Tough Like a Girl #71 – Podcast Finale

Vera and Lis have made the decision to bring the podcast to a close, but not without a final goodbye episode. Enjoy.

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3 responses to “Tough Like a Girl #71 – Podcast Finale

  1. Hi, Vera and Lis. I’m very sorry to see this podcast end, but I totally understand. Let me first congratulate you on 71 episodes, which is nothing to sneeze at, and was a great effort to bring attention to women protagonists in this medium. Your show introduced me to characters and books I wouldn’t have heard of before, and you should be proud that some listeners like me actually tried some of the books reviewed. I can’t possibly list all of the stories I enjoyed, but some specific titles I’d like to point out that I read thanks to this show and loved include:
    Katie the Catsitter
    Rat Queens

    Considering I’m a diehard superhero fan, the fact that most of those are *not* superhero stories is completely to your credit. Side note: I’ve read a few more Faith comics in addition to the story you covered, and now have one that is now in my Christmas rotation every year.

    Your show also gave me an excuse to read (or re-read) some of my kids’ graphic novels, and it tickled them to hear a podcast was talking about books *they* liked! And I will take any excuse to bond with them over stories we enjoy.

    So thank you. For the great stories. For the fun discussions, even about the not-so-great stories. For reading my feedback. For letting me annoy you with my love of Mike Maihack’s Cleopatra In Space, and graciously letting me guest on the show to gush about it. For aiding in fun chats with my kids. For exposing me to new great books. And most of all, one last time, for being my punchers. All the best, my friends.

  2. Thank you both for all of your work on this show. You introduced me to a lot of interesting books, which, in turn, allowed me to introduce those books to my daughter. (Squirrel Girl and Lumberjanes FTW).

    I appreciated this wrap-up episode, because it reminded me a several books that my daughter was too young to read when you first discussed them, but that she would enjoy now. (I’m looking at you Nimona and Rat Queens).

    Best of luck to you moving forward with whatever new adventures the future holds.

  3. Impressive podcast most impressive. Hi Vera and Lis ,

    Bummer sorry to hear that you’ll be ending the podcast. Who am I going to annoy now? Siskoid I suppose. I’m kidding . I enjoyed hearing at all the podcast and being able to hear you read my listener feedback. I rather enjoyed listening to your show. And sorry to hear that you won’t be doing these anymore. But, it is what it is. Was fun to hear your show while it lasted.

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