Tough Like a Girl #25 – Witchblade: Origins – Volume 1

Nathaniel has been waiting to spring this one Lis since the show started. The time has come.

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7 responses to “Tough Like a Girl #25 – Witchblade: Origins – Volume 1

  1. is it just me or dose stitch blade just sound like stitch with a knife.
    nothing else to say sorry you had to read that… um thing. kay bye

  2. The series got better much, much later when Ron Marz took over writing, because he’s a real writer and understands things like character and motivation and character and plot and y’know.

    I don’t have anything to say about Michael Turner’s art. He died about ten years ago, before this style would’ve been repudiated by a more sensitive comic book fan culture. Actually, I’m sure the comicsgaters freaking LOVE this type of art and storytelling.

  3. I avoided Witchblade, and most other Image and Image-related comics, back in the day. Thank you for confirming the wisdom of my decision. Seriously though, I am actually glad to hear that the series improved later on, because I agree that Witchblade has an interesting concept with some potential.

    I’m interested to hear what you have to say about Princeless next month, because that’s a series with which I have more familiarity (i.e., I’ve actually read a couple of the collected editions before). I’d have look back through the earlier episodes, but that may be a Tough Girls first for me.

  4. Oh, poor Lis. I think reading Witchblade may have made her ill.

    I notice there wasn’t much mention of Witchblade in other media. Were you aware there was a short-lived live-action series as well as an anime series? If Lis is more interested in the witchblade as a weapon or artifact, I suggest checking out the live-action. Definitely much less in the way of “clothes ripping.” The anime series explores a much different route showcasing just how far a single mother will go to provide for and protect her daughter, however it pushes the scantily-clad aspect to EXTREEEEEME levels. One Google image search will tell you all you need to know. NSFW, obviously.

  5. Never bought Witchblade. And now I don’t have any desire to. Much appreciated!

    Ok, weird coincidence. Two days ago, I read the 2002 Tigra mini-series on Marvel Unlimited with art by Mike Deodato and written by … Christina Z. I had no idea that she was a “writer” on Witchblade as well. That puts a WHOLE different spin on this version of Tigra. Mystic amulet changes beautiful woman’s clothes into a bikini. Sheesh!

    Hope you feel better, Lis, and further this story didn’t make you worse. Until next time, my Coughers-uh-Punchers!

  6. Quick note about Trevor (from THE GOOD PLACE)’s copy of Witchblade:
    Pretty sure he went all in with a lenticular cover with embossed elements so it would poke into the other books in his collection. Plus he calls it “his Braille edition” because he’s a perv.

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