The Death-Defying Human FlyCast #4 — Rocky Mountain Nightmare!

Once again, The Human Fly does not fail to deliver — and neither does our guest! Fire and Water godfather Rob Kelly is back to wrap up the finale of a Human Fly two-parter as he and your host Max talk about this over-the-top story. Not to mention goons from the Lower East Side! Unnecessary masking! Divorce statistics! People with way too much money! And, of course — giant robot condors.

Let’s get wild!

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Opening theme: “Space Ducks” by Daniel Johnston (w/Deer Tick)
Closing music: “Human Fly” by The Cramps

Check out the gallery for this issue here!

As promised, here's the real-life Human Fly's interview on the Canadian talk show, "90 Minutes Live!"

5 responses to “The Death-Defying Human FlyCast #4 — Rocky Mountain Nightmare!

  1. That battle page looks like a still from the incredibly frenetic G.I. Joe: RAH commercials Marvel used to do for the comics and the toys. Human Fly was really ahead of the curve!

    The combo of Elias and Santiago gives it a Frank Robbins feel, and I know we get some Frank Robbins in this series. Of course, Frank Robbins owed a LOT to Milton Caniff, so it all comes back to that influence.

    Great discussion as always guys. Max’s research into rising divorce rates wasn’t something I expected to find in this podcast. This show, and this comic, never cease to surprise!


  2. Another excellent episode of the Human Fly Cast! I’m really enjoying this series, even though I’ve never read the comic, but, by gum, I want to read it so much now. As much as I enjoy all of Rob’s other shows, it’s great when he’s also the guest on another show and you guys did a great job breaking down this stupefying story!

    I really enjoy at the beginning, while bordering on the fantastic, Marvel tried to keep the Human Fly true to his background as a daredevil. Now with issues 3 and (specially!) 4, things are now just crazy, bonkers Marvel superhero shenanigans! I would love to see a cosplay of Mr. Martinet, complete with robot condor.

    Speaking of, robot condors would make anything better, not just Kramer vs. Kramer! Maybe Max needs a pet robot condor for this show……

    Well done as always! Keep up the great work!

  3. Chris beat me to it. The art does have a sort of Frank Robbins’ feel to it. I love Robbins; I like this.

    As for that battle page, it is hilarious. My favorite part is the motorcycle at the bottom just going off the cliff, the driver screaming. Just fantastic.

    This sort of had the feel of Yojimbo, where the two rivals are going to fight regardless but then the wildcard of Toshiro Mifune, or in this case The Human Fly, enters into the equation.

    Lastly, I nominate ‘Keepin’ it Real’ as the name of the feedback section of this show.

  4. Another fantastic episode! This podcast series brings so much joy every episode, even though I’ve never read the series until now. I don’t have anything insightful to add, other than can’t wait for future episodes. And that every comic needs more robot condors!

  5. Great conversation on what was indeed the wackiest issue of the series! The Youtube clips are must-see TV for any Fly fan. Dude was definitely surly!

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