Superman Movie Minute – Teaser Trailer


In this special "teaser" episode,  Chris Franklin and Rob Kelly take a look at the first trailer for SUPERMAN: THE MOVIE!

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14 responses to “Superman Movie Minute – Teaser Trailer

  1. Thanks for doing this new show guys. I am really looking forward to listening to your analysis of this seminal superhero film. It really is the template for the entire genre. I had just turned 10 when the movie premiered and it (along with Batman 66 reruns on TV) are what set me up for a lifetime of comic book reading. I always assumed this teaser came out before any footage had been completed,

    I think this teaser trailer shows the importance of star power, It’s hard to compare the magnitude of Brando’s stardom at the time. He was coming off a major career revival thanks to The Godfather & his participation in the film was used to get so many of these big names to sign on. The same thing had happened a few years earlier with Murder on the Orient Express (1974): Sidney Lumet signed Sean Connery first and used him to entice other big names to join that cast.

    Seeing names like Brando, Hackman, and other respected actors told audiences that “Superman” was going to be an event picture and not something solely aimed at the kids. Today it’s common for Oscar winners and other top talent to sign on for these action adventure films when prior to “Superman” it may have been looked down by some that the stars were “slumming” in material beneath them. I think it was also a good move to surround the unknown Reeve with so many heavy hitters. Glenn Ford may only have a few minutes of screen time but his very presence adds a heft to the film that would have been lacking otherwise.

    As a kid, I had no idea who Trevor Howard or Maria Schell were but they too add a gravitas to their brief scenes on Krypton, You needed performers who could stand alongside Brando without totally being blown off the screen.

    Again, I am really glad you’re doing this series of episodes. Up, up, and away!

        1. Every week, Siskoid leaps into the host of a different show and does that show! Meanwhile, racist against Thanagarians Bass tries to get Siskoid to make the final leap home – to Calagary or wherever in Canada.

          Also, though the sound of his voice stabs my brain, Shag should sing the credits to that one, too.

  2. Lovely little teaser show, fellas! I hope Rob’s demands to have his lines delivered by a bagel or a suitcase don’t get you down, Chris Franklin.

        1. As executive producer of this podcast, I’m taking the discarded audio from your shows and creating a second podcast without your consent and without paying you for it.

  3. By sheer chance, one of the better teasers I’ve seen in a long time dropped today: Murder on the Orient Express. It doesn’t spoil the plot at all and does a nice job of highlighting the cast and tone of the film. I don’t think you can improve on the original but I will see it.

    You’re right about trailers telling too much nowadays. Maybe one of the worst offenders is the upcoming Spider-Man. I wonder what the industry justification is for revealing so much? Is it just that the casual viewer will only see it once in the theater and not obsess every moment. In the days before the internet I actually went to a film I had no interest in seeing just for the trailer. It was a Sean Connery movie called Just Cause (1995) and they were playing the Batman Forever trailer with it.

    1. I was trying to avoid last week’s FINAL Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer, because they have already shown half the movie. But guess what was playing in front of my second viewing of Guardians Vol. 2? Yep, you guessed it.

      The only justification I can figure for that one is they want to assure the general audiences that “HEY! This is part of the MCU! This is the Spidey you liked in Cap: Civil War! Yes, it’s another reboot, but it’s okay!”

      It’s the start of the third Spidey franchise in 10 years (Raimi’s 3rd movie came out in 07), so maybe they are concerned folks will just look right over top of it?


      1. Yeah, I just a very tech spoilery trailer for SM:H. It’s hard to stay surprised.

        I don’t ever remember seeing a preview for any of the Superman films until Returns.

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