Who’s Who: Update ’88 – Volume 1

A new era of WHO'S WHO begins with UPDATE '88! Shag and Rob take a look at new and updated characters such as Atom II, Doctor Fate II, Duchess, Firestorm, Green Arrow, Green Flame, Green Lantern, and more! We wrap up with your Listener Feedback!

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2 responses to “Who’s Who: Update ’88 – Volume 1

  1. Great podcast. I began collecting comics in the mid-’80s beginning with Crisis, Who’s Who, and Booster Gold, and eventually moving on to pretty much everything DC released. It’s great that there are several podcasts covering this era now.

    I was a big fan of JLI at the time, and I wondered why Green Flame (originally called Green Fury) was so very lame. She was a walking acetylene torch until the meta-gene bomb from Invasion! changed her into a female Human Torch.

    Still, Giffen and DeMatteis were playing fairly fast and loose with continuity for this character. When she was introduced in the Super Friends comic written by E. Nelson Bridwell, Green Fury had quite a few flame-based powers that were magical in nature, and her flame-breath was definitely not limited to six inches.

    Green Fury could use her flame-breath to fly and land like a rocket, as well as blast her foes from afar (with no apparent limitations as to length).

    That flame-breath could be reversed into a super-cold freezing flame.

    That magic flame could also transform her clothing instantly, changing her out of her civilian clothing and into her costume, or vice versa, as well as mystically repair her costume if it’s been damaged.

    Green Fury’s mystical flame also gave her the ability to disguise herself by changing her eye color from her natural brown eyes to green, and vice versa, and she could create illusions with her “dazzle power.”

    Her background was also different. She wasn’t a showgirl, as in the Secret Origins story, but the president of Wayne Enterprises’ Brazilian branch, and she was quite a serious businesswoman.

    She’s quite different in nearly every way, except her real name, so I think of the Green Fury who appeared in Super Friends, Superman, and a Post-Crisis issue of Infinity Inc as a different person altogether.

    Icemaiden/Ice was also created as a basically new character for JLI, though eventually they did bring back the original blue-skinned Icemaiden (Sigrid Nansen of Norway) in one of the later Justice League books I didn’t collect at the time.

    Personally, I prefer Fire of the JLI over the Green Fury, mostly because of her personality and “Odd Couple” friendship with Ice, but I wish they’d kept some of her more interesting powers from the Super Friends era.

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