Who’s Editing #4: O Captain, My Captain

Fire and Water Presents: Who's Editing Episode 4! Siskoid made Max Traver open Who's Who: The Definitive Directory of the DC Universe #4 and... it drove one of them mad! It's true! Both 'casters imagine a line of books based solely (and obligatorily) on the heroes found within, ad one of them isn't walking out with his sanity intact. Or perhaps the show can be cathartic. Join us for the podcasting exorcism, won't you?

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Theme: "Révolution" by Les Sherpas.

Bonus clips: "Quantum Leap Theme" by Mike Post; Newsarama NYCC 2012 interview with Geoff Johns.

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  1. DC’s September 2020 solicitations

    ABEL #4
    written by NALO HOPKINSON
    cover by STUART SAYGER
    Held captive in a locked room within the House of Mystery, Abel is forced to relive the last night in the life of his brother Cain before his being ritually sacrificed. Meanwhile, Qābīl plots the execution of Eve in anticipation of the Erinyes’ misdirected vengeance, as Matthew the Raven looks on…
    ON SALE 09.02.20
    $3.99 US | 32 PAGES
    AGES 17+

    art by KHOI PHAM
    cover by LUKE DAAB
    ATARI FORCE tie-in!While still struggling to reach Rann without the benefit of a Zeta Beam, Adam has a chance encounter with Captain Comet that triggers a retrospective of their past, often adversarial encounters. Strange always resented the “post-human” mutant Blake’s condescending super-intelligence and skepticism about his intimate relationship with the Rannians, but now he values both in his personal war. Since DOOMSDAY CLOCK, Blake has recovered memories from his past lives, and has distanced himself from The Wanderers. The Oort-Kind easily persuaded the inquisitive Blake to engage in an investigation of the recent cosmic disruptions, but nostalgia for his long abandoned home world compels Blake to allow for a brief distraction with Strange. An off-hand reference to the 1996 Olympics may even afford Blake a valuable clue…
    ON SALE 09.02.20
    $3.99 US | 32 PAGES
    FC | DC

    written by DHONIELLE CLAYTON
    art by CRASH LANDEN
    Hoppy the Marvel Bunny escorts Felina to the Rock of Eternity in hopes of determining the cause of her failing magical powers. Once there, she is confronted by Captains Carrot, plural. Is this a multiversal clash of Earth-26, Earth-C and Prime Earth’s scarred K-Rot, or simply a manifestation of Felina’s personal crisis of faith in herself? Which would be worse?
    ON SALE 09.23.20
    $3.99 US | 32 PAGES

    written by NAIF AL-MUTAWA
    cover by ALEX HORLEY
    Eastern Turkey hosts a special guest, Catman, who arrives to observe and protect the recent find of Caspian tigers thought extinct for nearly two decades. Amazing-Man joins Blake on his expedition, and while at first taken aback by Thomas’ naturist tendencies, is soon forced to address long suppressed feelings. The mood is shattered when Captain Boomerang makes the scene, paid handsomely by a private collector to secure the Caspians…
    ON SALE 09.09.20
    $3.99 US | 32 PAGES
    FC | DC
    This issue will ship with three covers.

    written by KEITH GIFFEN & J.M. DEMATTEIS
    art by RONAN CLIQUET
    cover by PAT BRODERICK
    The crazypants previous Ambush Bug, Irwin Schwab, swore to anybody who’d listen to him in Arkham Asylum that he’d once joined Superman on a trip to the 30th Century, where he took on a team of incompetent bunglers he dubbed “The Legion of Substitute Heroes.” Tyson Aikens thought it was a particularly amusing episode in Schwab’s useless casefiles of delusion… Except a kid in a green Barney costume with a twig growing out of his fool head and his partner, the rare non-Confederate statue, just showed up in Houma. Now Tyson’s Irwin-sense is tingling (eww,) and The Wall wants this cleared up before Swamp Thing gets riled or something. However, Chlorophyll Kid turns out to be no joke, especially in this environment, so our Bug better hope he doesn’t end up composted!
    ON SALE 09.16.20
    $3.99 US | 32 PAGES
    FC | DC

    art by BRET BLEVINS
    cover by WALTER GEOVANI
    As the Payson Maxwell Antagon and Metaman battle over the jungles of Tanzania, Aquagirl struggles to help Tristess control her new abilities as the Beastmistress. Meanwhile, the chaos has drawn the attention of Amazing-Man, Blockbuster, and Catman, but then again, Thomas Blake’s form attracts the attention of the ladies right back…
    ON SALE 09.02.20
    $3.99 US | 32 PAGES
    FC | DC

