TreasuryCast #42 – The Flintstones Christmas Party

TREASURYCAST #42 - The Flintstones Christmas Party

It's Christmas time again, so Rob welcomes back fellow Fire and Water Network All-Star Chris Franklin to discuss Marvel Comics' all-new treasury special, The Flintstones Christmas Party! Yabba-dabba-yule!

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10 responses to “TreasuryCast #42 – The Flintstones Christmas Party

  1. Chris, I am so happy to hear somebody else remember Yogi’s Ark Lark. That was probably my first introduction to characters other than Yogi, Boo-Boo, and Huckleberry Hound.

    I honestly had zero clue that these Treasury editions existed. But then again, if there are infinite Rudolph treasuries, surely the Flintstones aren’t beyond existing in treasury form. Definitely an interesting pre-Christmas episode.

  2. Hey! Merry Chris-mas Franklin-stein and Rob the Boy Wonder! Another great holly-jolly episode of Treasurycast. I was a big collector of the Treasury size comics in the ’70s from both Marvel & DC, but I have never seen any of the HB cartoon ones. I did have a couple of random issues of the regular Marvel Scooby-Doo, Dynomutt (and Blue Falcon) and Laff-a-Lympics, but could never get a consistent run of ’em. I think the only issues I ever found were in those comics three packs that I’d get at the local drugstore.

    Chris’ story of his Dad doing the HB character voices reminds me of the time my daughter was 5 years old. One day I said something and she replied in confusion, “Papa. Why do you always do that?”
    “Do what?” I replied.
    “You always point to your head and say ‘brains’ and mom and I don’t understand it!”
    So I had to sit down with her and try to explain the cultural touchstone that was Huckleberry Hound. I guess my wife and daughter had thought I was insane for years and just didn’t want to tell me.

    To all the guys and gals and midnight pals at the good ol’ Fire & Water Podcast Network…Happy Holidays!

    “Groovy” Mike Decker

  3. Mark wrote YOGI BEAR’S ALL-STAR COMEDY CHRISTMAS CAPER and I know this because I got really excited and had to look up if it was Mark Evenier who write YOGI’S FIRST CHRISTMAS. He didn’t. When I still had satellite, I would watch FIRST CHRISTMAS every chance I had, along with A FLINTSTONE’S CHRISTMAS CAROL.

  4. Yep, I think I first learned of the existence of these Hanna-Barbera treasuries published by Marvel from your old Treasuy Edition site, Rob. Never, ever saw them back when they were published. I did, however, have a few of the Hanna-Barbera comics published by Marvel, though. Specifically, I had at least one issue of Laff-A-Lympics, and a few issues of Dynamutt – because I watched both of the cartoons, and I specifically remember liking the Blue Falcon. Back then I thought he could have been a legit cool superhero.
    Loved the show, though; it was interesting to learn about this book, especially the story behind it and Mark Evanier’s role in the whole thing.
    As for the Flintstones celebrating Christmas: yes, as a kid, I remember wondering why cavemen were celebrating the holiday whenever the Christmas episode aired. Now it seems to make more sense, though, since many of the trappings of Christmas, like the tree, the presents, the feasting, etc. were appropriated from pre-Christian pagan practices. Who knows? Maybe our paleolithic hunter/gatherer ancestors held some kind of parties in their caves in the dead of winter (not like they had much else to do, besides avoid getting eaten by cave bears…).

  5. Thanks for the show, guys. As Christmas neared and no Treasury Cast appeared I feared we wouldn’t get a Christmas episode.

    I really appreciate all the behind the scenes info from Mark Evanier that you supplied. I never realized this treasury was that hard to find. I got this treasury brand knew in 1977, probably at my local Harco Drug Store, which always seemed to have the new treasuries. * I don’t guess I saw the other two Marvel Hanna Barbara Treasuries in the wild, because I don’t have them. With WB owning Hanna Barbara and Marvel being under the Disney umbrella, seeing Marvel Hanna Barbara comics is pretty weird.

