TreasuryCast 91 – The Rampaging Hulk

Rob welcomes back fellow network all-star Max Romero to discuss MARVEL TREASURY EDITION #20, starring The Rampaging Hulk!

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16 responses to “TreasuryCast 91 – The Rampaging Hulk

  1. Excellent stuff.

    I have little to add except that I, too, have an inexplicable and frankly unjustifiable fondness for Doc Samson.

  2. Another great episode.

    I had to do a quick Google search around Cybor to see if I had encountered this guy before. My first encounter with “Tharok” from the Fatal Five was in an episode of “Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends” (which sounds so wrong). But someone created the character of “Cyberiad” which was basically half robot and half Yul Brynner split down the middle exactly like Tharok both with left half robot/right half human (my right, not yours). At least Cybor’s design was flipped. But none of these three ever addressed the most important issue: “how do their clothes stay on?”

    About the back cover: wasn’t there one Treasury edition discussed in the past where the back cover was a version of the front cover, except from the back? I wonder if the “view of the back of the Hulk for the back cover” was intentional. Though probably too subtle to choose this over some other piece of art.

    1. Marvel Treasury #12 featuring Howard The Duck has the back cover showing the heroes from the opposite angle, with the heroes walking away from the “camera”

  3. Speaking of the Hulk tv show my bro and met Lou Ferrigno at comic con and had him sign my death of the Incredible Hulk dvd , and a reprint of Charlaton Hercules adventures of the man god comic issue 1 . I figured every one else was gonna want him to sign hulk comics so I thought I’d be different. And Jeremy by brother got a pic of Lou autographed with him and Stan Lee I put pics of the up on YouTube channel bucky749 Community page if want to see them .

  4. since i read this when I KNEW about the first Galactus story but had’nt read it i thought “AH Hulk’s Galatus story!”
    also id read so many later Abomanation stories where they say “Tecincally the Abomanation is stronger! BUT HE always got his ASS WOOPED! This time he’s stronger!
    Am I Wrong or was one of the flags in Doom’s “I SHALL RULE the world!” A nazi flag? Was he gonna send hulk back in time?
    On Doc Samson Of course he’s “doc” Not “Doctor (so that’s DOC Savage) But Doc Samson is CLEAR based on Samson from holyoke comics in the 40s
    on Doom it was the late 60s. Most of Doom’s “Nobility” was still an act before the first “Doom helps the heroes story he was aloud to be scared. Now hE’S basically a hero that hates Richards

  5. I believe that I have watched more episodes of The Incredible Hulk TV series than read issues of the comic book. My best friend is named Bruce and he is still salty about how they changed Banner’s first name to David on the show. Still, this was a fun look back at The Jade Giant. Some day, I do want to get around to checking out Roy Thomas’ two year run on the book.

    When I see “Klaatu”, I can only think of The Day the Earth Stood Still. And Cybor is indeed Tharok from the Fatal Five. Someone needs to tell him that you can’t give yourself a nickname–“Behold The Half Man, the Once Was Human, the Used to Be Being!” It’s as if he’s almost announcing his ring entrance for Wrestlemania.

  6. The Treasury format is absolutely perfect for The Hulk. Especially “The Rampaging Hulk”. This is big screen stuff. The Hulk is a huge character in both size and power. The character is often compared to Jekyll & Hyde, The Wolf Man and The Frankenstein Monster, but he’s also got some Godzilla in him. He’s a creature of mass destruction. Cities literally tremble when he hits the streets. The oversized format was the perfect fit for the oversized character. A treasury Edition featuring the green Goliath tearing through New York on a Godzilla style rampage would be a must have.

  7. I have a couple of comments … and I believe them all to be true.

    1) I also have a fondness for Doc Samson. I was a DC guy even as a kid and I at most had a handful of Hulk comics in my collection, none of which had the Doc. But like you all, I have always liked him. And I know why!

    Because the Alan Weiss pic of him in the original OHOTMU is sooooooo f’ing good! I think I imprinted it on my brain because he looked so cool. I wonder if that is true for others out there. Probably more a nod to Mr. Weiss than the character.

