TreasuryCast #7 – Heroes of Power: The Women of Marvel


Rob welcomes comics journalist and retailer Christy Blanch to talk about Marvel's brand-new treasury edition, HEROES OF POWER: THE WOMEN OF MARVEL, starring Gwenpool, The Wasp, Ms. Marvel, Spider-Gwen, and Captain Marvel!

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11 responses to “TreasuryCast #7 – Heroes of Power: The Women of Marvel

  1. I hadn’t heard of this new treasury but will seek it out. As for Ms. Marvel, I highly recommend it. In fact, I am having my undergrad students read the first trade this semester. It has gone over very well in the past and is a good springboard for discussions related to heroism, race, gender, and identity.

  2. Excellent episode. As the father of a young girl, I’m always on the lookout for portrayals of strong female characters in comics. So this episode immediately caught my eye. Unfortunately, the inclusion of Gwenpool means that I wouldn’t be able give this treasury to my daughter until she graduated high school, which is about a decade away. Seriously though, I’m thrilled that Marvel put this treasury edition out, both for the format and the content, and I greatly appreciate your coverage of it.

    Ironically, I was showing my wife the scan of the cover when my daughter walked in. To which character was she immediately drawn? Why to Gwenpool, of course. She found it absolutely hilarious that Gwenpool is covered in kittens. After explaining that Gwenpool (while looking and acting silly) was probably too violent for her, my daughter insisted that I buy and read the comic so that I could find out about the kittens for her. I guess that gives me two reasons to pick this up: 1) to support this effort by Marvel, and 2) to appease my daughter.

  3. First time listening to the Treasury Cast. Not as familiar with these characters but I learned a little something and enjoyed listening to the discussion. I agree putting out special editions before a movie comes out would be a great idea. The price may be a bit steep but certain things are just worth it.

  4. Another great episode!! Really enjoyed your coverage, but like you both I was scratching my head about the issue selections. I saw this in the store and very nearly picked it up, but those particular stories didn’t grab me. I flipped through the book and didn’t feel it merited the price and didn’t feel they really took advantage of the larger format. Just felt like a regular modern comics (which I could read in 2 minutes) blown up big. It’s shame too because I like the Carol Danvers Captain Marvel, and both Spider-Gwen and Ms. Marvel have got me interested in checking them out.

    Regardless of the choices, your discussion was fascinating! As a former comic retailer myself I loved hearing Christy’s thoughts on selling these books. Would love to hear more retailer thoughts in the future (even beyond Treasuries)!

  5. I really enjoyed the discussion on this one. I looked for this comic at my LCS this weekend and didn’t see it, but I also forgot to ask. I know my shop owners carry older treasuries behind the counter, so maybe it was back there? Christy brought up some great points on retail that I really found fascinating. The comic market has changed a lot since I worked at a shop 20 years ago. We carried the Dini/Ross Superman treasury when it came out, but we did have to reconfigure some shelves just to give it some space.

    As a parent, I appreciated her thoughts on Deadpool/Gwenpool. I have no problem with Deadpool existing (my 15 year old son loves him, and I admit I enjoyed the movie a lot), but I don’t want my 9 year-old daughter reading a Deadpool comic… and apparently Gwenpool, if it’s in the same vein. It is a bit of shame they throw off the all-ages potential for this treasury to include the character.

    The idea of comic creators smartly gearing their designs to cosplay is something I never considered, but that would certainly help get a grassroots support going for any character. Look for a lot more hoodie-heroes in our future. 😉

    Great show, and I hope to hear Christy back soon on the network. I enjoy her column on 13D a lot, and there’s that other guy that writes there that’s not too shabby either.


  6. Great episode and loved Christy’s perspective.

    As Rob keeps saying, the treasury is a perfect format for kids. Alas, many comics aren’t for kids these days. Whether it is violence or sex or overt politics, it must be hard for companies to find modern issues to put together that fits the bill of safe gateway for a new reader.

    I loved the Kelly Sue DeConnick Captain Marvel so glad that made it into this. I briefly collected Spider-Gwen but just couldn’t get completely hooked into a new universe.

    I was surprised to see that both Silk and Squirrel Girl were not included. Either of those would have been a ‘better’ choice for a treasury than Gwenpool.

    Thanks again!

  7. Get on that Ms. Marvel bandwagon right now, Rob! The book is great! I’m so happy to hear it’s a solid seller.

    Like Anj, I’m surprised there was no Squirrel Girl in this. The delightful art would be perfect for the Treasury treatment.

  8. Great show, Rob and Christy, I especially liked the insight into the world of the retailer.

    I love that Marvel are doing treasury editions again but really recent stories, some of them continued, is a rubbish decision. Give the kids full stories, and put the entry point tales in a cheaper format. For this price they should be getting something truly special, not pretty random refried fare.

    Tiny point, Kamala lives with her parents, not her aunt and uncle. The first year of so of her existence was great but Marvel have put her in the big leagues too soon. The charm of a young kid having to figure things out for herself is gone.

    That back cover image is a homage to Gary Frank’s cover of the first issue of the Peter David Supergirl series, mind, that was a tribute to Man of Steel #1.

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