Tough Like a Girl #60 – Spider-Woman Shifting Gears: Baby Talk

What happens with a superhero takes on a whole new challenge: motherhood? Lis and Vera are here to find out.

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4 responses to “Tough Like a Girl #60 – Spider-Woman Shifting Gears: Baby Talk

  1. Impressive podcast most impressive.This is Liz Anne Oswalt. Hi Lis. Hi Vera. I always liked spider woman. From her 70s run and cartoon. As well as her return in the avengers.BMS had done one thing I like to bring her back. The funny part is any spider girl comic Jessica son becomes the Spiderman of the world. Since Peter Parker had to retire. Granted he was really a superhero because his mother was spider woman. But for whatever reason he dressed like a Parker Spiderman. He did not however have the sting well the venom power that Jessica has. I am curious as to why she didn’t use that in her fight with the skrulls. Would that have caused something in her body to harm her unborn child? She has used in the past incapacitate people. Including her fight with Wolverine.

    She didn’t knock out with that she’s judo throwed him on his butt and used a shot. His healing factor kept him going. She didn’t know at the time it was him he snuck up on her. Still why she needed to use a headset or take down on a scroll and grab the gun instead of just doing that is beyond me. Also the woman next to her is of the same race as gladiator. You’re telling me a pregnant superwoman can’t take care of two skrulls? I’m guessing that’s it’s use since she’s dressed like gladiator blue and has the trademark Mohawk. At any rate looks like a decent enough story. They don’t really see Carol and Jessica being best of friends. At least not the Jessica I read in the 80s. She was best friends with Tiger that made more sense.

    So when she Hulk and heck Cat bring her baby supplies that makes sense. I think that’s Patsy at the end. I’m guessing that’s who that is. Also if these are male Skrulls. What is its use her pheromone powers? Yes she too had that cringing power that everyone hates that Eros has. Anyway the coming doesn’t look too bad. But she seems to have lost her unique personality. She was kind of the creepy hammer type of vampire woman. Only without being a vampire. Kind of a goth chick before there were goth chicks. And he was also a detective. This character just doesn’t seem like the same person. People do changes they get older. But, she seems like a completely different character.

    Mean even her villains are these creepy weird creatures. She fought the needle a man who hypnotized people and sold their mouths shut. She fought the Brothers Grimm. Yet the two weird guys in the death masks. It just like circus performers not only were they her enemies. But in their civilian identities they lived in the same house that Jessica did. Their mother had rented out a room that Jessica was using when she was a detective. In San Francisco. The goth angle had been played down when Jessica was brought back in the West Coast avengers without her spider woman powers. Thanks to her old friend Tiger of being able to take her out of her coma.
    After she was put in there with her battle with Morgana LaFey. This is the second time there’s been a connection to the Morgan myth in ya’lls podcast. Since Morgana Lafayette was partially based on the myth of the Morgan. Before being added to the whole King Arthur thing. At any rate the Skrulls have been both the tragic characters from that movie I won’t name. And the goofy creatures you see here. Since at one point they had a contest with the Kree to see which race was more scientific. They won the Cree cheated and then proceeded to try to wipe them out. Killing the people that awarded the prize. And stealing a price for themselves. Thus the big Kree and Skrull war began with that. Anny way weird they changed her look since that look was created by Marie Severin.

    But, the high evolution are no longer appears in any of her stories. Odd since her father was working with him when they next the spider DNA with hers. To save her from a spider bite and kept her from dying. Still, Fleisher on his run had cut out most of the macabre stuff that was in her comic when he made her a bounty Hunter. Before her becoming a private eye. Before her going into limbo and all. She even dated a shield agent for a while. They had to give her a Steve Trevor of her own. Anyway I like this new version of her well enough but I always see Caroline Munro when I think of how spider woman would look in live-action. So this new version is a little jarring to me. But, characters change. I can’t see the 70s version of spider woman ever wearing that outfit.

    But, I guess it works for her. Since it doesn’t say I will see making my own personal mental continuity that Gary’s father is…Wendell Vaughn. Can’t wait to hear the next pod cast.

    1. Also Marry Christmas. Happy Holloways. Happy Hanukkah and happy Kwanzaa. Happy Winter solstice. And happy Saturn day. (The Titan who was Zuzas’ Day.)

  2. Hi, Lis and Vera!

    This is another series I’ve read on Marvel Unlimited, plus Spider-Woman’s previous series which introduced this version of her costume. Ah, the fanboys who were so upset that Jessica was dressed in a somewhat realistic outfit, rather than a cross between spandex and body paint. While Jess doesn’t sport it much in the story, I think it’s a great look and really appreciated this trend for superheroine costumes, also seen with Carol’s Captain Marvel and Batgirl of Burnside.

    The story here was so much fun. I had lots of sympathy for very pregnant Jess struggling with being active. My wife was a reporter at a small newspaper, still covering police and fire stories when she was 8 months pregnant with the twins. She finally backed off when climbing hills got her winded. In case you’re wondering, my wife is (in her own words) a tough bird. 🙂

    I really loved the story being Die Hard with a pregnant woman. Just as capable as any hero, very powerful, smart, and saving the day. The artwork is clean and energetic, a style I’m seeing a lot from Marvel lately, so that’s a win. It’s on my “to reread” list when I get thru my “to read” list, and I think you know how long THAT is.

    Let’s see, I’ve also read the 2014 Katana series by Ann Nocenti, and ehhhh it was ok but I had problems with it. But also finished the 2019 Black Cat series. Now that was fun! Basically heist stories, one after the other. Her supporting cast is great, solid artwork, I had a blast. I will be reading the follow up 2020 series soon-ish.

    Happy new year, my punchers!

  3. My only exposure to Spider-Woman is through the old cartoon series, but I’ve heard lots of great things about this particular run. I actually have a niece who I’m told is a Spider-Woman fan. She’s only in the 1st grade, so I may need to wait a few years before I get her this book. Now, I just need to write a reminder for myself, and put it some place where I won’t loose it in the next few years….

    Thanks, for another remarkable episode.

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