    written by SCOTT SNYDER
    art & cover by GREG CAPULLO and JONATHAN GLAPION
    card stock foil cover by GREG CAPULLO and JONATHAN GLAPION
    1:25 variant cover by PATRICK GLEASON
    1:100 black and white variant cover by GREG CAPULLO and JONATHAN GLAPION
    A DC Comics/Dynamite Entertainment co-production! In the absence of New Gods’ influence, the worlds they once colonized have not found freedom, but instead served as launch points for the expanding dominion of an unknown menace. As surrounding planets fall into chaos and nomadic extraterrestrial bands seek refuge on “free” worlds, Captain Comet’s investigation into the rising threat has led him to the Atari U-Verse. Back on Earth, Rushertom, Agent X, Tomorrow Hardtack, Charley Chuck & Frisky Tom have located the first piece of the urn. However, not everyone will reach the second story of the Haunted House alive! Elsewhere, the land of the Northern Reaches is beset by Centipedes, so King Philipe tasks Tarra and Torr to rise to the defense, aided by the towering hunchback Bertram. Finally, Ezekial Vicker & Smiley arrive at the Kingdom of Dom the Pious, but run afoul of a one-eyed captain of bladesmen…
    ON SALE 09.09.20
    $4.99 US | 32 PAGES
    FC | DC
    This issue will ship with three covers.
    Please see the order form for details.

    ATOMIC #4
    written by TOM KING
    art by RAGS MORALES
    cover by BUZZ
    On the trail of Shadowspire, Atom Smasher and Damage pay a visit to the Balkan nation of Pan Balgravia. They instead find that the cult of Kobra has courted the barony, and their agent Deborah Domaine is gathering a new strike force to join the European conflict. Back in the States, Colonel Tomorrow introduces Ray Palmer to astronauts codenamed Jon ST-94 and Kris HCG-50. Ray is wary of their being sent up while pregnant as a publicity stunt for the Space Force to claim the “first American born on another planet!” In Ivytown, Ryan Choi confronts his friend Thomas Dinawa about his relationship to both Dwarfstar and Black Manta. Finally, the embattled Department of Metahuman Affairs moves against the C.B.I., and Jack Chase may get caught in the intra-agency crossfire.
    ON SALE 09.02.20
    $3.99 US | 4 OF 12 | 32 PAGES
    FC | DC

    written by CHUCK DIXON
    art & cover by GRAHAM NOLAN
    cover by STEVE OTT
    CONQUEST OF THE BARON EARTH TIE-IN! The Knights are joined in a humanitarian mission to wartorn Kasnia by the “original” Challengers of the Unknown, though they seem pretty spry for an outfit with over sixty years of history. Perhaps not spry enough, as this is the team’s final challenge to meet, and Grayle’s men will be lucky to avoid joining them in the great beyond when Chemo proves far more than the two teams are equipped for…
    ON SALE 09.23.20
    $3.99 US | 32 PAGES
    FC | DC

    BABE #3
    Written by MARK RUSSELL
    art by SETH DAMOOSE
    cover by ADAM DeKRAKER
    Broot and Babe discover that the shy BEM that’s been spying on them from the edges of the internment camp is a lot more than he seemed, and that the disguised Durlan may just have a grander mission than they could have ever imagined in mind for them once they manage to break free from A.C.E.
    ON SALE 09.23.20
    $3.99 US | 32 PAGES
    FC | DC

    BATWOMAN #102
    written by MARIKO TAMAKI
    art by TYLER BOSS
    cover by GUILLEM MARCH
    SOCIETY OF SHADOWS TIE-IN! Batwoman left the Calendar Man bound up on the roof of a police station like a present for the GCPD. Most people hadn’t even heard of her yet back then, and few remember the early episode, but Julian Day will never forget. It was September 17th; a Sunday. Dates are kind of his thing. Batman’s gone again, and with the League of Assassins executing the rogues of Gotham, Julian figures that he may not have much time left to mark himself down as a red letter Day. His approach to reinserting himself into Batwoman’s agenda must be very memorable, and very… specific. He’ll don his old costume with… modifications. A fresh approach. Replace the pages in his cape with absorbent napkins. Calculate the exact right time of the month to strike. Dip tampons in nitroglycerine. The reservoir tip of his crimson cowl must take on a whole new meaning. The Calendar Man has 28 days to make sure a month never passes again that Batwoman doesn’t think of him for the rest of her life… or at least midlife. We like to call this one… “Antiflow!”
    ON SALE 09.16.20
    $3.99 US | 32 PAGES
    FC | DC

    Written By BRIAN LYNCH
    Beast Boy / Changeling Flip Covers By ALEX GARCIA
    Variant Cover By CRAIG HAMILTON
    1:25 TEEN TITANS GO! variant cover by CRAIG ROUSSEAU
    The star of TV’s TEEN TITANS GO! and TITANS in his first-ever ongoing solo series! Garfield Logan is many things (you immediately thought “pest,”) but “crybaby” isn’t one of them! Traumatized by the events in Africa that gave him his powers, and twice orphaned by natural and adoptive parents, Gar nevertheless takes things in stride. With his ability to shape-shift into any animal, Gar has always been the grinning adventurer on his many super-teams! However, one past membership has begun to haunt him, the team he abandoned to a grim fate, The Ravagers. Gar has been having visions through the eyes of a surrogate “Beast Boy,” placed in deadly (hunger?) games and tormented with experiments… to strengthen the power in metahumans and cull the weaker among them. Gar was starting to think that he was going crackers, until the psychic Raven confirmed that she was receiving similar visions. Project N.O.W.H.E.R.E. would love to get their grubby hands on a young super-team like the Teen Titans, and Gar won’t risk his longtime friends to suffer the fate of his lost ones. This time, Beast Boy will have to go it alone, with potential Doom awaiting him (see what we did there?)

