Who’s Editing #21: The Stars of Tomorrow

Siskoid welcomes Brent Brickhill to submit a line of books based on Who's Who #21 in his first Network appearance. This one's all about legacy, what with all the Titans, Infinitors and, uhm, Snapper Carr. But how does Space Cabbie fit into either editor's line? Only one way to find out!

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Bonus clip: John Ostrander interview with Daniel Fee33 in 2022.

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5 responses to “Who’s Editing #21: The Stars of Tomorrow

  1. Great episode and really liked a lot of the ideas here. So cool to hear Brent and his ideas. I like Siskoid’s Silent Knight and Brent’s Skarataris titles the best.

    As you know, I try to come up with one new book per issue myself. Problem here, I had too many ideas. “Who Stalks the Stalkers?” and “Man of the Stars” were books I could elevator pitch if pushed.

    “Born on a Monday”
    Writer – Peter Milligan
    Artist – rotating

    The original Solomon Grundy is finally granted some peace and allowed to pass. But the blighted elemental power of Grundy cannot be destroyed. Each week, a new Grundy is ‘born on a Monday’. A mortal dealing with a crisis can become a receptacle for the power, gaining the strength and endurance of Grundy to help them with their problem. But the power can corrupt if used too greatly. After seven days, the power dissipates and looks for a new host, meaning the new Grundy ‘dies’. However, the mortal body often dies too. Will the character whose story we have followed survive?

    Consider this a sort of slice of life. Sometimes the character is someone good, trying to use the power in a positive way. Sometimes it is someone evil using it nefariously. Sometimes it corrupts. Sometimes it elevates. Given Milligan’s ability to write characters from different walks of life in Human Target, he seems a natural to walk in. I am thinking 4 issue arcs.

  2. Siskoid – Silent knight or Ultra Violet – no Jo Nah link?

    Other chap –


    Congratulations, Siskoid and Brent, on my favourite episode yet… well, since the last one! Brent’s concept of a series of annuals featuring The Descendants was amazingly well thought out, and Siskoid did the usual great job (thought the lack of an extra title made me saaaaaad). I’d buy most of them. But just one?

    From Siskoid it would be Ultra Violet (wot, no Jo Nah link?) or Silent Knoght. And from Brent, Skyman… I love how Courtney’s origin comes back to haunt her!

    I’d never heard of skeet shooting, is that where Skeets gets his name? I have to admit, a comic starring someone called ‘Booster Gold’ and something called ‘Skeets’ was a bit of a headscratcher.

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