TreasuryCast #41 – Dr. Who Dave Gibbons Treasury Edition


This month everything's gone wibbly wobbly, timey wimey! Rob welcomes fellow network all-stars The Irredeemable Shag and Siskoid to discuss the 2012 Dr. Who Treasury Edition from IDW, featuring stories drawn by the legendary Dave Gibbons!

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22 responses to “TreasuryCast #41 – Dr. Who Dave Gibbons Treasury Edition

  1. Shag and Siskoid have the patience of saints. From the first utterance of calling The Doctor, ‘Dr. Who’, I want to pull Rob aside.

    “Rob… Rob- we need to talk. His name is ‘The Doctor.’ He is the definitive article, you could say…”

        1. My alternate joke was as if I tried launching into a discussion regarding the merits of Cushing’s ‘Dr. Who’ and the bonkers origin change… as if he knew/understood.

    1. I know. I feel so stupid. I knew it was a MOONBASE Cyberman. One of my favorite episodes. Long story, not worth explaining here, why I idiotically got it wrong.

  2. What a great episode! For my undying love of Doctor Who, the comic strips have long been a bit of a blind spot (I suspect because the availability of Doctor Who Weekly was rather sporadic when I was growing up, so it became harder to follow such an episodic tale). The Classic Series DVDs have a documentary series called “Stripped For Action” documenting the history of Doctor Who strips & comics for those who are interested.
    If I was recommending a Doctor Who story for Rob, it’s be 1977’s “Image of the Fendahl”, for its 1970’s Hammer Horror vibe (if Hammer made kids programmes..! )

    And regarding that Stan Lee photo… if I was covering my genitals with a comic, I’d make sure it was a Hulk Treasury, and not an Atom digest, if you catch my drift…

  3. Well, I’m with Shagg. As soon as I saw the poor coloring in that Dr. Who issue of Marvel Premiere on the spinner rack, I sniffed haughtily and refused to purchase it … Ha! Kidding! I didn’t get it because I just wasn’t into Dr. Who. Back then, I just knew it as this oddball British show that was aired on PBS.
    And I never did get into the whole thing. The closest I came to it was watching a few episodes of Torchwood some time ago; they weren’t bad, but – sort of like Rob with the main Dr. Who series – it never spurred me into wanting to see more, or start watching the main show The Doctor.
    However, that didn’t take away from my enjoyment of the show; like with the recent Transformers treasury, I just found it interesting to learn a little something more about a major pop culture property I know so little about.

    Otherwise, I have to say, after listening to the feedback segment, I find it a bit depressing that you also had an upsetting experience involving Garcia Lopez (PBHN) at a convention, Rob (that story Kyle shared was bad enough). And geez, any guy who puts a giant stack of comics on a table for a creator to sign should get hustled out by security…

  4. Do I have to turn in my nerd card if I admit that I haven’t seen any iteration of Dr. Who?

    That Stan Lee photo is another reason I’m glad I bought by Batman vs the Incredible Hulk when it was new. If I bought a used copy off eBay, I would be paranoid that I had the one that had touched Stan Lee’s junk. Of course, there is no guarantee that my other comics weren’t on someone’s junk before I bought them. Now, I may have to burn my entire collection. Gee, thanks, Rob.

  5. Thanks for one of the best episodes yet, I loved hearing all the chat, Doctor Who is one of my favourite character in TV fiction.

    I’m glad siskoid emphasised to Rob that Doctor Who has never been a predominately light-hearted show. It’s traditionally balanced light and shade very well.

    As a Brit, I grew up on Doctor Who, only dropping off when they moved it from Saturday to a weekday in the Eighties – it was opposite Coronation Street and no one had video recorders back then. I rejoined the show with the modern revamp, though the last few years have been rough, as it ever more steadily disappeared up its own arcs. Does every companion of Doctor Who have to have some kind of cosmic destiny? They’re supposed to be the POV character, through whose eyes we see Doctor Who, not a deity.

    I bought the early Doctor Who Weekly issues, so to me those coloured versions just look very wrong. The art was drawn for black and white, leave it at that. Doctor Who, he looks great without colour.

    Thanks for the shout-out, Siskoid!

    The name Ironicus is very Asterix the Gaul, I expect it was deliberate.

    Is ants in your pants not a US expression Shag?

    1. Right, that was the thing with Adric he was of cosmic importance but the writers didn’t know that at the time they introduced him. He was like the Jason Todd of Doctor Who. Very few were happy when he was there his death was important though everyone moved on quickly and his replacement was much better.

    2. It was a great episode, but of course I’d say that, being a pretty major Dr. Who fan, myself.

      Just using Martin Gray’s comment here as a jumping-in point to agree with him re: modern Who and story arcs. I’d be perfectly happy to drop the season-long arcs entirely.

  6. I thoroughly enjoyed your discussion of this Doctor Who treasury. I’m a fan of the Seventh Doctor, but never picked up on the 2000 AD vibe of that era, until you mentioned in your discussion. As soon as you did, it made perfect sense. Now that I think of it, the Moderators from the City of the Damned story remind me a lot of the Bannermen from the TV episode Delta and the Bannermen, and neither villainous group would look out of place in a Judge Dredd story. You’ve just blown my mind into E-space. Thank you, gentlemen.

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