TreasuryCast #35 – Superman II


Just in time for the launch of SUPERMAN II MOVIE MINUTE on May 6, Rob welcomes back Chris Franklin and Michael Bailey to discuss DC SPECIAL SERIES #25, the SUPERMAN II Collector's Album!

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18 responses to “TreasuryCast #35 – Superman II

  1. I just recently found this at one of my local Comic Shops I’ve had a number of Superman Movie books prior to this. (The Superman II Special Daily Planet Magazine for one thing) but this was a surprise discovery.

    I hate that after all these incarnations of Atari Flashback, they still don’t have Superman the game included.
    Although, I will say, the game was a frustration monster of the highest order! (The point of the game was to catch Lex Luthor, stick him in jail and find your way back to the Daily Planet. (The problem is, that when you hit one of Lex’s Kryptonite Satellites, you would be essentially grounded until you met up with Lois and she kissed you as Superman which gives you back your powers (like the Green Crystal)

    Superman II was actually the beginning of the hiatus I took from Superhero comics as I became more interested in the action /adventure Movies and TV series of the early 80s (Indiana jones, James Bond, A-Team, Knight Rider etc etc….) I actually wouldn’t get back into DC’s Superhero comics until the Death of Robin and Batman 89 9I wouldn’t start reading Superman full-time until the death of Superman.
    (Btw.. looking up Superman Touchtone Phone on Ebay, I found One that is going for roughly $500.00)

    (One of these days, I’ll really have to go back and find that first Superman Movie Album)

    1. Another great episode covering a distinct Treasury!

      As much as I love Superman collectibles, even if that Superman phone had been affordable I wouldn’t have been interested in it because I was so disappointed in the design.

      The great thing about the Mickey Mouse phone is that he actually held the telephone receiver in his hand! Superman on the other hand, was just a statue that stood in front of the receiver. What a let down!

  2. I’ve been anticipating the Superman movie minute part 2 for some time. I will be listening to this episode once I find my original copy of this treasury to “read along” with you guys. I believe I still also have the movie program that was sold in the theaters. I poured over that one so many times.

  3. Yep, as I noted in my comment to your show about the Superman the Movie treasury, this is a book I wouldn’t have been interested in back then, but now find it intriguing as a bit of pop culture history. Enjoyed the discussion, gentlemen!
    Otherwise, two things I have to note: 1) Michael’s anecdote about his mother and that scene in Deliverance made me guffaw out loud, and I’m smiling right now as I write this this; 2) I was very amused by your cat’s audio accompaniment to the first part of the feedback section – as someone who shares housing with six little feline demons, I can relate…

  4. Thoroughly enjoyable show and now I want the Treasury. Mike is 100% about after the fact movie adaptations. IDW’s adaptation of The Wrath Of Khan is awful and they only did it so they could release an omnibus of all the original cast movie adaptations.

  5. I read the first movie treasury but never saw this one. To be honest, it wouldn’t have been my cup of tea… the original didn’t excite me at all, I’d seen the film and read plenty of articles already. Now an adaptation, that would have been great.

    Still, I love style enthusiasm of you chaps. And the panel-to-film comparisons sound fun.

    Rob, when you mentioned ‘Lois Lane, gun moll’, was that a deliberate nod to Lois Lane #28’s story, actually entitled ‘Lois Lane, gun-moll’, in which a ray turns our gal eeeeevil and she starts dressing up in fur as the Leopard Lady and hooks up with Lex Luthor? (As one who works with girl reporters, I have to say, this kind of thing happens a lot.)

