The Death-Defying Human FlyCast #7 — Snow Blind!

It's time to hit the slopes — Human Fly-style! Joining your host Max on this rocket-powered ride is special guest Ryan Steans! Ryan is the host of The Signal Watch Podcast, and is ready to talk about The Human Fly #7, his very first time reading a Human Fly comic. Grab you snowmobiles and get ready to jump into a story about a slightly bitter man, his blind son, and a very big, very angry bear. Will the Human Fly be able to save the day? Will he make the jump over Dead Man's Drop?! And where would your favorite hero fall on the Bear Test?!?

Let's get wild!

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Opening theme: “Human Fly” by The Cramps
Closing music: "The Fall Guy" theme, performed by Lee Majors

Check out the gallery for this issue here!

15 responses to “The Death-Defying Human FlyCast #7 — Snow Blind!

    1. Wait, you switched it. I sincerely thought it was on purpose! You know, “look at the pretty pictures, then listen to us talk about it,” that kind of thing…

  1. Huzzah, the Flycast is back for another wild trip!

    You’re so right, Max. That cover is amazing! Who WOULDN’T want to pick up this comic with a cover like that?! And the story to go with it? Bonkers! Just to seeing the gallery post of page 26 with the Human Fly wrestling a bear while the son literally asks what we are all thinking, “Wh-what’s happening? Somebody.. please tell me!!”. Once again, this issue makes me want to own all these issues. You both made it sound amazing and it makes me really want to read the Human Fly.

    The one question I do have, for the corner box on the cover, what’s the deal with the Human Fly having an “aura” around his head and shoulders? Have you discussed this before? It really gives the impression his has some sort of superpower. But maybe it was just supposed to be lights? Or sequins on his suit shining? I’m sure I could no-prize this some how…..

    Amazing as always, everyone! Keep up the great work….. because you’re real!

  2. You sure that’s not a demon bear? It looks pretty demonic to me!

    Great discussion! And bonus points for playing The Fall Guy theme! I loved that show as a kid. I honestly have no idea why, but I did!


    1. Because Lee Majors was awesome, duh! Despite my tender age at the time, I may also remember noticing Heather Thomas and Markie Post — and little else, if they were on screen.

  3. Hey, I’m behind on comments, so quickly: Great show as always. This issue is great evidence that you don’t have to have an alien invasion or the unraveling of the space-time continuum to make your readers care about the stakes.

    Grizzly bears are real life storybook monsters — much bigger, stronger, and faster than humans; covered in fur, sharp teeth, and fangs; and inclined to eat you. How is this different from Beowulf’s Grendel, other than the existential angst? I mean, I love nature and I’m all for conserving the population (as long as none of them are trying to kill and/or eat someone), but the grownups who say monsters aren’t real are clearly fiddling with the definition.

    Why is this one blue? I mean, they’re light brown bordering on blonde, really.

    Like you, I love that the Human Fly is just a dude doing the best he can with what he’s got. He’s getting by on fitness, very competent friends, one big baton, and a whole lotta luck. He has no illusions about his chances, but he jumps into the fray anyway. Maybe the Human Fly is the most real hero of them all — because he’s wild!

  4. Did I hear Ryan talk about DC Heroes? Does he know we have a show dedicated to that? Does he wrongly assume we’re not making those anymore?

    Oh yeah, and nice episode. Bears. Raaaaaowr.

      1. Door’s always open if you want to cover a sourcebook or adventure module, is what I’m saying. Or chat about some other RPG in Let’s Roll proper.

  5. Max, you know I love the show, and Ryan was a great guest–I have already subscribed to Signal Watch.

    But I will not be listening to any further episodes because, during your recap of the career of the underrated Lee Elias, you never mentioned ULTRA THE MULTI ALIEN! That would be the first credit on anyone’s resume. I kept waiting for you to get to it, then, nothing.

    So, it’s been fun.

      1. What a fool I’ve been! I forget Ultra the Multi Alien was created, and didn’t spring fully-formed from a sphere of divine light! All I can say is … Ultra would forgive me.

  6. Nice job, fellas. This was a fun issue.
    Regarding Ted being Native American – I don’t recall there ever being any mention of Ted’s ethnic background at any point in the series. If he was Native American, it would have been brought up in the last story of the series (which takes place on a reservation), but there was no mention of it.

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