TreasuryCast 92 – Giant Superhero Team-Up

Rob welcomes back Brett Young to discuss MARVEL TREASURY EDITION #9 - GIANT SUPERHERO TEAM-UP!

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13 responses to “TreasuryCast 92 – Giant Superhero Team-Up

  1. Great show, Rob & Brett!
    The only story included in this treasury that I have read is Namor vs. Thing, which I suspect would be my favorite even if I had read the others – those Sub-mariner stories drawn by John Buscema can’t be beat. And yes, I first read them when they were reprinted in the late 1970s (as I think Brett noted, the real reason for that rash of reprint books back then was irrelevant to us young fans who were getting to read a ton of great material from the Marvel Age’s first decade).
    Otherwise, I agree that calling these stories ‘team-ups’ is a bit misleading. A few years later, Marvel got the marketing angle right when they published Marvel’s Greatest Superhero Battles – which was my very favorite of those Fireside reprint books.

  2. Team-Ups! In the tradition of Ali & Frazier for The Thrilla in Manila or The Earth & Mars for The War of the Worlds!
    If it were not for this Treasury Edition, I’d have never read a Silver-Age issue of Sub-Mariner or Silver Surfer.
    This fight card offers up 3 perfect matchups and, the cosmic powered Silver Surfer against Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man!?! I think the fix was in on that main event. Although Spidey would later face another Herald of Galactus, Fire-Lord. The webslinger didn’t have much trouble with him either.
    I don’t know what it is about Kirby’s rendition of The Hulk, but I’ve always loved it. Kirby made him look more intimidating that Trimpe or Buscema. At least in my opinion.
    I like to think that 15 minutes before the first page of the Thor v Hulk story a the following scenario played out.
    “Hey Joey! Youse wanna go play stick boll?”
    “I can’t. Me Ricky, Rizzo and Riff is heading up the block. The crumbs in the Thor fan club is havin a rally and us guys is gonna show em what for!”
    “Keepers Joey! I’ll run home and get my Hulk sign and join you guys! Hey Tony! You comin wit us?”
    “Sorry fellas, I just met a girl named Maria! She looks just like Natalie Wood!”
    The Daredevil Vs Cap story is by far my favorite. I always thought it was odd that Daredevil was the “bad guy” in his own book.
    The Thing Vs Sub-Mariner is always a battle of epic proportions. They’re even more interesting that the classic Thing vs Hulk bouts. I’m surprised this “team-up” isn’t brought up more often.
    Thanks for as mother entertaining episode.

  3. IVE GONE a bit nuts trying to make rules for when Jack Kirby gave the Hulk chest hair or not. Maybe it was the inker? I know on the uninked Galaticis art Reed Richards has no stubble! Which in script is kinda a big deal.
    The first FF where kirby draws the hulk no chest hair. THE SECOND TIME He looks like Tom Jones drawn by neal adams
    did’nt they use “greatest superhero battles” for fireside books?

  4. Stan Lee was NEVER gonna Let One character BEAT the living hell out of another. If you show Spider-man one punch Daredevil. The matter’s settled. And you Dont want THAT!

  5. If this collection had come out in the 90’s it could have bin an arcade machine with fighter select screen and call it marvel heroes fighters . Round 1.

  6. My two fan suggestions of how to get Jason Momoa to do the switch from Aquaman to Namor:

    1. Do a movie version of the Amalgam universe which merges the MCU with the DCEU. Then when the two universes de-mingle-fiy explain how Jason Momoa is now the new Namor! Overly complicated, but would be a ton of fun. And all the other actors who have appeared in both franchises can make appearances too.

    Ben Afflek as The Bat-Devil
    Michael Keaton as The Vulture-Bat
    Ryan Renolds as Death Lantern, the Merc with a Ring

    And maybe throw in Chris Evans as the Human Captain Torch of America. (“When the Human Captain Torch Throws His Mighty Flaming Shield” flows so nicely in a theme song)


    2. Jason Momoa’s agents get him an audition.

    1. The cast also includes…
      Willem Dafoe as King Goblin.
      Dolph Lundgren as the Nereunisher.
      Djimon Hounsou as Korazam.
      Idris Elba as Heimblood.
      J.K. Simmons as J. Jonah Gordon.
      Tom Hardy as the Venbane.
      Halle Berry as Cat Storm.
      David Dastmalchian as Polka Kurt.
      Chris Evans leading Captain America’s Losers.
      Taika Waititi as Korg the Rock Catcher.
      Michelle Pfeiffer as Cat Wasp.
      Zachary Levi as Captain Fendal.
      Laurence Fishburne as Perry Foster the Cigar Goliath.
      Terence Stamp as General Stick.

  7. The Thing vs. Namor battles is actually part of a story arc that is extremely important to Marvel continuity.

    Silver & Bronze Age Marvel Comics loved their super powered gear – Cosmic Cube, Ultimate Nullifier, Soul Gem, Infinity Gauntlet, Eye of Agamotto, Darkhold….

    The Thing / Namor battle ends with Namor taking the helmet back with him. In the very next issue, that helmet cracks open & what should be inside but the Serpent Crown.

  8. Namor and the Thing properly team up in the next Marvel Two-in-One instalment of FW Team-Up, so they don’t NEED to fight. (Well… they still might.)

  9. Fun episode. I do disagree, though, that in mindless slugfests Marvel was just giving the readers what they really wanted. For me the big difference between Marvel and DC was the extra soapiness at Marvel. One of the best moments of my childhood was coming across a Daredevil issue in which a whole page was given over to Matt, Karen and Foggy talking and thinking, and Stan’s editorial note proudly said this was the most balloons ever in a single Marvel panel, 22 or something. Why was there never a Marvel’s Greatest Superhero Conversations tabloid?

  10. The guy who looks like Kamandi and is in the sewers with Daredevil is Ka-Zar. The image is probably from the cover of issue #13. I’m visually disabled, so I haven’t read these issues in at least 20 years. From what I remember, Ka-Zar and his brother, The Plunderer, were in a bunch of issues of Daredevil right after Wally Wood left the title.

  11. Great show, Rob and me. It was like an FDR fireside chat with slightly more arm hair discussion. Treasurycast was the first podcast I ever did, and it was really great to return to the show before it ends. I look forward to the final 8 episodes as the guests increasingly fawn over you.

  12. Listening to this episode has led me to completely reevaluate how I viewed myself as a preteen. I never thought of myself as being particularly emo when I was growing up, but then I realized that Daredevil and the Silver Surfer were the first two comic titles that I ever collected on a regular basis. Perhaps, I’ve never truly known myself….

    Thanks for another excellent episode.

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