Super Mates Episode 53: Captain America Toys!

This episode, Chris and Cindy begin a new recurring feature, Tales from the Toy Chest! This new series will cover a comic character’s history in plastic, from the first licensed products through today. With Captain America: Civil War only a week away, what better hero to start with than the Star Spangled Avenger himself, Captain America!


From Captain Action to Mego, Secret Wars to Toy Biz and beyond, the Super Mates dig deep into Chris’ collection to find the best (and worst) Cap toys of the past 50 years!


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Clip credits:

“Wedding March” from Flash Gordon by Queen

Clips from Captain America: The First Avenger, directed by Joe Johnston

“Marvel Super Heroes” and “Captain America” themes by Jacques Urbont from The Marvel Super Heroes cartoon series, 1966

Captain America (1979) TV Movie theme by Mike Post

"Paradise City" by Guns N' Roses

“Home of the Brave” from Captain America (1990) by Ivan Neville

Ultimate Avengers end credits theme by Guy Michelmore

Tracks from Captain America: The First Avenger soundtrack: "Captain America" and "Captain America March" by Alan Silvestri, and "Star Spangled Man" by the Star Spangled Singers

10 responses to “Super Mates Episode 53: Captain America Toys!

    1. Totally. Well, that and the theme song. I love that theme! Which I why I run it every couple of episodes.


    2. I still contend that the second film wasn’t too bad and showed more potential for a series than the first. The concept still needed reworking; but, I’ve seen far worse attempts.

  1. The only Captain America toy I ever had was the Mego figure. I didn’t like that the shield hung loose, since it only had a handle at one end for the figure to grasp; so, I took some wire and poked a hole through it, to create a strap to help hold it on the arm. I hated the boots; but, that one wasn’t an easy fix.

    My neighbor had that rifle that launched the Cap and Spidey figures, though I can’t recall if he still had the projectiles. I do recall the toy ads for them, in the comics, where a group of either soldiers or technicians are using ropes to raise and fire the massive rifles, while Cap and Spidey climb into their little cars. The concept was ridiculous when you tried to give a sense of realism.

    The only other major piece of Cap merchandise was a replica metal badge of the Sentinels of Liberty fan club badge, released in 1991 through comic shops. I got it the same time as the 2-volume, slipcased reprint of Captain America 1-10, that was pulled from the market (for some printing monkey business, involving anatomical additions).

    1. Yeah, those Ricochet Racers ads were hilarious. Marvel tried to legitimize everything in comic form back then. Hence, the Spider-Mobile. 🙂

      I now recall you mentioning that Sentinels of LIberty repro badge, and the um…slip-up in the slipcase edition. I should have brought that up. Thanks for pointing it out, and for listening!

  2. I love Chris’ description of the 12″ Mego Captain America. It’s such a sad toy, yet it showed so much promise.

    Did I hear Chris slapping Cindy? I know turnabout is fair play and all, but I wondered if I had to report the show to the local authorities.

    I really enjoy this toy flashback episodes, they’re extra fun, even by SMP’s high standards. We need to do more toy talk on Fire and Water!

    1. Yeah, I lightly slapped Cindy in the arm for the Chris Evans comment. I’m not sorry. It sounded worse than it was, and after all the abuse I’ve taken, I could be the subject of a Lifetime movie, so I think we’re good.

      We had a blast on this episode, so look for more Tales from the Toy Chest to follow! I’ve got LOTS of toys to talk about!

      And you guys SHOULD do more toy episodes on F&W!


  3. Great episode! Loved Cindy’s comment about Chris Evans…and the response from Chris!

    I’ve got a Marvel HeroClix Captain America and the 3 3/4 inch Marvel Infinite series Captain America action figure that I got at Granite City Comic Con two years ago.

    Also, I get so excited when I hear a podcast play the old commercial for the Megos. “Falcon, that Great BLACK Superhero!” I laugh so hard at that point that I nearly miss the bastardized powers of the Fantastic Four.

    1. Chris Evans is on Cindy’s list. Or he may BE her list. I think Hugh Jackman’s on there too….

      Yeah, they call Falcon “BLACK” with such inflection in TWO separate commercials! I decided to just let that one speak for itself. I commend them for making a figure of the Falcon, but yeah, it was the 70s.

      “Both have the power of invisibility” and the (apparently not quite Human) Torch is “quicker than the speed of light”. Oh, and don’t forget Green Arrow is the “hero from the forest”!

      I love those old Mego commercials!


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