Tough Like a Girl #67 – Katie the Catsitter

Lis and Vera follow a middle school girl as she tries to find a job to make money for summer cats, and lands on catsitting. Catsitting for over 200 cats... and that's just the start!

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3 responses to “Tough Like a Girl #67 – Katie the Catsitter

  1. I looked up a little bit on Katie the Catsitter, and thought “that sounds kinda fun, maybe I’ll by it one day.” But then you both started describing the book and I changed to “oh heck yes, kindle purchase now, thank you very much!” Cats? Check. Superheroes? Check. Puns? Check! I don’t know when I’ll get to it, but it will be soon. Thanks for this great find!

    My kids should like this book too, but they doggedly (pun *not* intended, but excellent happenstance) read books they find themselves and rarely give my recommendations a second look. Ah well, when I eventually get a hard copy, the cats will probably lure them in, and that’ll hook them. (now it’s fishing terms? what am I doing?)

    Excellent episode, my punchers!

  2. Hi Lis, Hi Vera,
    Impressive podcast most impressive. This seems like a fun enough story. The artwork is not to my taste but it fits the story. I had already guessed that the woman is going to be the cattleman stand-in. When they mention the amount of Our main character was having to babysit. They worked well enough for them. And it does look like for a child is be a fun book. The jokes are to my liking, but I can see how this could entertain a young person. Are the young at heart. As a superhero part is what would work best for me however. Sometimes superhero comedies can be funny. See the tick. Though I can definitely say they are making fun of the fact that Batman is seen as the world’s greatest detective at that. Here he is not so much. I can feel her pain since he was trying to sit for the plants. The main character that is. IQ do not have a green thumb. I have in fact killed a Venus fly one time. So for a cute little one-off story this is fine.
    Say have either of you read action force No.7. ? I realize you can’t cover it on the channel because it is definitely not an all ages book. Still the main character is female in this one story. Since action forces like a G.I. Joe type military toy line. That also puts on a comic. (done through a different company called Valaverse. ) . At any rate, this particular character is kind of treated as one of their flagship characters. She’s even featured on the main page. With several of the other characters that people seem to draw towards. The character in question being called Pandora. She’s a villain, but she is one of the ones that seems to be one they are pushing. The company has been the other characters are pushing, but here we have a military toy line. That has comics as well. And one of their main characters is a lesbian. And Annette beating you over the head with Pandora’s sexual. That just happens to be part of the character is treated as the other. Two point were again she like some of the other main characters whom are mostly straight. Also featured side-by-side with her.
    As one of the main draws. And luckily unlike when doing here they don’t beat you over the head with. It’s not like Marvel or DC, where if they make a character like us. I.e. any person from the Rainbow Coalition. They may as well be playing the same song to Bonanza’s by saying the word gay to the beat of the song. They will beat you over the head with it. This company does not do that. The comics aren’t bad and the action figures are pretty cool. I have no connection to them other than I spent much of money on these figures. And obviously you can’t regarding comics for the show. That’s again not for general audience. Still since she fit all the other criteria for the this page I thought I would mention Pandora. The twilight is meant for the adult collectors. I.e. the 6 inch size toys. There’s nothing about them that would make them unacceptable for children to have them. Other than their kind does $33 a pop. But there made with quality. It’s just the comics have a certain level of violence.

    And certain situations. In the comics not the toys. Though nothing that you would see on a daytime soap. Still, probably not something suited for a general audience. The comics toys are fine. Though they are made of a harder plastic then say the GI Joe classified line. So more of a display piece then say a Marvel legend. Though still go figures and the toys don’t have anything that I wouldn’t ever and children yet. They’re not Neca Oyish or anything. Are all a pretty great line of toys. And this wave three that Pandora is coming out in. Will be the all-female line. I have all four of them on preorder. Minus the one Army builder figure. She’s a Delta trooper. I may get that toys later. They have realistic looking guns. Because Army toy. And decent uniforms. Any rate can’t wait to hear the next podcast.

  3. A book about a highly skilled clowder of cats (I had to look that one up)?! That’s all I needed to know, but then you throw in super heroes, villains, and a young teenager just trying to earn some money for summer camp…. Now, that’s graphic novel gold. I may even be able to convince my wife to read this one (which probably doesn’t mean much too you, since you don’t know her, but that would be a bid deal).

    Also, you may not recall, but, several episodes ago, you recommend The Owl House streaming series to me. Well, my daughter and I finally had a chance to watch the first two seasons on Disney+, and we fell completely in love with it. So, thank you for the recommendation. We were happy to learn that the series has been renewed for a third season, but disappointed to find out that this will be the final season. More disappointing than that, it sounds like the third season won’t even run a full 19-20 episodes, rather it will consist of only three 40 minute episodes. Apparently, some big-wig executive felt that the series didn’t fit with the Disney brand. 😛

    Thanks for another incredible episode.

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