Who’s Editing #18: Editors Must Show Flexibility

Siskoid welcomes guest editor Max Romero to create a line of books based on Who's Who #18 - folks, it's Plastic Maa-aaaa-aaan! It had to be Max. But have our intrepid armchair editors otherwise met their match?! Sometimes all you can do is laugh...

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Bonus clip: "Stayin' Alive (instrumental)" by the Bee Gees; Ben Schwartz on "The Late Late Show".

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6 responses to “Who’s Editing #18: Editors Must Show Flexibility

  1. Great show and love a ton of the books you both offered. I think Max’s Power Woman and Siskoid’s Phantom Stranger were my faves.

    Now I usually post one book I would pitch from each issue but unfortunately, I have three ideas and I couldn’t give up any of them. So sorry for clogging your comment section.

    The Phantoms
    Written by Karla Pacheco
    Art by Otto Schmidt
    Covers by Jen Bartel

    Tinya (17) and Sandy (23) Phantom are sisters of a famous celebrity couple and therefore have been adjacent to pop culture all their lives. Sandy has embraced the paparazzi, living on social media, having a reality show, and dabbling in a product line, acting, and music. She discovers the more that people find her behavior outrageous, the stronger and more durable she gets. Donning a revealing costume, she becomes a celebrity super-hero. But she must keep the public clamoring for more and being even more vivacious or her powers wane. Where will she draw the line.
    In contrast, Tinya has tried to live a normal life outside the cameras. She finds the more that the public ‘ghosts’ her, the more she can become invisible and intangible, as if she doesn’t exist. She uses her powers for good. However, when this ‘Phantom Girl’ becomes an urban legend, that belief lessens her powers. How hidden will she need to become to maintain her powers?
    Elevator pitch: The Kardashians meets Miss Misery from Sleeper as well as The Department of Truth

    ‘Pig’ Iron
    Written by Brian Michael Bendis
    Art by Michael Lark
    Covers by Howard Chaykin

    ‘Iron’ Munro was a budding college athlete in the 1940’s with all the rambunctious behaviors that comes with that. His budding super-powers – better than average strength and agility, limited invulnerability helped him on the grid-iron. When his brother, Steel Munro a low-level hood who Iron hero worshipped, joins the mob and is killed, ‘Iron’ decides to become a police officer to redeem the family’s name. But the old neighborhood can’t believe he’d join the law, calling him ‘Pig’ Iron. Realizing he can’t overtly show his powers in uniform, Iron dons a more classic super-outfit at night becoming The Phantom Stranger, helping him close cases he investigates in the day. All this in the grimy world of Film Noir.
    Think ‘Angels with Dirty Faces’ meets The Big Sleep meets the Golden Age Manhunter.

    Pow! Wow! Comics
    Writer and artist: rotating

    Every person can be a masked hero. This anthology book has rotating artist teams for 3-4 issue arcs where ordinary people, usually named something bland like Smith, go above and beyond to help others while skirting the laws as a vigilante. I can foresee stories with masked wrestlers, firefighters, and even physicians, hiding their faces behind their uniforms and busting skulls.

    Solely a way to rehabilitate ‘Pow-Wow’ Smith, Pow! Wow! will be very action heavy with people kicking butt and taking names.

    Thanks for letting me use my creative muscle a bit each month. Love this show!

  2. I have to share my TWO Proty series.

    For Proty I we have…
    Legionnaires 2
    Garth and Imra Ranzz thought they had retired from the Legion of Super-Heroes to run the family farm and raise their twins but can you really retire when legions of Super-Villains want revenge.

    For Proty 2 we have…
    I…. Spy
    The Legion Espionage Squad are trapped in 1950s America. Can Chameleon Boy and Proty pass as human and American in the midst of a red scare whilst battling the Dark Circle who are infiltrating the highest levels of the government?

    Don’t pretend you don’t know how the first one ties in.

  3. Very cool ideas. The best Blot the Bot could do with “The Phantoms” was:

    Phantom Girl: The adventures of Phantom Lady when she was a girl

    Phantom Lady: The adventures of Phantom Girl when she was a Lady

    Phantom Stranger: The adventures of Phantom Lady when she had amnesia

    Phantom Zone: The adventures of Phantom Girl when she wasn’t paying attention


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