TreasuryCast #1 – Limited Collectors Edition C37: Batman

TREASURYCAST #1 – Limited Collectors’ Edition C37: Batman

For the first episode of TREASURYCAST, host Rob Kelly welcomes guest Dan Greenfield to talk about LIMITED COLLECTORS’ EDITION C37: BATMAN, the All-Villains issue!

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25 responses to “TreasuryCast #1 – Limited Collectors Edition C37: Batman

  1. Great discussion, guys, and terrific first episode! I don’t have this treasury edition, but I certainly want it now after listening to you two talk about it–if nothing else than for the newspaper strip Two-Face story.

    1. Thanks Ryan! If you’re a Batman fan (and you should be, considering KNIGHTCAST and all) you should pick it up. It’s a lot of fun.

  2. Great episode and concept. Always wanted this one and now I want it more! Teo-Face hanged is a pretty grisly event for the Sunday comics. Reminds me of some of the more grisly acts in the Dick Tracy treasury!

    I have a dandy of an answer for your ‘ what teasury should have happened’ question Rob. Maybe I’ll get to answer it some day …

  3. Wonderful inaugural episode and a terrific premise! We got everything in this one – the origin of Namtab! Young Rob K’s adorable home-made Batcave story! Mama K’s discovery!

    Looking very forward to more.

    Didn’t Wonder Woman get a treasury? Didn’t she fight Superman in one? Or does that not count because it wasn’t a solo outing?

    1. I don’t consider Superman vs WW a Wonder Woman book, I mean one of those reprint collections that Superman, Batman, Shazam, and Rudolph(!) got. She deserved it!

  4. Great start to what I know will be a great series! I’ve always coveted this book, but I’ve never run across it in the wild. I remember the cover taunting me as a kid from one of the back issues I picked up from the flea market. Now I want it even more!

    I’m a big fan of Dan’s 13th Dimension, and enjoy his guest spots on John S. Drew’s Batcave Podcast, so it was great to hear him here. The absence of the Riddler probably would have bothered me too. DC marketed the “Big Four” from the TV series on EVERYTHING. The Joker sometimes would appear alone, but if it was more than him, it was the other three, including Riddler.

    Again, great show! Can’t wait for more!


    1. Thanks Chris! Yes, pick this book up if you ever see it for a reasonable price. No Batman fan should be without it!

      It is odd that Riddler is missing, but I bet if he had been included its the Two-Face sequence that would have been dropped, That might have altered the course of my life, so I’m glad it played out the way it did.

  5. Great first episode!! I feel I know Rob pretty well after all these years recording together. I can testify just how much he loves his Treasury Editions! You could hear him smiling throughout the episode! Rob and Dan’s enthusiasm was infectious!

    A very fun and high-energy episode! While I only own a small handful of Treasury Edition comics myself, I’ve always respected the format. Now with this podcast, I see why it should be revered!! So many fun stories and activities! I can imagine if I’d bought these as a kid they’d be among my most treasured possessions (pun intended)!

    Keep up the great work! Can’t wait for the next irregular episode!

  6. That was one fun episode Rob! Your treasury site was the first thing I came across before finding Aquaman Shrine. I never got these editions as a kid, I don’t even remember seeing them (the blue ribbon digests I did). I started collecting a few treasury editions and they do bring me that little spark as a kid to read them.

    May I suggest a Christmas episode for treasury comics? Why were there so many Rudolph issues?

  7. Excellent episode Rob, great to hear the enthusiasm on this subject. Never came across the format myself (other than the Alex Ross oversized formats in the 1990s/2000s) but the stories you described here are full of fun. Looking forward to the next episode.

  8. This is a wonderful idea for a podcast series, and I thoroughly enjoyed listening to your first episode. As other commenters noted above, your enthusiasm for these books really shines through, Rob. I think my favorite part was when you shared your memories of getting that stack of treasury books from your dad to read in the office while he worked. It just brought a big smile to my face.
    For my part, thanks largely to your treasury comics site (which I’ve visited many times in the past), I’ve been able to determine that I only had 8 of these back in the day, most of them Marvel books. While I did indeed love them, I have a similar enthusiasm for another type of reprint book that was basically the diametric opposite of the treasury books, which were quite popular back in the (late) 1970s: the DC digests and the all-too-few Marvel pocketbooks. I realize now that the shrunken format did a disservice to the art, but back then I just loved the amount of stuff packed into those little books and read most of them to tatters (and even today, I’m a big fan of the modern, and pleasingly larger, Panini digests).
    By the way, on the topic of Wonder Woman, you mentioned there was never a treasury edition featuring her, but don’t those two Famous First Editions you have pictured on your treasury site count? One thing that strikes me as a real injustice is that out of all of those digests DC published from the late ’70s and well into the ’80s, there was not a single one dedicated to WW.
    Anyway, I’m looking forward to future episodes, especially when you get to some of those treasuries I recall having.

  9. I had a friend who had the Superman vs Spider-Man oversized comic, and the library had many euro-comics in that format (which was a step down for them from the hardbound albums), but I’ve never owned a “treasury-sized” American comic unless we’re talking about much later fare, like ACME Novelty Library or Monster Society of Evil.

    So I thought I’d be only marginally engaged in this show. You proved me wrong. The enthusiasm comes through in both host and guest, it feels personal and yet completely accessible, and yes, great theme too. I’ll be back.

  10. I do not agree that treasuries are the greatest comic book format of all time. I find them unwieldy and flimsy, so the few that survived from childhood are in grotesque shape. Even the ones I’ve purchased as an adult have a nasty tendency to shed covers through rips or cracks and generally fall apart. I have to devote a whole shelf on my bookcase to less than four inches worth of cruddy looking treasuries, and I especially wish my poor battered Steranko Historys (bound together with scotch tape) would get republished as plain old books to better serve as resources. At least the Alex Ross books (which I don’t own) were squarebound (and eventually hardbound together,) so I wasn’t afraid to read them like I am the Giant-Sized Kung-Fu Bible Stories I bought last year. But then again, it should come as a surprise to no one that I don’t even find comic books to be the best size for comic books. Give me a magazine format or a digest any day!

    But hey, I enjoyed the podcast and it sounds like a swell collection for Batman rogue introductions. I love that cover.

  11. Haven’t listened yet, but thank you for selecting this subject for a podcast. These treasuries are right in my collecting sweet spot, and are hard to resist each time I stumble upon one in a shop.

    And while I still have many left to collect, the pain of your picking one I didn’t have in my collection for your first episode was softened by your including several images. Thank you for that.

    Looking forward to dozens of episodes here! Forgive me if this is discussed in the episode, but I’m assuming you plan to keep things seasonal like discussing the holiday issues in Decembers and monster issues in Octobers?

      1. What?! But where will I get my 15 seconds of fame?

        Since this won’t be read on air, I’ll get some mushy stuff out of the way. Thanks for all you do Rob. Not sure if I’ve ever messaged you and Shag personally about what a great job you do on this network. Forgive my poor memory if it’s been explained before, but I get the feeling that you two (mainly you maybe? apologies if I’m wrong Shag) have done a crap ton of background work to get and keep this network running. I’m old to comics but still fairly new to podcasts, but discovering you all and this innocently incestous family of networks was a huge blessing to my life. I’m looking forward to years of getting entertained by your writing and podcasts. I truly thank you.

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