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In this special bonus episode of SUPERMAN MOVIE MINUTE, Chris and Rob are back to talk about the classic SUPERMAN: THE MOVIE trading card set from Topps!

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9 responses to “Superman Movie Minute – Trading Cards

  1. Rob & Chris,

    After a really hard day it was great to hear you guys talking about Superman again. I still have both sets of Topps Superman the Movie cads packed away in my Fortress of Solitude. Every once in a while I’ll dig them out and relive the days when I’d go down the street from my house to Roosevelt’s store and get a pack or two, and a piece of candy with whatever change I had left. I was such an enthusiastic collector I even talked my mom into floating me a loan to buy a whole box from Thriftway on a weekly shopping trip. God bless her. I don’t know who was more disappointed when I still couldn’t make a complete set.

    I kept my Superman cards all neatly organized, along with my Battlestar Galactica, & Star Trek the Motion Picture cards in a cardboard box under the bed. Eventually I traded them to a friend for comics.

    Fast forward to 1986 and I finally found complete sets of both Superman & Superman II cards (sans stickers) at a little baseball card and comics shop called The On Deck Circle. It was such a thrill to know I had every treasured card at last.

    Once again your network has given me an all too brief respite from the stress of modern life and taken me on a nostalgia trip to a place that will always live in my memory as the best of times.

    “Groovy” Mike Decker

  2. I looked up the Superman Card poster on eBay.

    Found one. $140 plus $10 shipping.


    Anyway, it is awesome that you guys talked about these cards because I am currently prepping a Power Point presentation for a panel I am honored to be part of at DragonCon celebrating the 40th anniversary of the film. I did not buy these cards as they came out because I was two. The first Superman movie cards I would own were the ones for Superman II that a friend gave me when I was 12. The Movie cards would have to wait until a lucky eBay lot that had both series and all but one of the stickers, which I got over quickly.

    I love trading cards. Comic book wise I came into my own in the ’90s during the height of the non-sports trading card era so any kind of trading cards about comic book characters and particularly Superman have been targets for collecting. Part of me wishes I could have been just a little bit older to buy these new but I console myself with having been 13 during the summer of 1989 and chasing the Batman trading cards based on the movie.

    Great episode. Looking forward to more.

  3. I really enjoy the shows on the network, but you guys make me feel old sometimes. Michael mentioned he was too young to buy the cards when they were new and Chris mentioned on the show that he wasn’t old enough to read when the movie came out.

    I never got a complete set of the cards, but had a good number of them. I think I mostly got these at stores that didn’t sell comics, and, if I recall, the cards were cheaper than comics. I was confused by the cards that featured the scenes cut from the movie. (Hey, I was only 7, so I wasn’t THAT much older than you guys.). I was really intrigued by the card of Superman in the fire card from the cut gauntlet sequence. After watching the expanded edition, I really don’t understand why this was cut from the original release.

    I do remember an older male cousin trying to talk me into giving him a couple of the cards. Want to guess which ones he wanted?

    I came much closer to getting the complete set of the Superman 2 cards. I think I got all of those but about three.

  4. Part of the reason I love this show so much is because of the obvious joy and enthusiasm you both have for Superman: The Movie — I never would’ve thought I’d have so much fun listening to a couple of guys talking about trading cards!

    The downside, though, is that you’re reigniting my obsession with trading cards! I never collected the cards for S:TM (they just weren’t readily available, I guess), but in my college years in the 90s I went crazy. I still have complete sets of the 1992 DC collection, and my beloved Bernie Wrightson: Master of the Macabre series from ’93 (with Frankenstein subset and chrome chase cards!). I also had a start on the Image cards, but gave up on that one pretty quick.

    Looking forward to the next episode, Chris and Rob!

    1. I still have binders full of the early 90s Marvel and DC sets from Skybox. Heck, I have the dedicated binders for the Batman: Saga of the Dark Knight and Superman: The Man of Steel oversized card set. So don’t feel bad Max! And I know Michael Bailey is right there with us.

      And I got my cards from the same places I got my comics, mostly Eastside Pharmacy, up the street from my house. Still there, but while they have candy, no gum cards. 🙁

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