Who’s Editing #24: Not Calling It the Ultraverse

Siskoid FINALLY welcomes the Esteemed Rob Kelly to submit a line of books based on Who's Who #24, an issue that includes two of his favorite characters - Tomahawk and Ultra the Multi-Alien! On Siskoid's side of things, a bleak future for DC Publishing inspires an odd line of books!

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Bonus clip: Alex Ross on Uncle Sam (on his YouTube channel).

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12 responses to “Who’s Editing #24: Not Calling It the Ultraverse

  1. Man, I listened through this entire show, and not once did Rob say “Ultra the Multi-Alien” properly. My crest has fallen and it cannot get up…

    More seriously, though, I liked Rob’s idea about Ultraboy – because I came up with a similar scenario way back in the day when I was reading Legion and there was a story arc in which Ultraboy, suffering from amnesia, fell in with a band of space pirates. I thought it would have been great to run with this idea, i.e., have Ultraboy split off from the Legion with a few other members in tow (including Phantom Girl, of course) to form a group of spacefaring adventurers who don’t always follow the rules and are not adverse to, say, using firearms when necessary.

  2. Just to answer the question of whether John K. Snyder III would have been available at the time: He started his career at Eclipse Comics around 1985/86, working on a feature titled “Fashion in Action” as a back-up in Tim Truman’s “Scout” series and a couple of one-shot specials. So you could have gotten him for your series…

  3. Great discussion. Always good to hear the F&W creators podcasting together. Loved Rob’s Ultra The Multi-Alien idea with the back-ups!

    As always, my monthly one book. I have had this idea in my head for a while and then Rob basically did a comedy version of it for his bonus book. But here it is.

    DCU Law & Order
    Written by Ed Brubaker
    Art by Michael Lark

    Tim Trench is a hard-nosed old school police detective assigned to the high end super-villain cases. Superheroes don’t have to obey the laws. They don’t need warrants to get evidence. They don’t need to read Miranda rights. Trench’s job is to prove that a legal way to obtain the evidence to keep the villains arrested would have been inevitable making the illegal arrest now legal. He is always neck deep in the scum of villainy, ‘in the trench’ as it were.

    Once Trench has secured the case, he turns it over to Assistant District Attorney Tom. O. Hawk, the DA with an ax to grind. Hawk knows the world would be a better place with the villain’s behind bars but the convoluted legal system makes it hard for charges to stick, especially when you throw in vigilantes. He’ll do his best to see justice done.

    The elevator pitch is to put Law & Order, probably in the Benjamin Bratt/Sam Waterston era, into the DCU. 4 issue arcs, 2 on the police side, 2 on the prosecution. You can switch out the heroes/villains as much as you want. One month Penguin/Batman, the next Toyman/Suoerman, after that The Brain/Doom Patrol. Brubaker and Lark are gritty enough to bring it all to life.

  4. There’s clearly a reason you two are All-Stars. This was great. I especially love both Uncle Sams and Rob’s Two-Face. Siskoid, you may want to check out “How To Fight Presidents,” by Daniel O’Brien. It’s actual history (plus some flights of fancy), but it isn’t too far off from what you envisioned. And it’s really funny.

  5. Great show, Siskoid and Rob! The Uncle Sam and the Dead Presidents is a great idea. Can’t wait to see William Taft and Grover Cleveland kicking ass! I have to say I’m stunned neither of you pitched a Tomahawk comic that always has an awesome George Perez cover with the Justice League and then the inside is a Tomahawk story drawn by Don Heck and Vince Colletta.

  6. In listening to this and the talk about Tomahawk and his Rangers (no, I’m not joinng), my dream concept for this character involves just two words:

    Tim Truman.

    My only editor’s instructions to the creator of Wilderness, Straight Up to See the Sky and Alan Eckert’s Tecumseh, would be to drop these characters into history, the kind that Truman so gloriously displays.

  7. Pardon me chaps, I’m terribly late to the party, I missed this episode dropping. I’m so glad I finally came across it because it was a joy to be found. What a weird collection of characters, a million points for dealing with all the ultras. I’d buy Siskoid’s Gary Concord, but would campaign for the return of the Golden Age costume.

    As for Rob’s imaginings, sign me up for Two-Face, Attorney at Law…but who would be info gatherer/runaround researcher… what DO you call those people law firms employ? Doiby Dickles? Harvey Dent? (Harvey and Harvey!)

    It’s just hit me… is Dan Hunter a play on Manhunter?

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