Tough Like a Girl #65 – Stargazing

Lis and Vera take on a new graphic novel from Jen Wang, the creator of The Prince and the Dressmaker. It's a wholly different story this time, so will it still connect as well as that last one did? Let's find out.

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One response to “Tough Like a Girl #65 – Stargazing

  1. I enjoyed The Prince and the Dressmaker, so I’m glad to hear that Stargazing received generally positive reviews from you. I particularly like that Jen Wang doesn’t appear to be bound to any particular genre or style of storytelling. Looking over a list of her work, I see that she even contributed to a Lumberjanes anthology, Lumberjanes: Bonus Tracks, which is another big plus in my book. I’ll have to keep an eye out for Wang’s other work.

    Thank you for another excellent episode.

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