Who’s Editing #20: The Three Soldiers of Editing

Siskoid welcomes two guest editors for the price of one as Gareth Madeley and Paul Cornish bring a certain Welsh flavor (and humor!) to their line of books based on Who's Who #20, while Siskoid himself goes back to superhero comics' pulp roots for his inspiration. But there are a lot of concepts that were already so well re-imagined by DC over the years... Can our trio find something new to say?

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Theme: "Révolution" by Les Sherpas.

Bonus clip: "Hips Don't Lie" by Shakira; and Neil Gamain on "Collider Interviews".

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5 responses to “Who’s Editing #20: The Three Soldiers of Editing

  1. Fascinating episode with such a wild group of books. I think I would go with your All-STAR Squadron Siskoid, and Gareth/Paul’s Sea Devils. Like you the idea of the Sarge Steel/Sergeant Rock thought experiment would be great. I think I would, as you recommend, tag two very different artists … maybe Brett Booth and Ben Templesmith for instance. And also think I would do it with Marvel Style scripts such that the art really can tweak the story a bit. I truly love that idea.

    As for mine –

    S.T.A.R. Labs –
    The Science, Therapy, and Rehabilitation Laboratories is a corporation hoping to help science-based henchmen of super-villains get reintegrated into society. These are generally high-energy, output driven individuals who just want to create and have found villains to be the easiest outlet. Now STAR will try to bring the grandiose delusions into a healthier path – helping society or even super-heroes who need tech to defeat a villain. That said, sometimes these scientists are truly bad guys, stuck in a work-release program they don’t want to be in.

    I think of this book as a way to showcase mental health. There will be pages where the scientists can talk about their issues to help understand how they ended up where they did. There will headlined by Jenette Klyburn (swoon) with maybe a villain gone good (Rainbow Raider or Pied Piper) as well as a rotating cast of new henchmen characters with a few mainstays (think Suicide Squad). There will be a subplot of something nefarious happening with roots in STAR … is one of the candidates actually running crime out of the establishment.

    Written by Mark Waid (whose knowledge of villains will help tailor the henchmen) and drawn by Bernard Chang.

  2. Fun episode! Being typical American I don’t know much about Welsh culture so it was super interesting to hear this approach!

  3. Congrats to the chaps on what may be my favourite episode ever. Talk about a great unifying theme, I know little about Welsh mythology so found this a fascinating eye opener. I did hear about the enchantress Cerridwen recently on spooky BBC podcast series The Witch Farm.

    Surely Jason Bard has Druidic roots, shame he’s not in here. Are there any DC characters connected to Welsh legend outside of Blackbriar Thorn?

    Anyway, if I could buy just one book I’d but the Sandman from Gareth and Paul, and Saturn Girl from Siskoid.

  4. I’ll be honest, I’ve not gotten to this episode yet, but sans breaking my ‘Ugh the Musk’-soft-self-Twitter-sabbatical , this Seemed the idea to leave my first comment for this podcast, which i was bemused yet quickly fascinated by when it first dropped, in that oddest of Aprils, but i certainly quickly decided “this seems like a podcast I’d LOVE to guest on, but only once they have moved out of the initial 26 and the issues have a wider swath of letters involved… and despite the occasional twinge of “maybe i SHOULD…”, that hadn’t Really Changed over the first 7 eps.

    Then my technology had a cascade of failures that left me With no easy way to get new podcasts regularly and reliably, and for over a year i JUST listened to Evergreen podcasts i love to revisit (such as Who’s Who), only rarely seeking eps from 2020 or later.

    Well, my tech sitch is still not ideal, but i have the ability to get and listen to new podcasts, and having marathoned 7 eps of Who’s Editing, intermixed with tons of other podcasts across a diverse range of interests, i found myself increasingly sure of 3 things:
    1) i just HAD to guest on one of these shows❣️
    2) there was no way there were any slots left!
    3) And even if there were, hearing the way Siskoid’s sanity began to crack, as he found himself doing the same thing for the 12th, 13th, 47th time in a row, and struggling not to recycle ideas… there’s no way he’ll be willing or able to do a Who’s Editing ep for every ish/rp of Who’s Who… but what if we brought in a Ringer? (They’d only be Flight Ringers if we were mad enough to do the Who’s Editing thing with that series (funny enough, I’m currently paused between issue 4 and 5 of that, in my Legion reading project)).

    Yes, i am offering/requesting to be a potential ‘Substitute Siskoid’ for at least a slice of the post- Who’s Who;Prime-Era of this illustriousand delightfully creative podcast!

    Failing that, if there IS a guest slot open still, I’m totally eager to handle the guest host role as well❣️

    1. Well how about the last issue? It’s still open and it’s got characters from across the alphabet.

      We’ll talk.

      No subs though. This teacher is always in class!


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