TreasuryCast #84 – The Sensational Spider-Man

Rob welcomes Friend of the Network Captain Entropy to discuss MARVEL TREASURY EDITION #22 starring The Sensational Spider-Man!

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17 responses to “TreasuryCast #84 – The Sensational Spider-Man

  1. Great episode! Not only it’s it about a Treasury Edition but it’s also about Marvel Team-Up, one of my favorite Bronze Age titles.
    Captain America and Spider-Man are two of my absolute favorite comic book characters. I love it when they team up. However, the story presented here, has one of the most ridiculous and abrupt endings I ever read. Did Len Wein think he had more pages to tell the story? Cap and a Spidey have been turned to stone and launched into space. Then they’re instantly back to normal and free with no explanation! Even Spider-Man is confused! He has no idea how they pulled it off. It really seems like this was supposed to be a cliffhanger continued into the next issue but Wein was told to wrap it up in the last page instead.
    As far as Captain Entropy’s wanting to meet a scientist who’s a badass. Dolph Lundgren has black belts in multiple martial art styles as well as degrees in chemical engineering.
    Thank you both for fun listen

  2. Cool podcast, but Rob sir. You forgot Cap’s costume is all Chain mail. Including his gloves. So yeah the Skull cut his hand off cause it wasn’t going to happen if he tried to cut off Steve’s. This in the movie why the Skull didn’t go for his. Though yeah that movie was super Cheesy. Can’t wait for the next episode.

  3. Oh, man: it was such a relief to see a new episode of Treasury Cast drop. The lack of a show in August started to make me wonder if the show was slipping into that same limbo as Digest Cast (which now seems to only appear once a year if we’re lucky…)
    Great show, though. Spider-man team-ups are always a great topic, and this one has such a great line-up: Ka-zar, Black Panther, Cap, Stegron and the Gray Gargoyle, with art by Kane and Sal Buscema, all held together by Giacoia – what’s not to love?
    Otherwise, I second (or third?) the suggestion for a Treasury-sized Captain America stories drawn by Mike Zeck – in part because I’m yet another member of the Bernie Rosenthal fan club (as I think I’ve mentioned somewhere on this site before…)

  4. Great episode, Rob, as usual. And Captain Entropy was a terrific guest, I can’t wait to have him on BFR soon! But I had to comment on the AIM scientist/goon discussion. When I was a kid I didn’t perceive much differentiation among the various Marvel nameless goon organizations, but somehow later (I think in my 20s, which is still a long time ago now, lol) i had a V8 moment. I read/realized that Marvel had the Maggia which was the mob goons (duh, Mafia), AIM which were the science guys, and Hydra which were the spy/international intrigue guys. That way the writer could choose a group with throngs of people for the hero to fight depending upon the threat. As for the Captain’s objection that these were the loser scientists and couldn’t shoot that rocket so precisely, I tend to agree, but even if they had a bunch of loser scientists, I can imagine there is a small group of good ones doing the hard science. They get paid more. Maybe?

    1. Makes sense to me, Cousin Paul. I’m looking forward to recording with you and Cousin Shawn, too! I really enjoyed talking about this treasury with Rob, but I seemed to be doing an unintentional Jimmy Stewart tribute with all my stammering. I’ll try to do better on your podcast — you know, for the sake of the family.

  5. Thanks for the kind words, everyone. This was a blast to do, and it’s always great to talk comics with anyone in the Fire & Water community. I want to apologize for confusing the Italian Red Skull of the 1990 Captain America movie with the Dr. Doom of the 1994 Roger Corman Fantastic Four. I can’t explain my gaffe conflating the two movies — I haven’t seen either one — but this morning, after my coffee, it all became clear. I’d punish myself by complimenting Shag publicly, but I know Rob would say that’s going too far.

  6. Spider-man is one of my faves . And I have seen few episodes of the live actions series . Both the us and the Japanese series . Both ok for there time . to bad the hulk and daredevil series that had hulk crossover movies never went to series . Maybe if they had we might have seen some more Thor treasuries and maybe a daredevil and hulk treasury . Have you seen those two hulk movies ?

  7. Another great episode. It’s a shame those daredevil and Thor tv projects never went past there movies with hulk . If they had maybe we would have gotten an another thor treasury and daredevil treasury . Or what would bin cool is they did a treasury using the story of the two movies ,and maybe they could have bin tv super specials .
    Have great month .

