Superman II Movie Minute #10 – This Is Really Embarrassing

SUPERMAN II MOVIE MINUTE #10 - This Is Really Embarrassing

Fire and Water Network All-Stars Chris Franklin and Rob Kelly bring you SUPERMAN II MOVIE MINUTE, where they analyze, scrutinize, and you'll-believe-a-man-can-fly-ize the classic 1980 film starring Christopher Reeve, Gene Hackman, Margot Kidder, and Terence Stamp, five minutes at a time!

In minutes 4500 - 5000, Lara explains The Phantom Zone, and  Lois tries to prove Clark is Superman, but comes out all wet.

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7 responses to “Superman II Movie Minute #10 – This Is Really Embarrassing

  1. if the Phantom Zone trio do indeed have all of Superman powers, maybe Superman has finger lasers and hasn’t ever used them. Of course, this also speculates that the trio have a magic expanding cellophane S.

  2. Rob and Chris, thanks for this show. Really, don’t think it’s taken for granted. The Superman movie minute (original and sequel recipe) has been one of my favorite new things over the past couple of years. I need to do a re-watch of this movie, as I last saw it when I was a kid, and likely didn’t even notice all the “ADR” stuff that was going on. Reeves and Kidder, though, still stand out to me as one of the best on-screen duo performances in movie history, and hearing you guys go back over their work has only confirmed that. Keep ’em flying!

  3. In the Earth-1 timeline, Superboy acquired the Phantom Zone Projector when the rocket containing it and Kru-El’s weapons crashes outside Smallville. The included thought helmet told about its use, and what Dr. Xadu and Gen. Dru-Zod had done to be put there, including Zod’s use of Bizarro-duplicates of himself in his takeover attempt, as seen in the Superman V Zod TPB.

  4. Maybe it’s because I wore the tape out of my original SUPERMAN II, or I wasn’t big on Brando growing up, but I am far more satisfied having Lara instead of Jor-El. I’m amazed that this almost 4 decades old film had a better account for Lara than in MAN OF STEEL where, after serving as birth-giver, it’s time for Lara to eff off while Jor-El has his father-son bonding time in addition to the Kents.

    Not to get far ahead of things but having Lara be the one visible while Jor-El is MIA is also kind of metaphorical, later really posing the question of whether the Son has been forsaken by the Father.

  5. I had viewed the Lara archive recording as a “Max Headroom”-ish (though before Max Headroom, natch) artificial intelligence — a digital imprint of her mind into the crystalline computers. This would account for, at least to me, the recording’s interactivity and the emotional responses the recording seemed to have.

    And… Lex Luthor *did* ask AI Lara: “No possibility for parole?”, which AI Lara probably translated to: “Any possibility the Phantom Zone criminals could be let out?” She responded that Jor-El had “thought long and hard about that question”, which made Luthor chuckle, “I asked the right question.” So yes, he *did* ask a question, and admitted doing so, until he was somewhat chastised by the Lara AI for asking that question. Then he immediately denied it in a very Trumpian manner…

    And the international cut of the movie (which was the first edition that I had seen), revealed that Miss. Teschmacher walked away to look for the toilet (and found it). This action was teed up a few minutes earlier when she revealed that when she “went before they left”, it “was two days ago”…

    1. The “look for the toilet” bit was also in the broadcast TV edition, which I’ve watched more thanks to the magic of VHS. I love that bit!

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