The Death-Defying Human FlyCast #11—Silver Charity, Sudden Death!

The Death-Defying Human FlyCast makes its triumphant return! And this time it's about to get real ... really real!

Join your host Max Romero and special guest Captain Entropy as they make the leap into issue #11 of The Human Fly—"Silver Charity, Sudden Death!" The walls between realities get thin as the adventures of the comic book Human Fly reflect the misadventures of the real-world Human Fly!

Rocket cycles! 26 buses! Tragedy! Hope! Cyndi Lauper and greasy chips! This episode has it all!

Let's get wild!

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Opening theme: “Human Fly” by The Cramps
Closing music: "Electroshock" by Cuca

Watch video of the fateful motorcycle jump on YouTube!

Check out the gallery for this issue here!

18 responses to “The Death-Defying Human FlyCast #11—Silver Charity, Sudden Death!

  1. Wonderful episode as usual. I just wanted to say really quickly that theres article about the human fly here:

    What’s REALLY interesting is in the comments where only a few months ago, a woman who identifies herself as Susan harman indicates she was married to Rojatt in the 70s and that he’s going by a different name now!!!

    Also, as far as the whole “human fly becomes a musician” idea, one theory I had was that with the failure of the bus stunt, maybe the backers decided to shift to a different plan, since the fly wore a mask they could have anyone wear it who was a musician. And who was a musician in their circle but one of the meat packing backers. So maybe the idea was that HE would start doing concerts as the fly in the costume?

    1. Yes, I’ve read that article! It has some neat details missing from the Esquire article, too. But of course, where the Human Fly is concerned, it’s usually a good idea to take things with a grain of salt sometimes. That said, I wouldn’t be at all surprised to learn Rick Rojatt has gone by more than one identity!

    2. Jeff! Thank you for commenting, as well as adding background info. Max knew it, but I didn’t. And I was afraid this episode was the proverbial tree that fell in the woods and no one heard it, so your comment is both validating and reassuring.

  2. HellOOO! Is anybody there? Max and I need some validation over here!

    Well, I do, anyway. Max may be perfectly secure. I just threw his name in to be polite.

    How is it I can hear an echo on a webpage?

    1. It’s just the way it goes sometimes (though I understand how it can get under the skin). But don’t worry, listeners aren’t always commenters and the next episode ties into this one (foreshadowing!), so hopefully that will give it another boost. You did a great job, Cap!

  3. Hi Max. Great stuff as always. I am a Human Fly fan from the first issue as it made its way to the UK as I guess Marvel needed to move as many print runs as they can. Looking back now my ancient eyes appreciate the storytelling techniques if Lee Elias and Frank Robbins much more than I did at the time. As a Carmine Infantino fan it would have been nice to see him get a couple more issues to play with

  4. Soooooo glad this show is back! Don’t know how I feel about Captain Entropy doing shows OTHER than mine, but that’s a topic for another day.

    Gloria Gaynor would have been perfect as a Marvel character, she had that alliterative Stan Lee naming convention right there!

    I love the Human Fly’s crash helmet–Mego really missed a bet not doing a doll, they could have sold all sorts of accessories/extra costumes, vehicles, etc.

    1. I mean, except for the mask, he’s practically in Toy Story 4.

      And Rob, my agent says I can’t just wait around for a role that will get me a shot at a Robbie. He has bills to pay!

  5. Hooray! The Human Fly is back! What a crazy story about the stunt in real life AND in the comic!

    Just when I thought the Human Fly fighting a bear was the craziest thing I would ever see, the splash page of him, Head back, jamming out on the guitar, is NOW the craziest thing I’ve ever seen! The Human Fly, the rock star!

    With how bonkers this comic was, I’m surprised it didn’t sell any better! Do you think that Rojatt crashing, and essentially disappearing from public life resulted in Marvel having no confidence in the series, now that the star was gone? Because I think this series would have sold fine if it kept going.

    Well done, Max and Cpt.E (there’s your validation!) on a book that consistently amazes me! Keep up the great work!

  6. Great episode! Welcome back Max! And the Cap was a great guest. My favorite part was the discussion of the real life Fly. I remember the crash since I was following the book at the time. I did not know about the objections of the engineers and the lack of testing. Yikes!
    Keep the episodes coming!

  7. Thanks, Paul! Can’t wait for my turn on Batman Family Reunion! If Rob doesn’t decide our deal is exclusive, I mean. Is this how Marion Davies felt?


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