  8. Thanks for this episode! I have been compiling a list of the earliest comics I remember having (1977-1981) and I forgot about this one. I definitely recall the cover and the triptych (?) of Xandu the Mad!, SSSStegron (thanks Capt. Entropy) the Dinosaur Man!, and The Grey Gargoyle!. SSSStegron also made me think about how some characters have those particular speech patterns that fit their character like serpentine characters who hiss, feline characters (like Catwoman on the Batman TV series) who purr or roll r’s. And the “Here We Go A-Plotting” backup with Stan and crew is a little traumatic for me. I’ve never swallowed a sour ball, but I did have a Dum Dum lollipop break off and go down the wrong way when I was a kid. So I feel Larrupin’ Larry’s pain.

  9. Now I am intrigued about who the ‘new big name’ co-host in August was going to be?? If it comes to happen, please let us know this was the August 23 host.

    I’m a sucker for team-up books. Loved them as a kid as this was how I learned about the bigger universes. These seem like fine choices. I especially like the Grey Gargoyle one. Technically he is in the same place at the end as the beginning, helping ease the burden of some continuity wonk who has to keep track of these things. ‘Yup, still in space.’

    For me, I think the Claremont/Byrne MTU stuff is the bee’s knees, having their own little plot which percolated through several issues. Those books also introduced me to Tigra and the Super-Skrull, two of my fave Marvel characters. Seems a no-brainer for another Treasury which should have happened.

    Lastly, thanks for the kind words about my site Capt. Entropy. I try to play it straight!

    1. In the marvel universe I think there is I believe they. Meet at Thursdays at the old movie theater you know the one that Luke cage lives at. They talk about there problems while watching westerns like people do . This week it a double feature of the the Cisco kid and billy the kid meets Dracula.

  10. Great show, Rob and Cap. I love a good old 70’s Spider-Man Treasury. A great collection of team-ups for Spidey. I only wish they could’ve all gotten together for happy hour at the end. Spidey, Ka-Zar, Zabu, Black Panther, Doctor Strange, and Captain America. That would be an awesome Avengers team.

    I love Gil Kane’s art. Nobody draws a better punch. And there’s not an artist alive who can touch his dinosaur designs. Look at the difference between Kane’s dinos and Buscema’s in the following story. Whose dinosaurs are better? Kane’s. Why? They have lips! Lips always make dinosaurs cooler. That’s science.

    Though a lot of fun, these stories took some dark turns. Spidey just washes his hands of a few tragic moments. He sits on the dock and watches the Stegron drown. He and Cap hop onto the rooftop past an AIM henchman hanging halfway out of a shattered window, most likely with a severed spine (Don’t put that in the AIM recruiting brochure). He also waves bye, bye to a terror-stricken Grey Gargoyle as he’s dragged out to space. Not to mention Spidey and Doctor Strange strolling away from a grieving Xandu. Tough crowd.

    Finally, let me say, per your discussion, I absolutely implied that all AIM henchmen are scientists. How do they recruit? They most likely canvas high school and college career days with an awesome booth targeting STEM kids, giving out AIM pens and AIM tote bags and AIM beekeeper head stress balls. They do laser gun and torture device demonstrations for all the kids. They stress the hours are good, and you get to visit cool villain headquarters in volcanoes and other exotic locations. You get to “network” with MODOK, Doctor Doom, and The Leader. H.R. promises, due to updated policies, that the Red Skull isn’t allowed to come around anymore. The uniforms are comfy like pajamas. You get to build giant laser cannons and killer robots. And, the evilest selling point of all is a LIVABLE WAGE AND HEALTH BENEFITS!! Those monsters!!

    1. Thanks, Brett! Agree on the Avengers and Gil Kane. Len Wein was writing in a particularly crimetastic era in New York. He may have been unsympathetic to the bad guys. Now, I have to go. I want to find my AIM drawstring backpack.

  11. Late to the comments, but, great show gents! I did notice one thing. I have a copy of ASM Annual #5 reprinted in Essential ASM Vol. 4 (the black and white “phone book” reprints). Of course “Here We Go A-Plotting” is reprinted, and there have been some alterations for the Treasury reprint here. One, while Stan had his beard and toupee in the original, in the treasury, he was made much more “modern” and shaggier, with slightly longer hair. Larry now has a goatee, where he didn’t in the origninal. The three of them are said to be working on the ASM comic, NOT the Spidey comic strip. And Roy mentions working on an Avengers story, sine this was several years before Conan.

    Marvel did a lot of “adjusting” when they reprinted comics up through the 80s. In the 80s reprints of the Lee/Ditko Spider-Man stories over in Marvel Tales, they changed a reference to Aunt May watching The Beverly Hillbillies to The Dukes of Hazzard!

    1. Thanks, Chris! I read several of those Marvel Tales. As a kid, I must have thought the Marvel Universe got the Dukes twenty years earlier…

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