Tough Like a Girl #64 – Diana: Princess of the Amazons

Lis and Vera visit the childhood of the most famous female superhero of all time.

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One response to “Tough Like a Girl #64 – Diana: Princess of the Amazons

  1. My daughter read both “Diana: Princess of the Amazons” and “Zatanna and the House of Secrets”, back when she was in the target age range for those stories. Of the two, I remember her preferring the Zatanna story. I don’t know if that’s due to difference in the quality of writing/storytelling, or the fact that Zatanna has a cute pet rabbit. 😉

    As a parent and comic book fan, I appreciate that DC has made an effort to reach younger readers with these graphic novels. Until these books started coming out, there wasn’t a lot out there that I could use to introduce my young daughter to these characters. Unfortunately, DC’s mainstream comic book lines are not very kid friendly, with only a handful of “all ages” titles. The DC Superhero Girls line was also a godsend in that regard.

    Thanks for another wonderful episode.

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