The Power Records Podcast 19 – Aquaman/Shazam!


The Power Records Podcast is back, with Rob & Chris giving a listen to audio adventures starring upcoming movie stars Aquaman and Captain Marvel!

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Opening and closing themes courtesy Peter Pan Records.

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4 responses to “The Power Records Podcast 19 – Aquaman/Shazam!

  1. Thanks for another cool edition! Only wanted to point out one detail: you’ve often mentioned the label Tilton….it’s actually “Tifton” (as in the city of Georgia). Tifton Records was in fact one of the many divisions of Peter Pan Records, which specialized mostly of international music, as well as the superhero and cartoon-related materials.

  2. I had no idea there was a Shazam power record. What is the copyright date on this record? I thought “you bet you’re bippy” went out of vogue in the late 60s and was pretty shocked to hear Shazam say it. At least he didn’t tell Sivana to “sock it to” him.

    Probably most of the kids who bought the record knew Captain Marvel from the TV show, so they didn’t know who Sivana was on the cover.

    Rex Tyrannosaurus…I think I’m changing my name to that! Meet his brother Bob and Fred Tyrannosaurus. Weren’t they characters on the Flintstones?

    I had the Aquaman record on the 1970s Justice League album that omitted the Aquaman, Flash and Wonder Woman songs. At my young age, I didn’t even know who Mera was, so this was my introduction to her. Of course, that was during my “girls have cooties” years, so I probably thought the “my beautiful queen” part was yucky.

  3. Fellas, I own this Shazam record! Bought it soooooooper cheap at an old liquidation store called Pic ‘n’ Save (now a Big Lots!). You guys want it? yours for a million bucks!

    Great to hear you back and running after 25 years. I’m glad you settled those royalties differences.

  4. Another great episode of two shows i had never heard! I believe I heard a “scream” and music in Shazam! that is also on the Incredible Hulk LP. Will have to listen to both and go back and see if it’s the same but I believe it is.

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