TreasuryCast #43 – Silver Surfer Black

TREASURYCAST #43 - Silver Surfer Black

Hop aboard! Rob welcomes back returning guests Ryan Daly and Derek William Crabbe to discuss the brand-new treasury edition from  Marvel, SILVER SURFER BLACK!

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8 responses to “TreasuryCast #43 – Silver Surfer Black

  1. Another great episode of Treasury Cast – with two bonus guests to boot!
    Personally, I’m less interested in the story contained in this book than I am in the fact that Marvel decided to reprint the Silver Surfer mini-series in the treasury format. As you said, depending on sales, it will be interesting to see if more of these will be produced, and if so, which characters/stories they’ll collect (or if original material will be created specifically for a new line of treasury-sized comics).
    Otherwise, after looking at the art on the gallery page, I have to say that I immediately associated it with Damion Scott’s work – it’s very similar to his, for lack of better terms, expressionist/colorist style that looks like elaborate hip-hop-inspired graffiti.

    By the way, you expressed surprise in your feedback section that there was such a high response to the Flintstones treasury. Maybe you’re looking at that the wrong way; the response may be due to your show itself and not the actual treasury edition being discussed.

  2. This sounds like a good collection and those psychedelic splash pages look cool. I think I first saw SS on the old original Spider-Man cartoon. Nice one, gents.

  3. I’ve said this before, but I’ll say it again, Silver Surfer was one of the first characters I glommed onto when I started collecting comics. I’ve always liked his clean look, and mopey monologues. I haven’t picked up a Silver Surfer book in decades, and this episode has me regretting that life choice. I may have to head over to Comixology and remedy that situation.

    In regards to this particular Silver Surfer story, the artwork for this book looks truly vibrant and unique, which I enjoy. I can only imagine what it looks like in the actual treasury format. Here’s hoping this kicks off a revival of the format at Marvel.

    Finally, I wonder if the Silver Surfer will be rechristened as the Sable Surfer to maintain the alliteration?

    1. Sable Surfer sounds cool, but when you say it, I immediately picture a little mink-like animal riding a surfboard. Which in turn makes me think of the possibilities for a partnership between said surfing sable and Rocket Raccoon…

      1. Nice. I was thinking of the heraldic tincture, but I like where you’re going with a Silver Surfer/Rocket Racoon team-up.

  4. Excellent episode, everyone! I was very glad to hear this show as I collected these Silver Surfer issues when they came out and would love to see the artwork in a Treasury size. Because of your review, you’ve made me want to go out and get this Treasury! I’m a big fan of Tradd Moore ever since his work on The Strange Talent of Luther Strode, which I would recommend merely for the Charles Atlas jokes.

    Rob, your choice of word, phantasmagorical, is a perfect choice. This is a certainly a trippy looking comic. When I read it, I was thinking it was a blend of Kirby’s outer space and Ditko’s Dr.Strange mindscapes.

    I really liked how the Surfer was turning black when fighting Null. To me, it suggested how he was using up his power cosmic against this god. It gave the fight more of an edge. Like you guys mentioned, when you have two highly powerful characters, you can’t tell what the stakes are in such a fight, but seeing the Surfer getting “used up” really made it more dramatic, for me.

    Though I had more digests as a kid, I have really been enjoying this show and it’s made me want to get some of the Treasury comics mentioned. Keep up the great work!

  5. I got my copy of the treasury from Instock Trades and it was on their top 10 best sellers on the main page. I don’t know how that translates to “real” sales.

    The psychedelic artwork looked great at the larger size, but I would have liked a more definitive ending. Really, I don’t buy a lot of new comics and bought this one because it was a treasury.

  6. I’m like Rob, I always found the Silver Surfer palatable as a guest/non-team member, but not a star… way too much speechifying and whining… at least you never got eaten by Galactus, Norrin. I did read most of the Slott/Aldred stuff and enjoyed it a lot, probably because it was like especially flighty Doctor Who.

    Some of the art in this new book looks pretty but I really hate Thanos and the Black Order, and I’m not bothering with Donny Cates as we had a single Twitter interaction and he was pretty unpalatable.

    But I loved the show because it’s Treasurycast! I’m with Edo!

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