TreasuryCast 89 – Tarzan

Rob welcomes Chad aka ComicFoil to discuss LIMITED COLLECTORS' EDITION #C-29 starring Tarzan!

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20 responses to “TreasuryCast 89 – Tarzan

  1. Wanted to take this moment to thank Rob again for having me on the show. And I swear I didn’t have a cold, I can only chalk up the nasally sound of my voice to my need to invest in a better microphone. Being on TreasuryCast was quite a fun experience and the time flew by. One thing that hit me, listening back to our discussion, was in regard to DC not doing another Tarzan collection probably had more to do with Tarzan of the Apes and The Return of Tarzan both being direct adaptations of ERB novels whereas the rest of the Tarzan comic series were original stories or reprints. I would have loved if Kubert could have done more adaptations and then maybe DC would have published more Tarzan Treasuries… but alas, it was not to be.

    One last thing, I want to warn the listeners of TreasuryCast not to turn this episode into a drinking game, consuming every time they hear me say “pop” or “100%”. No one needs to get alcohol poisoning. And if I do another podcast, I’ll make sure to have a list of synonyms handy for both!

  2. Excellent show, yet again. Chad in particular was an interesting guest precisely because he has such a ‘newbie’ perspective on Tarzan (unlike so many of us ‘old hands’ who read the novels and many of the comics, etc. before we hit our teens). I’ll just say to Chad, though, that if you’re anything like me you’ll get a bit tired of Burroughs’ original novels long before you hit vol. 24 – I threw in the towel at no. 15.
    Otherwise, not to repeat too many of my comments from the previous episode covering the other Tarzan treasury, I’ll just reiterate once again that yes, “Legend of Tarzan” (with Skarsgard & Robbie) is probably my favorite ever Tarzan movie. But yes, it probably didn’t make a bigger splash just because the Tarzan property has finally started to lose its luster among successive generations (it had a pretty good, basically century-long run, though).
    As to Kubert’s art, no arguments from me about how wonderful it is, and I’ll just add that I also think he drew women quite well, even if he probably never topped anyone’s list as a ‘good girl’ artist.
    I’ll conclude by saying thanks, Rob, for including the title sequence audio from the Filmation cartoon at the end of the episode. What an amazing rush of nostalgia that gave me, esp. since that cartoon was what sparked my interest in all things Tarzan that lasted for a few years.

    1. Thanks Edo, I have been warned that the Burrough’s novels become pretty repetitive. Still I am going to give it the old college try though as I’ve just started reading the fourth novel.

      Glad you called out the Filmation intro Rob added to the end of the podcast. That was a surprise for me as well. An enjoyable one, and now has me hunting down a set of those classic cartoons to add to my watchlist! Rob and this podcast are the gift that keeps giving!

      1. On the Tarzan books, I think the first six are the best; the quality varies after that point, and yeah, they start to get a bit repetitive.

        1. I think know there some other writers who have done Tarzan novels . Much like people have written Nero Wolfe and Sherlock Holmes stories

          1. Thanks Rocky. Besides the Burroughs penned novels, my friend Alan also sent me four books written by Barton Werper. Not an author I am familiar with but nice to know I’ve got another option if ERB’s novels become too repetitive.

  3. I enjoyed Tarzan quite a bit in my younger years, but strangely enough not in comics form. Local TV stations showed several old black and white film versions, which probably caught my eye because of Cheeta. Even at a young age, I was a sucker for a simian. The Filmation cartoon from the 70s was “my Tarzan” as voiced by Thundarr himself Robert Ridgely. And of course, every kid tried out our vocal cords on the Tarzan yell.

    Nice show that led to me to reminisce a little. And Chad, always good to hear from another fan residing in the Old North State.

    1. I’m on the lookout for that Filmation series of Tarzan cartoons Super Captain. I checked out the opening sequence on YouTube last night and it looked vaguely familiar, so maybe I caught an episode or two as a kid. Guess it never made it into my regular Saturday morning rotation though.

      I still go back to visit family in Ohio once a year but I left the state almost 25 years ago. I’m now residing down in the Carolinas these days.

      1. As best I can remember, Tarzan Lord of the Jungle ran on CBS sometime after The Bugs Bunny/Roadrunner Show. It was bundled with Batman, which is probably how I discovered it, and other cartoons as “The Super 7”.

        And I’m a NC native and have lived here most of my life, with sojourns further south for seminary and up north for grad school.

  4. Great episode there was a second Disney Tarzan I think it was straight to video and Tarzan animated series . And prequel movie I think ? Does any one remember Disney extreme skate adventure I mentioned it cause you could play as Tarzan characters in there including Jane and Tarzan .

  5. Great episode guys! Never been a huge Tarzan fan but I did have some giant size Tarzan Family comics back in the day (naturally). I agree that the art is fantastic, your pal Joe must really have enjoyed drawing it.

  6. Great episode! Always love to hear new guests.

    Tarzan has always been on the periphery of my fandoms. I loved the CBS cartoon (often teamed with the Lone Ranger or Batman). Like, appointment Saturday morning cartoon. I dabbled in the old movies, shown on Saturdays on channel 38 here in the boston area. But I never read Tarzan comics. And I have never read the novels. Nothing against it just never went there.

    Seeing these pages makes me think I need to reconsider. That centerfold! Amazing. Alas, recently a brick of these Tarzan books were in the dollar box at my local LCS recently, bagged and boarded no less, and I didn’t buy. They are now gone.

    Lastly, I think the Bo Derek Tarzan movie does hold up depending on the reason you are watching it. For Tarzan? No. For other reasons? Perhaps.

  7. Fun episode, and Chad was a podcasting natural.

    Kubert’s Tarzan always seemed the most visceral and primal of everyone who drew him. Most before or after gave him somewhat of a polished sheen, but Kubert brought the “savage” side to the visuals, even though his Tarzan was well-educated, like the Burroughs version.

    I feel like this diorama is a bit more achievable than most. The lines around Tarzan are pretty thick. You still probably need sharp scissors AND an X-Acto knifte, but I bet it could be done.

    1. Thanks Chris. And I think your description of Kubert’s style as “visceral” in these comics is spot on for this run. I recently read Teddy Kristansen’s “Tarzan’s First Live” and Peter Snejbjerg’s “The Scar” from Malibu Comics and got a similar feeling from their art. I’m hoping to continue finding more gems now that I seem to have been contracted a bit of Tarzan obsession.

  8. FYI A nice new Blu-ray of Tarzan the Ape Man (1932) was recently released. I just watched it tonight & it’s clear to see why the Lord of the Jungle has been iconic for more than a century. I’ve been picking up some of the recent miniseries featuring Tarzan. A favorite is the Tarzan/Planet of the Apes mash-up.

    Thanks for another fun episode!

    1. Thanks for the recommendation. I’ve been looking around online for other well regarded Tarzan comic book adaptations. Will add it to the list!

  9. Great show Rob and Chad. Btw Rob and Chad sounds like one of those beach bands playing in the background of an Annette Funicello movie.

    I was never a big Tarzan guy. I think as a kid it always bugged me that he was supposed to be this friend of the jungle but was always stabbing an ape or lion on every book cover. Jungle animals talk, Tarzan, eventually they’ll figure out you’re the problem.

    The Kubert art is terrific, though. He was DCs Buscema, born to draw the non-super hero titles. Did you know he has a school? I’m guessing the basketball team isn’t very good.

    Well, solid show. Sorry to hear this is the last year of Treasurycast. But, as the saying goes, always best to end on a round number.

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