    2) Two things that happened in this show.

    Paraphrasing – “Any one who has been in a relationship understands why Dr. Doom is so exasperated at the woman in his life he is shaking his fists at the heaven. I mean, even Dr. Doom is brought low.

    Also paraphrasing – “I met my lovely wife and love my wife and thank goodness I did that podcast so I could meet my soulmate.’

    Two statements seemingly in conflict but both clearly true. I can truly truly EMPATHIZE!

  8. I’m glad the Hulk and his treasuries are getting some (more) love; in fact – and without going back and doing a statistical analysis – it seems to me that the Marvel treasures in general have gotten less coverage over the years.
    And I have to say I think you guys were a bit hard on Roy for his Faulkner reference – I see it as a plug to his (presumably young) readers to check out the original novel (which is pretty good).
    Your conversation also touched on one of my pet peeves in comics from the 1980s and before: the fact that fictional countries in the Balkans like Latveria always resemble 19th or at best, early 20th century Bavaria or Switzerland, with the people apparently speaking German as well (and often dressed like they just walked off the set of Heidi film).

  9. Great episode! I only read the Hulk regularly during the Peter David era, so most of his Silver/Bronze Age adventures are new to me. I don’t have this Treasury but enjoyed hearing about Hulk vs. Doom. And I too think Doc Samson is cool. Not sure why.

  10. I’ve always loved the Hulk (AND Doc Sampson).
    Max Romero is a true delight.
    And this episode was most enjoyable indeed.
    I think that says it all.

    Oh, except that I was very pleased to hear that Max is planning more Human Fly Cast episodes!
    I really enjoy that show, too.


  11. Oh, I do have one more thing to say…

    Roy’s “*With Apologies to William Faulkner” is even more amusing after you realize that he should have included an “Apologies to Herman Melville.”

  12. Great show, Rob and Max. Finally, Marvel gives us what we all wanted: more Herb Trimpe art at treasury size.

    The story with Hulk on the space chain gang is fun. The Hulk and Abomination exchanging cheap shots is so great. The alien characters are silly. Especially Cybor. Yes, he’s a Tharok rip-off, and I hope for Cybor’s sake he leans to the left, but his self-conscious monologue is classic Marvel writing. “Yes, that’s right… look at me!” is what I imagine Rob says when he steps onto the beach in Florida, beach chair and inflatable Aquaman raft in hand.

    It’s always fun seeing Doctor Doom. Like Max, I don’t know where Latveria is, but dictator aside, it seems like a decent place to live. It looks like a perpetual Oktoberfest. Maybe everyone is too wasted to realize they’re ruled by a super villain. I enjoyed the bizarre relationship Doom has with Valeria. She reacts to Doom’s power over Latveria the way my wife reacts to me bragging about winning fantasy football. At least he chills out and they get a few minutes of downtime hanging out on her bed with way too many pillows before Devo interrupts with Hulk news. Ah, the classic story: Doom meets girl. Doom captures girl. Doom rules country to impress girl. Doom gets mad when girl sabotages his plans to use weapons of mass destruction and sends girl to prison. Doom gets hugged by Hulk. Doom makes girl a mix tape. Been there.

    Great show as always, looking forward to next episode. I heard your guest has the voice of an angel.

  13. I’m a pretentious English teacher who loves the work of William Faulkner and even I rolled my eyes at Thomas’ reference to Sanctuary. Really, Roy? Do you really think the average 10-year-old picking up this book in 1974 is going to think you’re plagiarizing the title of a fairly obscure novel published 43 years earlier? Then again, it is refreshing to see Roy Thomas take more care in giving proper attribution to work other people have done and not unfairly take credit for things he didn’t create himself.

    Also, Cyber looks like Cyberiad from the second X-men episode of Spider-man and His Amazing Friends. I wonder if there is a connection.

    Anyway, great episode, Rob! So good to hear Max’s take on this book.

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