Tough Like a Girl #63 – White Tiger: A Hero’s Compulsion

Lis and Vera take a look at a legacy hero thrust into a world of trouble.

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2 responses to “Tough Like a Girl #63 – White Tiger: A Hero’s Compulsion

  1. Well, I just read these issues on Marvel Unlimited so I could see for myself. I totally agree this was not a satisfying series. I’m not sure if there was a theme in play for the guest stars. That family is important to White Tiger? Or making White Tiger a point-of-view character to Marvel’s street level heroes? If it was family, just focus on her regular relatives, not the awkward “Uncle Luke and Uncle Danny.” If it was point-of-view, then only a few cameos, but give more Marvel villains, not suit guys. I don’t think they were ready to commit to either concept, or were going for something completely different. None of it worked.

    But I like Angela, I like her getting mistaken for other superhumans, and being annoyed by it, and I think there’s potential in her neighborhood. Just a shame how this series was executed.

    And yes, I *have* gotten my money’s worth from Marvel Unlimited. I don’t have a local comic shop anymore, so digital is my jam, and I’m loving reading “new to me” series. My focus actually started out with lots of female protagonist series, just looked interesting, and it’s pretty great that Marvel has a lot of them! Squirrel Girl, Black Widow, She-Hulk, Ms Marvel, Captain Marvel, Spider-Woman, Moon Girl and Devil Dino, Black Cat, Hellcat, Jane Foster Thor, and on and on. And this may sound weird, but these series also are fairly short lived, so I know I can complete them relatively quickly, and I find them very appealing. I *do* want to read more early Marvel issues, but having 100+ issues of a series is a disincentive. I can’t help but want to “finish” reading the series. So it’s a win-win to get great stories that are early to complete.

    And you didn’t really ask in the first place. Sorry, but thanks for another great episode, my punchers!

  2. I could hear in both your voices how much you wanted to like this series, and I’m sorry it didn’t quite deliver. I haven’t read this one (and don’t have Marvel Unlimited), so I only have your discussion to go by, but I agree that it sounds like this story could have used a bit more editorial oversight. Still I hope this isn’t the last we see of White Tiger, because she sounds like an interesting character.

    Speaking of comics written by novelists, I recently read Far Sector by one of my favorite authors, N.K. Jemisin. I really enjoyed it, but realize that I’m hardly an unbiased reviewer. So, if you ever run out of other books to review, I’d love to hear your thoughts on it. (My apologies for the shameless plug).

    Finally, my daughter has been lending me her comic books to read (see my comment from last episode). She’s currently reading Strange Academy, Marvel’s equivalent of Hogwarts, and I’ve been enjoying sharing that series with her.

    Thanks for another excellent episode.

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