Who’s Editing #22: It All Comes Back to Superman

Siskoid welcomes Michael Bailey to submit a line of books based on Who's Who #22 because, hey, it's the Superman issue, and you can't do the Superman issue without Michael Bailey! But is it possible that Siskoid will be the most Superman-obsessed of our editors? Tune in and check it out for yourself!

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Theme: "Révolution" by Les Sherpas.

Bonus clip: John Byrne interview on SYFY Wire's "Behind the Panel".

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8 responses to “Who’s Editing #22: It All Comes Back to Superman

  1. 1 sunbrust! im GLAD somebody loves 1980s superboy
    2 So much 1990s superman love but nobody found SOME WAY to mention Doomsday was pushed off the edge of the universe? ThAT’S MY favorite plot twist ever and NOBODY EVER USED IT!

  2. Great episode and I don’t mind either take on Supergirl.
    Of course Sterling Gates should be writing more. But turning the Atlantean Power Girl on its head by putting it in the past sounds very cool. I’d buy both.

    My book:

    Writer: Kelly Thompson
    Artist: Yanick Paquette
    Covers: Jenny Frison
    Variants: Artgerm/Terry Dodson

    The Citadel wants to invade Earth. The Yorg and the Mygorg want to invade Earth. Both are sending advance scouts and troops to the planet to try and set up their respective bases. But Starfire and Starfire have both been keeping track of their personal enemies’ movements and are ready to foil those plans. But rather than reveal the invasion plans (which could incite an actual full fledged invasion and war), the two decide to fight stealthily, closing down these cels and trying to stem the slow incursions.

    The best way to travel the planet without raising suspicion is to take on the role of ‘influencers’, traveling the globe and posting pics of themselves in restaurants, frolicking on the beach, in high fashion, all on the net. But it is all a front for brutal war, by starbolt and sword!

    Leaning into the cheesecake histories of the characters while also giving them agency and power, the book will be a mix of revolution and social commentary while giving plenty of good girl art … a heady mix indeed.

  3. This is invaluable to my ongoing Champions Campaign. I have listened to this and the Batman podcast a number of times for ideas! Treasure trove of character and plot ideas.

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