    Changeling debuts in the return of DC’s co-feature program! Tau Manitoba was the orphaned infant son of C’Tanga Manitoba, the so-called Lion of Hell. A brutal despot, President C’Tanga of D’Mulla was killed by the Earth-Two Vixen. Back in Africa, Tau grew up in the shadow of atrocities committed by an infamous father he never knew. Though eventually captured alongside Gar Logan by The Colony, young Tau himself did not appear to have powers. It was because of his distant relation to Mari Jiwi McCabe that he was experimented upon by Harvest, with the goal of using Tau’s “wasted” genetic material to augment others. Through Tau’s bone marrow, Beast Boy made a temporary connection to The Red. Once allowed to develop his own connection to The Red in Gar’s absence, Tau’s inborn ties to the morphogenetic field finally manifested. Able to control mammals and mimic the traits and abilities of animals within a twenty mile radius, Changeling seeks to free himself and his fellow subjects before the next Culling!
    ON SALE 09.16.20
    $3.99 US | 32 PAGES
    FC | DC
    This issue will ship with three covers.
    Please see the order form for details.

    written by KELLY SUE DeCONNICK
    art by PETER NGUYEN
    cover by RAGS MORALES
    Don’t tell the Birds of Prey, but Dinah may just like Helena Wayne more than her counterpart back home. Black Canary’s powers have developed enormously in her short time training with The Society, and she is amazed at how much healing of her heart they’ve inspired. As survivors of a devastating war with Apokolips, the Society fully supports Dinah’s preparations for their next encounter. In turn, Black Canary has proven a stalwart teammate, and her stories of “Prime Earth” enchant all who hear them.
    It’s enough to make socialite Priscilla Rich want to wretch. In the old world, she was one of the most feared and respected influencers. While no one suspected her secret collaboration with the forces of Apokolips, this more “just” society created on a second “Earth” had stripped Rich of most of her fortune and power over others. But Rich had located a smugglers’ haven of underground passages on a cliff-side forest just outside of town… the sort of sprawling estate that had once been Rich’s own. As Rich became more psychologically unstable, feline enhancements provided through Steppenwolf toward the goal of eventually marking her as a Female Fury have begun to manifest. The Cheetah would like to put all the women of the Society in their proper place, under her heel, but she’ll begin with the easiest prey… the insufferable interloper Black Canary!
    ON SALE 09.16.20
    $3.99 US | 32 PAGES
    FC | DC

    written by KAMI GARCIA
    art by JASON BADOWER
    cover by CHRIS SAMNEE
    With Gotham City having become so fatally inhospitable, The Cavalier has stolen his way into town, intending to have a gay old time. Tanner thinks the rogue is photogenic enough to serve as an Orchid foe for his newscast, but the surprise is on our reluctant heroine when it turns out Captain Stingaree is a plus one ready to prune her!
    ON SALE 09.09.20
    $3.99 US | 32 PAGES
    FC | DC

    written by RAVEN GREGORY
    cover by PAT BRODERICK
    Years ago, “Cameron Scott” and Project Atom exploited Ted Kord’s desire for connection to the Blue Beetle legacy, with a lie that provided a cover story for their spy within the Justice League International. Recently, “Ted Kord” exploited Jaime Reyes’ desire for normalcy to abscond with the Blue Beetle alien exo-suit. Now, Captain Atom offers Jaime a legacy costume and the opportunity to confront his seemingly wayward predecessor. However, Booster Gold warns that not all of the players are who they appear to be, and “Captain Adam” seems awfully chummy with a government that is currently persecuting Jamie’s family.
    ON SALE 09.09.20
    $3.99 US | 32 PAGES
    FC | DC

    written by ELLIOTT SERRANO
    art by KEVIN SHARPE
    cover by MINDY LEE
    CONQUEST OF THE BARON EARTH TIE-IN! Santi was about ready to drive his trident through Wayne Tarrant’s chest even before he invoked Gilliam, as if the shoot needed any more bad karma. I mean, whoever heard of a sudden blizzard in Southern California in late summer? But things only get worse with the renewed tradition of a classic Flash rogue becoming an early adversary in the career of a new Blue Devil. Somehow, Captain Cold is under the impression that Neron, the demon who once got all the Rogues killed and stole their souls, was coming back to claim Dan Cassidy’s infernal shed skinsuit. Now why would Baron Winters go and put an idea like that in his head?
    ON SALE 09.16.20
    $3.99 US | 32 PAGES
    FC | DC

    written by ERICA SCHULTZ
    art by GENE GONZALES
    cover by ALEX ROSS
    Card Stock Variant Cover by JAY ANACLETO
    SOCIETY OF SHADOWS TIE-IN! With wanton violence and the threat of a gang war, it must be a Tuesday in Gotham City. The Batman is missing in action again, so make that a Wednesday. There’s no love lost between the Dark Knight and Gotham’s underworld, but at least he understood the basics. Now there’s another host of wannabes making a mess of everything trying to take his place. Worse, the League of Assassins are set to “cleanse” the city, and they’re making strategic hits against key mobsters and lunatic rogues. So, Thursday? The Gotham mafia needs a unifying figure– someone to run things while the heat’s on. A person who won’t be unduly biased or tip the scales untenably in their own favor. Someone who can regulate the goofball vigilantes and won’t be intimidated by the geeks loose from Arkham. And if that someone has a giant bullseye on their back with the al-Ghūl people, better they won’t be overly missed in the long run. Whether she likes it or not, Selina Kyle is about to be confirmed as the Padrina Feline…
    ON SALE 09.16.20
    $5.99 US | 48 PAGES
    FC | DC
    This issue will ship with two covers.
    Please see the order form for details.