  6. I just recently found your podcast and I cannot get enough of it. I have downloaded every single episode and I going through them fairly quickly. I’m up to episode 10 now. I’ve been through a stressful time with a sudden decline in a family member’s health and her subsequent passing. The TreasuryCast helped me keep my senses during long hours at the hospital. I owned some Marvel Treasury editions when I was a child (I was born in 1971) but never owned any DC ones despite being a DC kid (Batman, primarily). I have since rectified that. I had recently dipped my toes back in collecting comics after a decades-longs hiatus and decided to go with treasury edition since they were finite and within a certain budget. I immediately fell in love with them all over again and jumped in head first in collecting as many as I could. A well-known and beloved local comic shop owner passed away a year or two ago after a bout with cancer. His brother put his 100,000+ piece collection up for auction last Fall with proceeds going to his church. Much to my wife’s chagrin, I bought his entire collection of treasury editions. Some were in like-new condition while others…not so much. There were a total of approximately 60 with only 20 or so being doubles (which I will try to sell soon). Of these 60, over half were DC including all but one of the Batman editions. Your podcast has given me the fever to try to complete the collection (minus all of the Rudolph issues) and I’m slowly doing so, keeping it strictly to the Marvel Treasuries and DC Limited Edition Collections with a few specials thrown in. Thank you very much for the information shared and for all of the terrific guest hosts…and for helping to keep the nostalgia fires burning. I have enjoyed every episode and will be disappointed when I catch up to the current episodes and have to wait a month between them.

    1. Just jumping in to say I’m sorry you’ve been through such a tough time, Roger. Glad your wife is at least tolerant of your new/old hobby! But go on, buy the Rudolf books too!

      Have you tried other Fire and Water podcasts, by the way? I think Secret Origins, in particular, might be your cup of tea.

      1. I’ve listened to a few of them, particularly SuperMates due to their connection to Monster Kid Radio. However, since I found the Treasurycast, I believe there are several I could dig into on the network and will be doing so in the short-term. The Power Records one also has my interest. I’m chugging through the Treasury episodes and will soon branch out. Thanks!

        1. Thanks for listening Roger, and I’m very glad we can bring some small amount of comfort. Cindy and I are planning House of Franklin-Stein now, and I of course love me some Monster Kid Radio. I hope to get Derek on the network as a guest some day as well.


    2. Sorry to hear about all your issues. I hope the treasuries you bought will bring a little fun into your life. TreasuryCast is a fun show and I think you’ll enjoy listening to it.

  7. What did I take away from this podcast? The idea that Fellini could have done fumetti. It’s very hard to collect back issues. They’re all numbered 8 1/2!

  8. Felini did have one comic book credit that I know of. A Milo Manara graphic novel, Trip to Tulum was based on a screenplay the two were working on about a trip they took to the US. One of their tour guides was Brinke Stevens, and the woman in the black veil in the graphic novel is supposedly based on her. (Sorry, that is where I heard about it. I was a Brinke Stevens fan in my younger years. I don’t know much about Felini)

    Ok, on to the treasury. As a kid, I probably would have preferred an adaptation of Superman 2, since this was in the pre-home video days. Now that I have two different versions of the movie in my collection and can watch it whenever I want, something behind-the-scenes like this is much more fun. Also, as a kid, I would have hated the ads, but now they are fun to look back on. I’m glad I DIDN’T see the ad for Batman vs The Incredible Hulk. I had no idea it was coming out and still remember the thrill of unexpectedly finding it at my local grocery store. I would have hated it if the ad to spoil my thrill of discovery, plus I would have probably burst in anticipation before it came out.

    I never saw the Superman 2 treasury in stores when the movie was released, because I’m sure I would have bought it. I’m sure my mother would have gotten it for me if she had seen it. She enjoyed the first Superman movie when we went to see it. My mom never read comics and doesn’t usually like action movies, but we were both looking forward to Superman 2 prior to its release. Strangely, I recall seeing the first Superman movie treasury all over the place, because it popped up in a lot of stores that didn’t normally carry comics.

    1. Oh, just in case I didn’t make it clear, I do have the Superman 2 treasury now. Even though I bought it as an adult, my mom has looked at it.

  9. Fun episode! It made me simultaneously feel the need to own the book, yet feel I didn’t need to own it because of the thorough description of it.

    I have some of those Superman merchandising tie-ins: blueprints, portfolio, etc. Now I’ve got to go to storage and find them.

    By the way, I’m glad Superman II Movie Minute is starting… I have a lot of road trips ahead of me and they’ll help them pass faster.

  10. Does the Treasury Comics website still exist? I’m still catching up on episodes so it may be discussed in one that I haven’t heard yet.

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