Superman II Movie Minute #17 – Wish You Were Here


Fire and Water Network All-Stars Chris Franklin and Rob Kelly bring you SUPERMAN II MOVIE MINUTE, where they analyze, scrutinize, and you'll-believe-a-man-can-fly-ize the classic 1980 film starring Christopher Reeve, Gene Hackman, Margot Kidder, and Terence Stamp, five minutes at a time!

In minutes 8000 - 8500, Clark realizes he's made a huge mistake, and heads back to the Fortress of Solitude. Special Guest: Bob Fisher!

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11 responses to “Superman II Movie Minute #17 – Wish You Were Here

  1. There was a part of me that wanted Clark to win his fight with Rocky (BARELY!) and as he and Lois are realizing that maybe he CAN live his life without Superman…..and Lois can actually love the man even if he’s not Super, THEN! To have the news report clue them in to what’s going on and drop the bomb on them that Clark’s decision was the worst choice he could have ever made! I actually think that would have been even more powerful than it was when Clark lost to Rocky.
    However, my biggest issue with this scene is illustrated later….but I’ll bring that up when we get to the big fight later.

  2. When I took Sex Ed in school, we discussed the consequences of sexual intercourse, including unwanted pregnancy, H.I.V. and other sexually transmitted diseases. Curiously, the teacher never mentioned that sex takes Superman’s power away leading to him getting his ass kicked by an ice road trucker. Lousy public school.

  3. I always thought the logging truck that drove by Clark was Rocky from the diner, and THAT’S why he didn’t stop to give him a ride.

  4. When Mike had Brian and I on to discuss this movie on The Man of Screen Podcast, we supposed that the car they use was the one that Superman was making for Jimmy in “The Super-Key to Fort Superman”. 🙂

  5. Rocky in this scene gives every indication that he’s got something to prove. He hasn’t been successful with the ladies lately, and here’s Clark who apparently is. So Rocky’s got to show a sign that he’s better than Clark.

    When he’s looking Clark up and down, I’m sure he’s not evaluating the man’s height and build, he’s seeing Otherness — in this case likely that Clark is white-collar in appearance versus Rocky’s blue-collar self-identification. Adding to that is the glasses (“four eyes”). The guy could represent Otherness in Rocky’s mind in any number of ways: another race, an accent, ordering some food or drink that isn’t what Rocky likes. No matter how it happens to add up, Rocky would want to present dominance — in fact, it’s probably a plus that Clark is as big as he is, all the better for Rocky to knock him down.

    None of this is unique to this one scene in this one movie, Western culture in real life has this scenario playing out every day. However, staying in the context of the movie, it’s arguable that Zod has a similar motivation to try making everyone kneel before him (heh) — I think he too struck out with a girl he liked one time, and so then he couldn’t cope with that like a grownup, and concluded it was time to overthrow the whole world because the world is full of guys who can get a girl. Same thing as Rocky, just with more of a deficiency to overcompensate for.

  6. I could listen to Bob Fisher drink a glass of water. Mind you, I’d much rather listen to him talk about Superman, so thank you, Bob, for appearing on this edition of the show, and to your guests Rob Kelly and Chris Franklin. (whoops, I think I was inside the chamber.)

  7. Canada? Really? This scene wasn’t in Alaska? I figured Alaska, especially to get a broadcast with the US President. No Canadian would fight a random guy. (*whispers*) Who? (*more whispers*) I’m not sure, I’ll ask. Hey, IS WOLVERINE DC??

  8. I am 2 years late to this, but enjoying this. I can’t wait to catch up to real time.

    And still agree with you about the nuances of the diner fight. Lois put up more than a fight than he did. As a little girl watching him get obliterated was horrific, and took him down many notches as a man in my 5 yr old eyes.
    It also solidified my dislike of Lois stranding him at his lowest point. If she truly loved him, she would’ve never ever left him, even if he begged her too. She would’ve drove the car alongside him, till he got in.

    I agree with Bob, in this time period,Superman being married would not have worked. But man CWs “Superman and Lois” is getting him being Superman and a family man so right. It truly shows he and Lois being a united front and her love, not for Superman, but for Clark.

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