    written by JON RIVERA
    art and cover by BARNABY BAGENDA and ROMULO FAJARDO JR.
    Retro Challengers variant cover by DARWYN COOKE

    The Challengers of the Unknown may not be the most powerful heroes around, but they’re certainly, ironically, the longest lived. By 1957, most of the wartime heroes were dead or retired, and the Blackhawk Squadron were among the few struggling to manage threats beyond the abilities of standard defense forces. What luck that skilled specialists Ace Morgan, Red Ryan, Rocky Davis, and “Prof” Haley survived a near-fatal plane crash and, living on “borrowed time,” chose to become Challengers of the Unknown. Eventually joined by June Robbins, they mounted explorations and faced down monstrosities until entering semi-retirement in 1978.Continuing as media celebrities until the tragedy at Challengers Mountain, the founding team quietly left the public eye before passing on.

    Then in 1997, successors arose from Clay Brody’s reality television “Challengers,” at least for a few years. A third group formed out of a terrorist attack in 2004. In modern times, clones of the original members created by Project Cadmus have served alongside the likes of Superman and the Doom Patrol. However, following a disastrous trip to Kasnia, positions are now open to form a new incarnation.

    With Team Carson once again short of funds, fresh investment from the Department for Scientific Investigation is welcomed. With a recent explosion of always problematic “mad science” and the reputation of S.T.A.R. Labs diminished with authoritarian zeal, D.S.I. head Dr. Darwin Jones has identified a growing need for outside supervision of scientific abuses. Having licensed the Challengers branding, famed spelunker and bearer of a cybernetic eye Calvin “Cave” Carson seems ideal to spearhead field operations.

    In a world without a Superman, Metropolis has had about enough public shaming from former photojournalist James “Jimmy” Olsen. Following a misguided attempt to befriend The Thunder Family, Olsen is ready to be the change he wants to see, while bringing with him an untrained physical dynamism and the wealth of outlandish knowledge that comes with having been Superman’s Pal.

    Likewise, Renee Montoya is tired of being defined by her proximity to masked vigilantes, or conforming to the expectations of boys’ clubs like the Gotham City Police Department. She’s ready to become an outspoken public advocate and role model, putting her deductive mind and fighting skills to their greater test yet. Besides, Rex seems to be taken with her, and you tend to rely on the judgment of a Wonder Dog.

    The current economy isn’t much more supportive of private investigators than it was newspaper staff, leaving the O’Day and Simeon Detective Agency in chapter 11, and freeing Angel O’Day to join the Challengers. Her highly intelligent talking gorilla partner Sam Simeon isn’t as enthused about the opportunity, but is drawn into Angel’s operations out of an abundance of concern.

    Christopher Chance was the world’s preeminent personal security specialist and a master impersonator until his highly specialized skill set triggered a nervous breakdown. At the urging of his therapist, the so-called “Human Target” needs the opportunity to be redefined in action and the through the unbiased perceptions of teammates.

    Finally, the muscle. After Dr. Jones refused to tolerate any of Cave Carson’s more felonious associates, Darwin had recommended to him former athlete and Supermen of America member Maxwell Williams. Able to enhance one physical ability to super-human levels at a time, the cybernetic enhancement that makes him “Maximum” also compromises him as LexCorps’ mole within the group.

    While pushing back against demands of oversight from a Senator Warfield, the D.S.I.’s resident hacker Jack Marshall has secured from her computer files the new Challengers’ debut mission. The Campus in Maryland has been operating since 1947, sending teenage runaways into extraordinary suicide scenarios against extradimensional threats with the most advanced technology. It’s all in the name of science, even though Robert Quinlan lacks a single recognized degree and has a body count of “Lab Rats” to his name into the triple-digits. Can the Challengers stop this travesty, and more worrying, should they?
    ON SALE 09.30.20
    $3.99 US | 32 PAGES
    FC | DC
    This issue will ship with two covers.
    Please see the order form for details.

