Tough Like a Girl #55 – Black Widow: A Finely Woven Thread

Lis and Nathaniel take a look at Black Widow as she tries to clear out some of the red in her ledger.

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6 responses to “Tough Like a Girl #55 – Black Widow: A Finely Woven Thread

  1. Impressive podcast. Most impressive. Yep that was the movie I was talking about. Er the one Clinton pointed to on U-tube. Sorry I think I saw it around when it first came out and I was like 4. I liked the witch cause she was kind of a smart aleck. You may have noticed I’m a bit of a smart aleck my self. So I misremembered it. Any way onto the comic. The art looks cool. I’ll probly rent the movie latter. The twist is probly what you think it is. Though I won’t say what it is. The cover is fine. Yeah the backup cover was better. Though the expression could have worked in the second. Ware she pointing a gun at the reader or some one. Kind of the female version of the expiation from the Solo poster. When he had the death’s head blaster in his hand.

    So it could work. Or strangling some bad guy while making this expression. The story seems ok. Or if she cut up a bunch of folks with swords. And that exposition. Moving on Black Widow 2 should be cool in the movies. Starting with her in the Hawk Eye tv show. Yelena Belova working with Val and the US Agent should be interesting. Though I realy wanna see Nick Fury run into Val and complain about his crazy Ex. Thus 2 having an exes spat while a battle going on should be funny. I haven’t seen the movie, but from what I’ve seen Ms, Pugh is very good as Yelena. And I wonder if you know who will be a third member of this Thunder Bolts. Not saying. I’m looking forward more to Shang Chi and B lade than Black Widow, but it seems cool.

    Sad Marvel sat on the character till now. And look it’s making money. It’s like Scar Jo is an actress that brings folks to watch her stuff… huh shocking. Me I’d of had no prob with her in Rub and Tug. As a star she could have got the movie made. As a sec charcter sorry doesn’t work as well. Financing happens with the big name as the star. John Wayne wanted to be Sam Houstn in the Alamo, but couldn’t get the money for it if he hadn’t played the lead. And at the time he wanted to direct thus not be the lead. Cause to jobs at once oy. Well 2 big jobs. Heck if Scar Jo wanted to play me in a move that be great. Sorry not gonna get a big star out the gate, Trans Stars can happen by puting us around the big star. The stealing the show.

    Star Wars was a Luke Skywalker movie, but we all remember Han. Florence Pugh basically stole this movie from Scar Jo. Or so I hear. Who do we remember in Clerks? Jay and Silent Bob. Dante isn’t the guy with merch every ware. No one has a shirt with his face on it that says ,” but it’s my day off. ” Just saying. From the Green Hornet tv show from the 60s we remember Kato. Then Chuck Noris from Way of the Dragon. So yeah she could be the main though it be better if she played a Trans woman and not a trans man. But, Hollywood gonna Hollywood.

  2. Oh also Loki the TV show is great. Liking Loki in love with Enchtress ,,,, well Loki. Mobius as there best friend is great 2. Though I wish Selvie had been shown born as male Loki then went nah and became female Loki, Ah well. Grant was good as Classics Loki. And Gator Loki worked well too. Pretty sure it’s Krang at the end. It being another Loki would be meh. And it works better for building that way. Doersn’t need to be what’s his face it could be Krang as Immortas.

  3. My daughter has been chomping at the bit for the Black Widow movie, since it was supposed to come out last year. (Okay, I’ve been looking forward to it quite a bit, as well). So, I enjoyed your discussion of this book. You also inspired me to pick up a Black Widow collection for my daughter from Comixology. I didn’t end up getting her this particular book, but you still provided me with the inspiration. Anyway, it was interesting to hear my daughter’s reaction to the way Black Widow was portrayed back in the late 50s/early 60s compared to today. It was a good opportunity to talk about portrayals of women in media, and how that’s changed over time. Thanks.

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