TreasuryCast #20 – Christmas with the Super-Heroes

TREASURYCAST #20 – Limited Collectors’ Edition C43: Christmas with the Super-Heroes

Just in time for Christmas, Rob welcomes back fellow Fire and Water Network All-Star Chris Franklin (SUPER MATES) to talk about LIMITED COLLECTORS’ EDITION C43: CHRISTMAS WITH THE SUPER-HEROES, starring Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Sandman, and The House of Mystery!

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12 responses to “TreasuryCast #20 – Christmas with the Super-Heroes

  1. Just call them Chris-mas shows, already.

    Great show, fellas. I never tire of hearing my bestie and Cfranks enjoy comics – something my blackened chest pump no longer allows

  2. Great episode. In addition to just being a sucker for Christmas stories, I really love this Treasury for how much Golden Age content they put in it. Readers who got into comics in the 70s or later often look down on Golden Age art as crude or primitive but I’ve always felt this Treasury made a great case against that view. As you noted, seeing the art of each of these golden age stories enlarged really worked well with these particular stories and made it look great. Especially HG Peter, who often had his art overshadowed by the very, very text heavy approach of Marsten’s writing. Yeah, the lettering was great, but the text was very dense. I imagine even Roy Thomas would probably look at it and think wow, that’s a little much.

  3. Man, I’ll have to wait yet another year to see some love for one of those Marvel Xmas Treasuries – and probably not the one with the snowball fight. Oh, well.
    Enjoyed this episode anyway; I love the Silent Night of the Batman, it’s definitely a classic. And you’ve got me quite intrigued about the Superman and Wonder Woman stories. In the latter case in particular, I’m coming closer to pulling the trigger on getting one of the books that collects some Golden Age Wonder Woman stories.
    As to your discussion of the Sandman story and Kirby’s art, I have to say I think you guys kind of gave the short-shrift to Joe Simon. It’s my understanding that in the early stories Simon not only co-plotted them and wrote the dialogue, but also inked Kirby’s pencils or sometimes even finished Kirby’s breakdowns. When you any story in which Simon did the complete art, you realize how much he contributed to the art in his collaborations with Kirby.

  4. What a terrific episode. I don’t have this issue but I was able to read the Wonder Woman, House of Mystery, Sandman and Superman stories in the fantastic A DC Universe Christmas trade from 2000, the one with the superhero gift wrap cover. And yes, that fir tree story is weird even for Marston and Peter. Have extra fun with this one by reading the Nazis’ dialogue out loud!

    My favourite moment in the Superman story is the elves beating up Grouch and Meaney (they should have teamed up with Scrounge and Mr Big in the Teen Titans story).

    Now Chris, you’ve done a wonderful job going on 12 Christmas podcasts this year, but as a family man you likely want more time to spend with your loved ones. So you should maybe turn down a half dozen next year AND GIVE SOME OTHER POOR SOD A CHANCE…oops, did I say that out loud?

    1. Sorry Martin. We’ll let you on some of next year’s Christmas episodes, as long as you go all Dickensian and talk about Christmas bowls and Figgy Pudding and all that stuff! 😉


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