    written by PETER J. TOMASI
    art and cover by SERGIO DAVILA
    card stock variant cover by TIM SHINN
    In Markovia, the pirate Captain Fear once again terrorizes the sea, and since his near-fatal encounter with Katana, he now has his ancestor’s ghost crew at his command. How will Black Lightning fare in a rematch, this time all alone? Baroness Bedlam is dispatched to Poland in hopes of convincing Captain Nazi and Madame Libertine of her family’s historical loyalties. However, Baron Blitzkrieg himself is soon present to offer no less than The Final Reich, and the Baroness may be lucky to escape with her life. Where ideology falters, there’s always currency, as De Lamb Chemicals discreetly hires The Calculator to begin assembling a new incarnation of the Masters of Disaster. Baron Winters finally establishes a minor stronghold in Vlatava, a place of great necromantic energy following its total genocide by The Spectre. Gathered alongside him are Baron Sunday, former Metropolis hounganglord; Gothamite mad scientist Baron von Rakenstein; and Baron Tyrano with his energy duplicates.
    ON SALE 09.09.20
    $3.99 US | 3 OF 12 | 32 PAGES
    FC | DC
    This issue will ship with two covers.
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    art and cover by FRANCIS PORTELA
    card stock variant cover by ERNIE COLÓN
    With Commander Kilg-9 still in a medically-induced coma, it’s up to Chon Adams and Hadru Jamik to arrest a remaining leaking tankard of TNC-00 aboard the Medusa Chain. Is the inexperienced “Chemical Kid” up to such a challenge, and what happens if the Earthians catch its scent? Meanwhile, in the year 3020, Tom Prentice arranges a meeting at Futrelle Industries with his old friends Jules & Joan, regarding a newly delivered prophesy surrounding their now adult daughter, Arzhur…
    ON SALE 09.23.20
    $3.99 US | 3 OF 25 |32 PAGES
    FC | DC
    This issue will ship with two covers.
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    written by JOSHUA WILLIAMSON
    art by HOWARD PORTER
    cover by GABRIEL HARDMAN
    Celsia solo variant cover by STEVE LIGHTLE
    Doom Patrol card stock variant cover by RICHARD SALA

    The dreams continue to haunt Arani Desai, of past lives ending in fire and horror. And always, Niles Caulder is there. The brilliant scientist who had saved her from exposure and starvation on the streets of Calcutta in the 1960s. Almost as brilliant a manipulator, responsible for the grotesque transformation and ultimate madness of her father. For decades, she adored the lie that was Niles Caulder, thanks to the immortality formula he’d gifted her. All those years honing her martial abilities and emerging powers to generate extreme heat and cold in a remote monastery. Physically barely a woman, and despite Niles clearly not wanting her any longer, he made sure to leave her where no other man would have her. Eventually, she gave up on this fixation on her first love, seemingly, but developed his passion for the unfortunate. Well, the superhuman unfortunate. The castoffs that she could shape into the heroes of India. Only then did Niles suddenly return to her life, taking an interest in her doomed untouchable metahumans. His flattery and attentions led her to the United States, serving on one of his accurately if derivatively named Doom Patrols. The Crime Syndicate created the opportunity, and her seduction of Joshua Clay offered a co-conspirator, their deaths faked to escape Caulder’s abuses. The ruse only lasted so long, but enough that Celsia could finally reclaim The Doomed.

    QynytyQ, whose medical expertise and military training are almost as valuable as his energy blasts and flight.
    Maya, the proclaimed reincarnation of Shiva, with her elemental powers and energy bow.
    Reiser, a former S.T.A.R Labs intern infected with spores from Doomsday that transformed him into a rocky monster.
    Aruna, a shapeshifter from the slums of Madras.
    Aalak of the Komeriah, the dimensionally displaced elephantman from the BattleLands.
    Caulder is back to his dirty old tricks, trying once again to gather a new Doom Patrol, but “The Chief Revenge Squad” are about ready to settle scores with the bastard. That is, if the menaces of India will afford them the free time…
    ON SALE 09.30.20
    $3.99 US | 32 PAGES
    FC | DC
    This issue will ship with three covers.
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    written by BRAD MELTZER
    art & cover by GIOVANNI TIMPANO
    Dismembered feet routinely wash up on shores all over the world. It’s true. The ankle is the weakest joint in the human body, so that as the dead of the sea decompose, they just sort of pop off. It’s even worse if the shoe’s still on it, because that acts like a flotation device to send them bobbing along. Nothing nefarious there, but how the bodies end up in the drink? A sea captain knows that you have to accept a certain level of moral relativism when you’re sailing on international waters under the flag of some failed, corrupt micro-nation. But if you’re going to talk people into packing themselves onto a boat for a month, they have to be made to believe that there’s some kind of law protecting them. These days, every little mishap ends up on social media, and your cruise lines are going to be lucky to survive environmental impact reports and pandemic exile as it is. If an outfit like Penny Steamship is going to make it through the next year, they’re going to need a man like Mark Compass to sort out the sordid seas… New York Times Best Seller Author Brad Meltzer returns to comics with a dark mystery take on a classic DC property!
    ON SALE 09.22.20
    $3.99 US | 32 PAGES | FC

