    1. Cindy has long been an enabler of my various obsessions, and this is just the ultimate culmination of that.

      Good call on Jeff Parker! Someone draft him for Bombshells 2.0!


  3. Great episode guys, and not just because I’m mentioned repeatedly!

    From what I saw of Bombshells it didn’t look too bad, but I am leery of books where the main, er, thrust of it seems to be the main characters are cheesecake. Sure, it’s 40s-style cheesecake (my favorite kind), but still. You’re review makes me think maybe I shouldn’t bother, even with Mera appearing in current issues.

    Can’t believe Batman ’66 is cancelled! I didn’t think DC was allowed by law to cancel any Bat-Books. Oh well, in some parallel earth its still being published and B:BATB is still on TV.


    1. That final song was from Adam West’s appearance, as Batman, on an episode of The Milton Berle show from 1966. You can find it out on Youtube. Adam slides down a pole, “fights” some lovely go-go dancers, and sings, while in the Batman costume. And he wonders how he got typecast….


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