Super Mates Episode 51: The Batman Superman Movie: Animated!

Just in time for the debut of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Chris, Cindy and son Andrew discuss the ORIGINAL Batman/Superman movie, the 3-part Superman Animated Series episode, “World’s Finest”!


The Joker has a large supply of Kryptonite and a need for cash. Lex Luthor has billions to spare. So these arch villains team-up to wipe out the Man of Steel! Luckily Batman is in town to lend a hand…but he also has eyes for a certain reporter named Lois Lane!



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Clip credits:

Trailer for The Batman Superman Movie

Selected audio clips from Superman: The Animated Series episodes, “World’s Finest, Part 1-3

“Wedding March” from Flash Gordon by Queen

Selected tracks from Superman: The Animated Series by Shirley Walker and Michael McCuistion

Selected tracks from Batman: The Animated Series by Shirley Walker

“My Best Friend’s Girl” by The Cars


16 responses to “Super Mates Episode 51: The Batman Superman Movie: Animated!

  1. Loved this, when it was broadcast; still do. It was an excellent crossover and a nice intro to a shared universe. Of course, anything with a flying wing is automatically cool (especially when it’s painted like a giant smile. My favorite part is Mercy and Harley fighting in the background, while Joker and Lex are arguing. It’s just a beautifully crafted scene.

    I still cling to my day, when Bruce and Clark were friends, called each other by their true names, and acted like adults. This puts them at odds; but, let’s them get past it, moreso than the comics of the same era.

    The Bruce/Lois romance was a bit surprising; but well done. I never really considered the money aspect, until you guys went on a very funny riff.

    This was a really fun episode. It was just awesome to hear the family repartee. It’s nice to hear a family have fun together.

    1. Thanks Jeff! I like that Bruce and Clark do get to that first name zone on JL/JLU. Even in “For the Man Who Has Everything” Batman says “Snap out of it Clark!” I love that stuff.

      Another reason Bruce fell for Lois that I forgot to mention: obviously Kevin Conroy and Dana Delaney were meant to be together. First Mask of the Phantasm, and then this!


  2. This was a great series of episodes–the team-up works, with each character getting their moments, plus the story beats are plausible so neither character feels like an intruder. Plus the gags are terrific.

    Great episode as always. I forgot I missed how much I enjoy Cindy slapping Chris for his linguistic indiscretions, something sadly missing from the show I guested on.

    1. I think Cindy slapped me in episode 50, but it was less audible than usual. Next time you’re on, I’ll be sure to say something that I know will get her ire up. After 20 years of marriage, I know which buttons to push.


  3. This story stands as probably my favorite Superman/Batman story from any media. These three episodes made me a fan of the World’s Finest partnership at a time when I didn’t see any reason why they’d be civil to each other. I just love this story and I wish Warner Bros. had chosen to adapt this to the Big Screen instead of whatever the hell spawned Batman v. Superman.

    Great work, Chris, Cindy, and Andrew!

    1. Thanks Ryan! This is definitely much more my speed than what we got. I would have loved to have seen this adapted into live action…and why not? BvS obviously takes whole sections from comics and adapts them, so why not just remake this? Sigh.


    1. Don’t be sad! We’re glad to have you! Thanks for stopping by!

      Hopefully I’ll have the old episodes posted here on the F&W Network soon, but until then, you can find our old episodes on iTunes, or at

      It’s on my “to do” list, but life has a habit of getting in the way…


  4. Such a great episode!! I’d forgotten how much I loved this animated film! Thank you for including the clips!

    Your enthusiasm for this story was infectious! Also, great to hear Andrew on the show! He brings a fun perspective to the stories!

    Keep up the great work!!

  5. As a general animation fan probably above all my other fandoms, this was a fun time for me. It took me a while to actually see the movie just because of how badly I LOATHED the Joker redesign (and he and Lex teaming up was a bigger draw for me than Batman and Superman, so him looking that bad was a serious turn off for a while.)

    I had to keep reminding myself that you hadn’t seen BvS:DoJ (I pronounce it “BevvisDooge”) at the time you recorded this. If you had I think all the ragging on current comics would have been about that instead. Although, it’s nice to find another human being who doesn’t think Snyder’s run on Batman is the end all be all. I will never not be mad over the immortal Joker.

    1. Yeah, this episode would have been even MORE gushing and nostalgic for THIS movie, had we seen BvS first.
      And I’m glad to meet someone else who isn’t super-wowed by Snyder’s Batman either. I will never say it’s not well-written, I just don’t like the drastic changes that Snyder, and by extension Morrison have made to the Batman mythos. You can’t reset after all of those wild additions without a true reboot.


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