    S.T.A.R. SQUADRON #4
    written by PETER J. TOMASI
    art by JORGE JIMENEZ
    cover by ROB HAYNES
    Steel variant cover by CRAIG CERMAK
    Vibe card stock variant cover by DAVE GROTE JR.
    Vibe, Vixen, Gypsy and Steel visit Detroit’s S.T.A.R. Labs facility to check in on Vic Stone’s rehabilitation, and he has a surprise for them! Perhaps his new construct is what has The Cadre calling? Even with Elongated Man, Mera, Bloodwynd, Zatanna, and Nightrunner sent in as reinforcements, will the Squadron be enough to repel Black Mass, Crowbar, Devastator, Druid, Fastball, Mahayogi, Mohammed Ibu Borne, Musashi, Nightfall, Osiris, Phalanx, Seneca, Shatterfist, Starshrike, The Immortal, & Xiuhtecutli? Frankly, yes, of course. However, where the Cadre go, the Overmaster usually follows, and that could mean Judgment Day upon Earth!
    ON SALE 09.02.20
    $3.99 US | 32 PAGES
    FC | DC
    This issue will ship with three covers.
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    written by NAOISE DOLAN
    art by TULA LOTAY
    cover by ELIZA IVANOVA
    Alena was adopted when she was four years old, and has no memory of her early life in Russia. She wonders if something happened to her there, or if she was just born different. Did her parents make a mistake bringing her into their home? She doesn’t give them much to be proud of, when she bothers to get out of bed at all. Or the nights that she does, and then the regrets come. The parts of herself that she tries to cut out through her flesh– but it’s still inside when she lashes out at others. No one ever did anything to her, so why does she get so, so, so angry that she just can’t stop sometimes. The drugs help. Not always the ones you get with a prescription, though. The doctors? Less. But somehow, in spite of, maybe because of all the craziness, people still care about her. And ironically, you don’t just take in a crazy commie girl without some money in the bank. She’s got her sailing team, the one place where she’s in total control, with the accolades to prove it. But she has to do it clean, and somehow still survive when she’s back on shore. And she will, because it’s the only way to get the place where she’s whole… where she’s invincible.
    ON SALE 11.03.20
    $16.99 US | 200 PAGES | 6″ x 9″ | FC | DC
    DC Graphic Novels For Young Adults
    ISBN: 978-1-4012-9639-1

    cover by TOM MANDRAKE
    In the 1980s, Roy Thomas and the late Don Newton successfully pitched DC Comics on the then-controversial decision to reintroduce the only superhero to ever outsell Superman in the Golden Age, Captain Marvel, under a new name and race. Despite protests from a conservative fanbase, the creators and DC recognized the need for an African-American hero of comparable power and prestige as the Man of Steel. Though the title struggled in its early years, DC stood by Captain Thunder, and maintained his central role in their universe. Integrity paid off when, following the 1989 blockbuster Batman and an inability to relaunch the cinematic Superman, rising star Denzel Washington fronted a second stellar DC movie franchise as Captain Thunder (also starring Marques Houston as Billy Batson, Brandon Adams as Commander Freedom, Brandy Norwood as Captain Marvel, and Steve Buscemi as Dr. Sivana!) In retrospect, it would have been terrible to leave Captain Marvel as another old-timey peckerwood in a whitebread universe of pathetic representation who’s treated like a squinty simpleton, except when you need somebody to magic-punch a Kryptonian. If DC had done that, he’d be the fourth Google hit under “Shazam” in an excruciating movie outperformed by Ang Lee’s Hulk in adjusted dollars that continues to prop up white superiority, starring a mugging idiot Caucasoid actor (with a problematic social media presence) and token representation by Lieutenant Marvels in the third act. This omnibus collects Shazam: The New Beginning #1-4, Captain Thunder #1-43, Shazam Family #1-8, and Secret Origins #3, plus an all-new introduction by Roy Thomas and an afterword by series editor Mike Gold.
    ON SALE 09.16.20
    $150.00 US | 1,536 PAGES
    FC | ISBN: 978-1779502568

    TIGRESS #1
    written by TED NAIFEH
    cover by RAFA SANDOVAL
    variant cover by EDDY NEWELL
    SOCIETY OF SHADOWS TIE-IN! When word hits the streets that Catwoman has been made the new head of Gotham’s mobs, no one knows better how deep underwater she is than Helena Rosa Bertinelli, orphaned daughter of a mafia Don. There’s no way Selina Kyle is going to navigate the intricacies of La Cosa Nostra and all the outside agitators without the help of the former Huntress. That said, a known vigilante can’t act as Kyle’s confidant and enforcer either, so Bertinelli will have to become a replacement Catwoman, of a sort. She’s allergic to feline dander and can’t swing a cat o’nine tails to save her single life, but perhaps with a change of wardrobe and some coaching, Bertinelli may just be able to pull off the con that is… The Tigress!
    ON SALE 09.30.20
    $3.99 US | 32 PAGES
    FC | DC
    This issue will ship with two covers.
    Please see the order form for details.

    written by ALEX de CAMPI
    art by PHIL CHO
    cover by ED BENES
    SOCIETY OF SHADOWS TIE-IN! “She’s like the Cheshire Cat– all smiles at first, but as soon as there’s trouble, she’s vanished.” Jade Nguyen was barely a teenager, recently escaped from human traffickers and newly married to the “Spitting Cobra,” when Sara Lance offered this stinging assessment to the League of Assassins. Lance ran from the League shortly afterward, but Cheshire never lived down the comment. Until recently, Sara had convinced her trainers that she had been stabbed to death by Bronze Tiger, but now Ben Turner had located her in Gotham City for answers. Cheshire is unconcerned about whys and wherefores; only her poison claws, teleportation bracelets, and a mercenary team hellbent on serving revenge. Between Lance, Turner, and Cassandra Cain, Cheshire faces three of the greatest living martial artists. Even still, Mayhem will ensue…
    ON SALE 09.09.20
    $3.99 US | 32 PAGES
    FC | DC

    1. Like, I want Frank on the show some day, but he’s going to have to do an issue of Marvel Universe, because he’s way too deep into his own continuity at this point!

