Who’s Editing #23: Titanic Changes

Siskoid welcomes Bass Levesque to submit a line of books based on Who's Who #23 because he claims to be a big Titans fan. What happens when a Titan fan meets a Titans ambivalent? (On the flip side, Thanagar is also in this issue and we know how Bass hates Hawkman.) Who's coming out of this editing challenge on top?

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Bonus clip: Marv Wolfman interviewed by Comics Reporter YouTube channel in 2021.

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6 responses to “Who’s Editing #23: Titanic Changes

  1. Glad to hear you loved the Amy Wolfram/Karl Kerschl “Teen Titans” run! I’ll let her know. We go back to working at King of the Hill together!

  2. Love the Tellus idea Siskoid. And I love Bass’ Tamaran idea! A GL Komand’r?? Amazing.

    I hated … HATED … that Rokk was made the Time Trapper in the 5YL book. So I am building a series around Siskoid’s idea that anyone can be the Time Trapper based on whatever timeline or continuity or history they are part of. So why not make a wonky anthology book where creators with a story to tell can do just that. The Trapper can be an active participant or an observer. He can be a character we know or be someone new (a la Marvel’s Captain Universe). Bring in the best creators to spin a yarn. So my comic would be:

    Time Trapper
    Writer/Artist – various (although first arc is James Tynion and Chris Bachalo)
    Covers – Bachalo, Sienkiewicz on variants

    The Time Trapper isn’t a person. The Time Trapper is a force, a personification of entropy, a cosmic being.

    Many people have been the avatar of the Trapper from a Controller to Rokk Krinn. But anyone can be The Trapper if the universe deems it necessary.
    In this anthology series of three issue arcs, anyone can be the Trapper – a hero, a villain, even someone like you! This book will look into the dusty corners of the DCU from the galactic to the horrific, all while the universe decays.

  3. I dont have a full pitch for thantagar but MAYBE THE unstable nature of HAWKMAN/ thantagar Explains the untable nature of the universe itself?
    Maybe the planet itself is alive?
    Maybe Doctor Sivina, Joker,creeper, ultra the multi alien and lobo figure this out? Big fight to control muliverse!

  4. Fun episode – you guys have great chemistry! Ever podcast together before?

    And now I finally want to read a story about Tellus!

  5. I really liked some of Bass’ ideas and might buy some of them if I cared about the characters at all. This issue of Who’s Who has to be the least exciting issue of the original series.

  6. Thanks for another terrific issue, sorry I’ve missed some commenting lately, I think you’ve been coming out during my rare holidays.

    Looking into my Who’s Who Omnibus to follow along with the show I was most upset to find that Taz wasn’t in there. Darn licensing, I’d forgotten the vanishing Atari Force business.

    If I had to buy one book from Siskoid, it would be the Last Legion. I like the idea about leadership, but how would Sensor Girl fit in… She would be most fitting, as a princess and a longtime legionnaire, but the other new members don’t know who they’re working alongside.

    As for Bass, I would buy his Tellus book in a heartbeat.

    Hurrah to Siskoid for giving us some Hyathis talk, this queen of characters deserves her own show on the network. Or even her own network… anyone for the Hyathis and Mavis Trent Network?

    I bought Thriller as it was coming out and loved it! Even the issue that followed the loss of Robert Loren Fleming and Trevor Von Eeden were worthwhile.

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