Tough Like a Girl #18 – Athena & Hera

Lis and Nathaniel take a look at the wonderfully weird world of Greek mythology, as told by writer/artist George O'Connor.

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7 responses to “Tough Like a Girl #18 – Athena & Hera

  1. Seconded for the gallery page. Thank you for posting that, Nathaniel! O’Connor’s art is much better than I expected from the episode. Wow!

    I checked with my daughters, and they hadn’t heard of this series either. We’re all intrigued and will let you know if we pick these books up. Ginny has read some of the “Goddess Girls” series, which obviously did well on focusing on the women in each story, albeit not as authentic as Olympians. It’s a shame Hera’s book drops the ball on that front. Although, if Hercules was instead written as “Heracles”, it could be marginally better.

    Since I’m already a little off-the-rails, I’ll plug a YouTuber I enjoy: Dael Kingsmill. She regularly tells the stories of myth in her own words, and has covered the Greek gods a lot, not afraid to call them out for being massive JERKS! SO! MUCH!

    As for Greek mythology, Arachne’s story is probably my favorite. So tragic and gods being jerks, but can’t help it. I love it. Also, can’t go wrong with women archers. Artemis/Diana. Atalanta. Katniss. Oh wait, scratch that one.

    I asked my girls, and one didn’t really have a favorite, but Ginny also votes for Artemis.

    So I’m “the OHOTMU or NOT guy” on the network? Really? I mean, I don’t *mind*, it’s fine. I just don’t understand how it happened. I think I’ve been *much* more vocal about your show! My punchers!

  2. Yeah, the Greek Gods have A LOT of problems, mainly stemming from being “Richards” with no come-upance as a result. This series does look interesting, though, and I may have to look it up for my daughter to read.

    For more of my thoughts on the Greek Gods, check out this episode.

  3. Great episode. I was a big fan of Greek mythology back in elementary and middle school, and would have eaten up a series like this. My daughter was on a Greek mythology kick about a year or so ago, so she might enjoy this one as well.

    As a kid, my favorite myth was probably Jason and the Golden Fleece, which features the interesting female character Medea, and my favorite god was Hermes.

    I believe my daughter had a particular fondness for the story of Orion the hunter, which features the goddess Artemis.

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