      1. Yeah, I can see that.

        On the other hand, what if DC just gave him an imprint like they did with Gerard Way? I don’t know if the books would sell, but it would be an idea factory for movie and tv projects the way Ultimates (to a lesser degree) was for Marvel. I mean, you could honestly say that about every episode of this podcast, but he’s using the premise to build an entire universe over time. It’s obsessive, but also impressive.

        1. Though it’s not true of every show, this reminds me of Who’s Who, where the comments section was a big part of what made the podcast an enjoyable experience, so I consider it one of the core elements the Network was built on.

          1. I’ve avoided general commenting because I already take up too much space here, but since I dumped the “solicits” all in one spot, I figure I’ve got a small window.

            I avoid commenting on folks’ proposals because, given my reputation, I don’t see any good coming of it. Suffice to say that I enjoy listening to everybody and pinch from my favorites.

            A commentary track on fanfic comment posts would swallow me inside my own navel, but quickly:

            Captain Entropy, this was the first volume where my proposals were essentially locked in ahead of the related episode dropping (a week ahead, in fact.) I tried to wait and maybe riff off of what I’d hear on an episode, but that just put “deadline pressure” on me. I’ve had an overview of the run in mind since at least Vol II, but recently decided to scrub the back half as too predictable. The front half has a definite endpoint, and I’ve got bits and pieces written through Vol VIII (but mostly just in V.)

            Siskoid, if I ever record for the show, I’ll just do two sets of proposals that month. I don’t follow all of the show’s rules down here in the comments, and it would be too much background for an episode, anyway. It would just be an additional layer of challenge to not be able to lean on this “continuity.” Plus, as far as I know, I killed off Martian Manhunter with the JLA in Apokolips, which wouldn’t stand anywhere else.

          2. Thanks for satisfying my curiosity, Frank. It’s impressive work. I look forward to your guest appearance on the show!

  2. Are you sure it’s a good idea to put Roy Harper into a book called Cat Girls? We know what will end up happening.

  3. I’ve passed this show by a couple of times for no good reason, but I had to jump in for episode four, which is my all time favorite issue of Who’s Who (and not coincidentally, the first one I bought). I am in awe of the thought process both of you went through to meet the criteria of the challenge. I’ll warn you now, Siskoid, if I’m ever invited to play, all of my pitches will be, “It was perfect how it was. Don’t change a thing. Can we resurrect Curt Swan to draw it?” As a general rule, I preferred Siskoid’s slate of books, although I guess that was what Max Traver was shooting for (imprint designed to get people upset), so both of you are winners.

    I find it funny that both of you came up with largely the same pitch for Capt. Compass, and it is also the pitch I would have made if asked. Ironically, in my head I would have called it a mix of Love Boat and Columbo, so Siskoid’s “Love Boat and Murder She Wrote” was right on the money.

    Neither of you chose to make Capt. Marvel a Superman proxy, which is interesting since that is the very reason he was created and you couldn’t use Supes himself. Nice restraint. Personally, I would have used Captain Comet in that role, because I have always thought he was a criminally underutilized character with tons of potential.

    As right as you are that Captain Marvel should stay Captain Marvel and not Shazam, you are equally wrong that Changeling should revert to Beast Boy. He will always be Changeling to me. Other than Captain Compass, this is probably the only fully fleshed out pitch I have from this issue. I would have Gar as the arrogant and insecure young punk that he was in the early Wolfman / Perez run, still at the height of his popularity not only as a Teen Titan, but as a star on Space Trek 2022. As a young man with more fame than he can deal with, Logan would go on the same hero’s journey that Booster Gold did in his 1985 series. We would watch him start out as the guy doing the hero bit to gain attention, fame, and money (although with the added twist of his bravado hiding his insecurities concerning his freaky appearance), but slowly be humbled and learn to care about others over himself. Since it is essentially a redo of Booster Gold’s story, I don’t see any reason to not have Dan Jurgens handle the writing and art chores.

    I have no pitch for Camelot 3000, but I would demand that Brian Bolland do covers.

    Alright, I’m going to go play catch up on the first three entries into this series.

    1. Welcome to the fold! As one of the big Who’s Who commenters, I’d say this is a natural for your interests. As for appearing on the show with a no-touch policy, the only way to do is if you were handed an update where most of the characters are already 90s in design, then watch you retro them.

      1. That would be very interesting! I wouldn’t mind throwing some pouch-wearing, overly-muscled, EXXXXTREME heroes back into the 1960s to see what happens.

