TreasuryCast #73 – Fantastic Four: Full Circle with Alex Ross

Legendary comics creator Alex Ross returns to discuss his all new oversized graphic novel, FANTASTIC FOUR: FULL CIRCLE!

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12 responses to “TreasuryCast #73 – Fantastic Four: Full Circle with Alex Ross

      1. An unnamed character appears toward the end of the book who clearly resembles Leonard Nemoy and is referred to as a “Hepheatean”. Im sure you know that Hepheastus is the Greek counterpart to Vulcan. Did nobody else catch that?

  1. Great episode Rob! I was not aware it was a sequel to FF #51 – which is also my favorite single issue FF story as you guys talk about. I am now even more looking forward to my copy when it arrives!!
    I found the conversation about Alex’s process creating the book as both writer and artist fascinating. Loved the story of the creation of the actual costumes! Thanks for fleshing that out.
    Not sure I love the pop art / flat coloring based on the scans in the gallery and what I have seen online, but we will see when I get the actual book in my hands…

  2. What a great show! Like I said when Ross appeared on Treasury Cast previously, I love listening to comics creators talk about their process and also the stories they liked and/or that inspired them – and this one did not disappoint.
    I am really interested in reading this new FF story. The art samples on the gallery page look, well, fantastic (and yes, I like the homage or call-back to the wonky coloring that Ross mentioned).
    Otherwise, Rob, I think at this point you’re going to have to find some way to get every other owner of a Flash Gordon pinball machine to appear in one of your shows (although Treasury Cast would be preferable…).

  3. Great interview Rob! I’m very much looking forward to getting FF: Full Circle, and after listening to this episode, I double-checked with my LCS to make sure they had me a copy saved.

    The art looks gorgeous of course, but I’m very intrigued at how Ross is stretching (no pun intended) his style. The flat, day glow color patterns also evoke Ben Cooper/Collegeville Halloween costumes, so my brain’s nostalgic pleasure centers are firing all over thre place.

    The origin sequence is a wonderful addition for us fans of Ross’ DC tabloids, and I love that his main figure of costumed Reed is a homage to FF #82, which I know is his favorite FF cover, thanks to his 13th Dimension article last week.

    Always a pleasure and an honor to have Mr. Ross drop by our network, and you never fail to impress with your interviewing prowess.

  4. Was waiting for my copy to arrive in the mail before I listened, although apparently that wasn’t necessary. Any way… OH MY LORD! THIS IS A THING OF BEAUTY. Alex Ross really went full throttle Jack Kirby! This is just amazing. It’s absolutely electric. This may be his best work ever.
    This was a great episode as well. It’s nice to get such in-depth behind the scenes making of a comic book. Especially when it’s fresh from the created themself.
    I’m so happy this format of comic book has returned. (Yes DC brought it back a few years ago, but it’s not quite the same thing. They’re multi issue stories for an adult audience.) This, is for EVERYONE! Can’t wait to see what’s next.

  5. Excellent interview, Rob! What a treat to hear from Mr.Ross again and he does not disappoint. I loved hearing his process on bringing this book to life and I can’t wait until I can get out to my FLCS to pick up a copy. It was incredibly interesting to hear how Alex Ross the writer had to deal with Alex Ross the artist and his waiting of writing a script thumbnailing and, and dialoguing the story. This book looks like it will be an amazing (I almost said “fantastic”) addition to the collection.

    And you both own Flash Gordon pinball tables?? You guys are basically twinsies!

    I can’t wait to hear what the next project will be for Mr. Ross and, hopefully, he will announce it on your network! Keep up the great work!

  6. Fantastic episode Rob. Really great to hear Alex talking about his influences and process. Just fascinating. And I’ll definitely be picking up his new book. Looks absolutely gorgeous. Very much up my street.

    My ears perked up as he mentioned the weirdly coloured British reprints. I’ve got some old UK FF annuals, but their colours are pretty faithful to the original. However, I have a kind of comics compendium called POW! from 1970, which features reprints of Sgt Rock, Spider-Man, British humour strips like Swots & the Blots, Grimly Feendish (who is basically Gru from Despicable Me) and The Cloak v Blubberman, PLUS a very weirdly recoloured FF. Not as pretty or psychedelic as the examples Alex showed, but an interesting artefact. Red FF costumes, a grey Thing and a brown Invincible Man. But the flat, limited colours do make for some nice cosmic abstract stuff, too. I can’t post images here, but I’ve popped some examples in a Tweet:

  7. Terrific podcast, Rob. I’m a big fan of Alex Ross’s work and I was thrilled to know he was doing a project in a more traditional comic book style. I’ve only seen a few pages, but it looks amazing. A great tribute to Kirby. Your chat with Ross was great. It’s always good to see when a talented artist seems to be a nice guy, too. I’ll definitely be picking this up.

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