Who’s Editing #19: A Tornado of New Titles

Siskoid welcomes guest editor Shawn Myers, the other half of Batman Family Reunion, to create a line of books based on Who's Who #19. And Shawn's gone way overboard, covering EVERY SINGLE ENTRY. It's up to Siskoid to be reasonable, but folks, he's decided to pull a George R.R.Martin, whatever that means. Is no one safe?

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Theme: "Révolution" by Les Sherpas.

Bonus clip: Grant Morrison on Batman and Robin's relationship, interviewed by David Cole.

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3 responses to “Who’s Editing #19: A Tornado of New Titles

  1. Another highly enjoyable episode! Shawn’s Ragman premise sounds custom-made for William Messner-Loebs…not only writing, but drawing as well! Messner-Loebs’ art style doesn’t lend itself to most mainstream super-hero stories, but his Eisneresque art would suit this series very well. (Messner-Loebs did write and draw a short-lived Image Comics series, Bliss Alley, with a homeless protagonist.)

  2. Very fun episode and a tough issue.
    I really love Shawn’s Question concept. It would end up being a sort of nerdvana – ‘Who would win if Sun Boy fought Mr Freeze? What if Silver St Cloud didn’t move away? etc)
    And Siskoid, your Max Mercury concept is close to my original idea. I was going to pitch Quicksilver/Max Mercury as a sort of DCCP with him. Since he has time hopped, it would really open up the guest list. So instead I’ll give a bonus book.

    Reverse Flash (8 issue mini)
    Written by Matt Fraction
    Art by Karl Kerschl

    Eobard Thawne is an intern working in the Central City CSI division with his personal hero Barry Allen. When the fateful lightning strikes Barry, Eobard is in the doorway of the lab having just gone on a coffee run. A smaller amount of the chemicals splash him because he is farther away and the coffee is an x-element. He is given super-speed but only to supersonic levels.

    Realizing that Barry is the Flash amps up his hero worship. But Thawne notices that whenever the Flash is running at high speed through the city, in a room, really anywhere … the physical blowback of someone moving that fast in that space is huge. Thawne decides that he will tail the Flash at his lower super-speed and try to undo the damage before it is noticed so Flash remains unbesmirched. He super-speed repaves the damaged roads, resets peoples plates in restaurants, fixes windows blown out by sonic booms. Since he reverses the Flash damage, he calls himself Reverse Flash.

    As time goes on, the heroic sheen of the Flash tarnishes as Eobard sees that the Flash isn’t even aware of the damage he might be doing. Will Thawne get so fed up with his ‘hero’ that he goes villain? Or will he realize that even the Flash needs a Damage Control unit, and that he is as just as much a hero as Barry.


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