Who’s Editing #25: Our Worlds at War

Needing to reimagine the Warlord issue of Who's Who (vol. XXV), Siskoid invites experts Ruth and Darrin Sutherland of the RAD Adventures Network to the show for another round of elevator pitching and reinvention!

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Theme: "Révolution" by Les Sherpas.

Bonus clip: Tom King interview on the Robots Fighting Monkeys YouTube channel.

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4 responses to “Who’s Editing #25: Our Worlds at War

  1. This was a banner episode of Who’s Editing?. Siskoid, that might be the most engaging and versatile of all the overarching storylines we’ve heard on the show, and I want to read about your characters and all those different cultures and worlds. Ruth and Darrin, I’ve told you before that I agree with what people say: You’re the nicest people in comics podcasting. You might also be the most charming. And I thought your ideas were terrifically compelling. You have a very straightforward sense of adventure that reminds me of James Bond and Indiana Jones — two of my favorites. Your ideas just sound like fun. Thanks for a very enjoyable hour!

  2. Just a fantastic episode. I saw who was in this issue and thought ‘this one is tough’ but everyone really submitted great books.

    For my dollars, Ruth’s ‘Wing’ book sounded great and Darrin’s ‘Wildcat’ book both would be buys. I really liked your Feline Furies book as well Siskoid.

    I always post by book and before listening, I had come up with a Wildcat book that sounds pretty close to Darrin’s. Ted’s hands are broken by some mobsters when he refuses to take a fall. He is taken in by Richard Dragon and Dragon’s new associate, Yolanda Montez. Under his tutelage and maybe with some mystic help, Ted’s hands and spirits are healed. He decides to take on the mob as Wildcat. Think the classic Film Noir movie ‘The Set-Up’ meets O’Neil’s The Question meets Sons of the Dragon.

    But I can’t suggest that one because Darrin’s is so much like it. So instead …

    Creators; Rotating

    Leaning into the classic feel of letter writing and reader voting, readers can submit a superhero/villain fight they always wanted to see. A sort of ‘who would win if so-and-so and so-and-so fought’ running book, fueled by reader suggestions. The reader whose suggestion was picked would get a name drop in the issue somewhere, a sort of street cred. And we would finally see such things like ‘who would win Lady Shiva versus Legion’s Karate Kid’ or ‘who would win Mr. Freeze vs. Heat Wave’.

    We all have these dream fights in our head … so why not unleash the fury.

    I even have an idea where the annuals are 4 page vignettes of the last year’s fights where we see the fallout and perhaps hint if a rematch is going to happen.

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