Tough Like a Girl #24 – Death: The High Cost of Living

It's October, so Lis and Nathaniel get a little morbid with this one.

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4 responses to “Tough Like a Girl #24 – Death: The High Cost of Living

  1. I’m ashamed to admit that I haven’t read as much of Neil Gaiman’s work as I would like. I’m really only familiar with The Books of Magic, which I loved. The Sandman series is on my list of “books to read before I die.” Now, it looks like I’ll have to give Death a try too. The book I mean, not the final life experience. Though, I guess I’ll be giving that a try too, someday.

    Congratulations on reaching the show’s second anniversary!

  2. Haven’t read that in a long time, thanks for the trip down memory lane.

    Death Talks About Life, which was a promo give-away at the time (and I’m glad to see it was included in the collection instead of lost to time), THAT I’ve had occasion to return to since. My room mate some years back dressed as Death for our comics-themed Halloween party and did the whole banana shtick.

    Pictures here:

  3. Hi Deathers! No, sorry, I mean “Punchers”! Much better.

    My history with this book is typically unusual. I didn’t get into Sandman, as it wasn’t in my wheelhouse when it started. Even when I’d heard more about it, the epic length of the story was discouraging to jump into. So I didn’t know anything about that book, but I’d seen this version of Death “somewhere” before the mini came out.

    Now, I might have this wrong, but I believe DC asked readers to vote for characters to get a mini-series at that time. The Martian Manhunter came in second place, getting his American Secrets mini. And Death came in first, leading to this mini! Or they placed the other way around, not positive. (Look at me, not doing research. The freedom!) And, … I didn’t buy Death’s mini-series.

    BUT! After it was collected into a trade, I bought a hardcover copy “sometime”. I have no memory when or where, but I obviously did it. It can be less daunting to by a trade than picking up a series, even a mini-series. (I have lots of minis missing one or more issues. The pain!)

    And wow! I love this book! You both gave all the reasons I do. Incredible atypical story, but perfect for Death spending a day among the living. I’m a huge fan of Chris Bachalo’s artwork, so that was a gimme. And Didi was a delight, leading the somewhat exasperated Sexton on a mundane and somehow miraculous adventure. For a reader who’s so used to the superheroes, I was surprised how much I enjoyed it.

    I would say that Theo’s passing was very important to Sexton’s story. First, Sexton has the scare at the dump, with his figurative and then literal staring death in the eye, and asking for help so he can live. Then he sees what dying truly is like. Nowhere to hide or pretend it’s not a big deal. Sexton needed that to grow up and face his convictions outside a “heat of the moment” scenario. Maybe the story could have gone without this scene, but I thought it cemented Sexton’s story more firmly by the end.

    And I *might* cry a little during Didi’s final scenes. Maybe.

    Side note: At Baltimore Comic Con last month, I got some comics signed by Mark Buckingham, forgot to bring this book (ARGH!), and a young lady helping him cosplayed as Death the whole weekend, and she was PERFECT! And did I get a picture of her? Of course not! Cuz I’m clueless!!

    Thank you for another great episode, my punchers. Happy Halloween!

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