Superman Movie Minute – Valerie


In this special episode, Rob and Chris talk to Stacey Souther, director of the new documentary VALERIE, about SUPERMAN's Miss Tessmacher, the legendary Valerie Perrine.

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One response to “Superman Movie Minute – Valerie

  1. Several years ago I attended a screening of Lenny at the TCM film festival where Dustin Hoffman was interviewed by Alec Baldwin. Hoffman was effusive in his praise of Valerie. I’d never seen the film before & it’s a real standout performance – truly touching.

    I’m even more impressed with Valerie’s courageous battle with Parkinson’s. My dad has suffered with the disease for nearly 20 years & I must say I can’t think of a more brutal illness. Every aspect of your physical being is impacted including your ability to smell, taste, walk, talk, swallow, and more. It robs you of so much. Thanks for highlighting the documentary!

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