Superman Movie Minute #15 – Busy Night


Fire and Water Network All-Stars Chris Franklin and Rob Kelly bring you SUPERMAN MOVIE MINUTE, where they analyze, scrutinize, and you'll-believe-a-man-can-fly-ize the classic 1978 film starring Christopher Reeve, Gene Hackman, Margot Kidder, and Marlon Brando, five minutes at a time!

In minutes 71:00 - 75:00, Superman has a busy night in Metropolis.

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10 responses to “Superman Movie Minute #15 – Busy Night

  1. And a feedback episode!

    Have to get this off my chest. I think it should be ‘scrutinizes, analyzes, and you’ll believe a man can flyzes’ and not ‘fly-izes’.

  2. It’s amazing how much they got right with Superman’s first night. Helicopter, burglar, robbers, cat, and airplane. He’ll face more challenging tasks later but for now over half of these deeds show how much of the common touch Supes has.

    I usually stick up for Superman Returns but I’m not a fan of Supes going all the way into planetary orbit to “triage” people in distress, settling on some alarm going off. This Superman just gets to work, keeping his nose to the grindstone.

  3. Hey, here’s a question for your feedback episode: How about a Smokey & The Bandit movie minute series? I heard you mention how much Chris loves this one, Me too! Maybe Jackie Gleason should have been the sheriff in Superman 2?

    1. I’ve been following those. Incredible! A fan made film with better CGI than Justice League (and I liked Justice League)!

      I can’t help but think of Edna Mode. “NO CAPES!!!”


  4. Well see, off camera, Superman left a note saying “Sorry for leaving this boat in the street, but it has evidence you’ll need right away to make a case against these criminals, and I have to go rescue a cat in a tree. I’ll be back as soon as I can to move it wherever you need. Sincerely, a friend.” And he draws the shield around the S in “Sincerely”, because 70s Superman works the branding where he can. Not Batman-level branding, of course.

  5. When I was a little boy the very first time my mother and father took me to a movie theater it was to see Superman I have forever love this film and I’m very much enjoying the two of you talking about it thank you

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