TreasuryCast #43 – Silver Surfer Black – Gallery

Images for TREASURYCAST #43  SILVER SURFER BLACK! Leave your comments over on the podcast post by clicking here!

Remember, please leave your comments over on the podcast post by clicking here!

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One response to “TreasuryCast #43 – Silver Surfer Black – Gallery

  1. Impressive podcast. most impressive, I liked the coverage ya’ll did on this comic, but sorry ya’ll are wrong. Null existed since the 70s. In fact In the Defenders SS cross over. He’s there working with the over mind. To take over the SS’s world. With only Hyperion not under their control. As Null takes over a double of Kyle’s body. I think Pulp to Pixels pod cast on the SS big 12 issue book covered it.

    And I think he had been around before that. Ok enough comic fan childing. This sounded like a cool comic. I’m not a fan of the art. But, the story sounds cool.

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