    At the time i got the treasury, I was only six. I didn’t even notice the crossing of universes or how weird it was for Fred to meet Yogi Bear or Huckleberry Hound. I just enjoyed the fun of seeing characters I liked together. Be honest. At that age, when you were playing with your action figures, didn’t you mix Marvel, DC, the Lone Ranger, 6 million dollar man, etc…even if Steve Austin and Lone Ranger were taller than Batman and company? Everyone mixed except Star Wars because they were those cheap, clunky plastic things that looked terrible to me even at six. If I’d have had a cooler Darth Vader, he certainly would have been fighting Superman, Batman and the Hulk.

    If I was disappointed, it was that you used the Christmas clip with what a consider the “faux Fred” voice, that guy who took over from the “real” Fred, Alan Reed. I guess there was a weird bit of synergy, though, because the Faux Fred, whose name I can’t remember, dubbed over Jackie Gleason’s cussin’ on the network TV versions of Smokey and the Bandit. Supposedly, Fred was based on Jackie Gleason’s Ralph Kramden.

    * My poor mom always had to do her drug store shopping at Harco instead of Eckard, because Eckard didn’t carry comics, so I didn’t want to go there. I also didn’t want to grocery shop at Winn Dixie, because they were the only grocery store in town that didn’t carry comics. That is where my evil Granny always wanted to do her grocery shopping, but then she always fussed at me about reading comics, so….

    I’d never thought until just then that comics were a great way for stores to pull in customers, since the kids would make the parents go to stores that sell them. Hmmmm.

  6. Merry Christmas!

    Great Episode!!! It took forever to listen to this because I kept replaying Chris’ amazing impersonations.

    I was surprised to hear that Tony Strobl worked on this book. Tony was one of the great Disney artists. He worked on hundreds of Disney comics. Plus, he did some work for Disney animation.

    Trivia for the super hero fans, Tony went to art school with Jerry Siegel & Joe Shuster and played some small role in the creation of Superman.

    I LOVED this episode and I hope you two will cover the other two Hanna-Barbera treasury editions soon.

  7. Never knew about this Treasury but as you were discussing I was thinking ‘how are they celebrating Christmas in BC??’ so thanks for voicing that Chris.

    I also wonder they just didn’t have Gazoo turn the banker inside out. But I guess such easy answers would make for a short treasury.

    As for me, I grew up in the era when these shows were all on local stations. I think I would easily live in Top Cat’s world as one of his gang. I think my humor is best expressed in Yogi Bear cartoons. And Wally Gator has the best theme song of the bunch. So hearing all these characters names again, including some beloved C-listers like Pixie and Dixie, Lippy the Lion and Hardee-Har-Har, and others made me smile like a goof. It is just what I needed!

    Thanks for covering!

  8. This was a whole lot of fun to listen to. I had it playing as I was at the grocery store buying Christmas groceries. Franklin’s imitation of Yogi was great and the story of his dad doing Hana Barbara cartoons in a squad car was classic.

  9. Ok I’m three years late but here goes.

    It looks like most of the characters except for the last page are from1957 to 1964. Notice there are none of the ’66 superheroes (Space Ghost, Birdman, etc) There are some misses in the target graphic, the most obvious is Ruff and Reddy. And I was not a fan of Jonny Quest or Scooby Doo so I didn’t miss them.

    The great Groucho Marx was a huge Huckleberry Hound fan. His youngest child was born in 1946 and he watched the cartoon with her. He commented several times on You Bet Your Life that he really enjoyed the program.

    Hanna Barbera characters have probably appeared in every major publisher. Dell, Gold Key, Charlton, Marvel, DC, Archie and numerous small publishers. The worst was Charlton; the best was the original Dell/Gold Key and the Archie titles.

    My major genre of comic collecting is Christmas related comics. Consequently over a third of my Christmas comics are from the Archie publication company. But I do have a lot from other publishers and I have quite a few Hanna Barbera Christmas titles. BTW my second favorite genre is TV comics so I have a lot of HB titles from all publishers as well as a lot of photo cover comics (mainly from Gold Key) of TV shows from the mid fifties to the late eighties.

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