    2. Well, I’ll just leave my thoughts on previous episodes right here lest they be ignored. Quick thoughts on episode one:

      Ambush Bug- I think he should be cast in the Abel-like narrator role for a comedic anthology book entitled “More Fun Comics.” A total spoof of House of Mystery or House of Secrets, but not necessarily horror themed. Just funny stories.

      Animal Man- As y’all said, the only way for Buddy to get a fresh hearing is to move as far away from the Morrison take as you can get. This would be my very straight forward, by the numbers, super hero book.

      Anthro- A tough sell here. I would have some mega big baddie time travelling villain (The Lord of Time, Vandal Savage, etc.) arrive at the beginning of human history with a plot in which by changing something in the past, he changes the present to his advantage. This time, the JLA didn’t get wind of what is happening. There will be no Superman or Batman to save us. The only thing standing between humanity and extinction is Anthro. There would be some David vs. Goliath imagery here to make us really root for the kid.

      Aquaman- As he should have done sixty years ago, Arthur Curry finally introduces the concept of democracy to Atlantis. They elect a just and noble president (who is not Aquaman). With his people safe, Arthur and Mera leave that part of their life behind and never speak of it again (Atlantis is the least interesting part of this character’s story, in my opinion). After that, the happy couple focus solely on fighting crime in the coastal areas of the air-breathing world.

      Atomic Knight- The original concept for this property is stellar, although too often lost behind the goofy trappings of giant Dalmatians and clunky armor. I would focus on the heart of the story in the original run: How does a community survive and rebuild after a nuclear holocaust? Can we grow food when the soil is potentially irradiated? What threats do we face from our fellow man when resources are limited? If done right, Atomic Knights is DC’s answer to the Walking Dead, but without the distraction of zombies.

      On to episode two!

      1. Episode Two:

        – Baron Winters: A cheat or not, the title needs to be Night Force. Again, nothing in this concept needs to be changed. Winters gathers a motley group of “average” people to fight supernatural threats. In every story, some hidden trauma the average person has endured has prepared them for the task at hand. Winters is a shade worse than ambivalent about the fate of the people he assembles. They are pawns, and he will not hesitate to sacrifice one or more of them to accomplish his goals. It should be set in the 70s, although with the magic of Winter’s magic, the action can take place anywhere and anytime.

        I love the idea of Detective Comics featuring Golden Age Batman (a pulpy throwback to the Shadow or Eisner’s Spirit), while the Batman proper title would show a more modern take on the hero.

        In my imprint based on this issue, Big Bear would be my Superman, as he is potentially the strongest male hero in the book.

        1. Episode three:

          Black Orchid and Blue Devil are tied for “The original concept was perfect and subsequent character developments did more harm than good.” Hate, Hate, Hate the whole idea that Black Orchid is part plant. It seems lazy (“Gosh, Orchid is right there in her name, so let’s say she’s part flower.”) Don’t hate what was done to Dan Cassidy, but it is 1000 times less interesting than the original idea of stuntman mystically trapped in his own invention. My pitches for both characters is return them to their roots, no pun intended for Orchid.

          Black Racer- I like the idea that the books presented will be the only output from DC comics, and that makes the Black Racer concept much easier to deal with. I guess this is a total reboot, but I would lose the fourth world connection, the avatar of death idea, and the stupid skis (which are the root of all silliness with this character). Just make him the DC Universe’s new Flash. I think there is something really striking about the idea of the comatose guy being a secret identity for a super-speeder. So, Willie is really in a coma, but his mother reads the newspaper to him every morning. Every night when he falls asleep, the Black Racer sets out to right the wrongs of the world. Not only does he race with his super-speed, but he is racing against time, since he disappears when his alter ego wakes up.

          Blok- This is probably too one note, but . . . A 21st century ancestor of the LSH’s Blok (It would be easy enough with a Legionnaire to concoct a reason why our guy is in the 21st century, but it seems unnecessary) is stranded on Earth during a science mission (think E.T. here). Intelligent, but as naive as his descendent will be, our protagonist seeks out help from the native Earth population. Unfortunately, his size and appearance cause the people he encounters to greet him with terror and violence. Add some kind of ticking clock as to why he must leave the planet soon, a child sidekick who is the only one willing to give the alien a chance to speak, and this sort of thing writes itself. I’m sure throughout we will make great metaphors about our treatment of outsiders and basing our judgements on appearance.

          B’wana Beast- There are really only two ways to go with this. One is a very sensitive approach that apologizes for the character’s heritage while pivoting into socially aware and redemptive new tales. I think I prefer the second approach, although it would likely make this a very short lived run. I would lean into the whole thing, making it a politically incorrect title about a guy who, although not racist, is completely oblivious to how ignorant he is. The best example I can think of is Michael Scott in the first few seasons of The Office, who is constantly offending people but doesn’t realize it. The key to this would be a strong supporting cast who we are supposed to root for, as well as an artist who can nonverbally portray emotions (thinking a lot about the expressions Jim and Pam make to the camera in the sitcom). Maybe JLI’s Kevin Maquire. Definitely a comedy, but not one for all ages.

          I would absolutely read Siskoid’s Blackrock book!

  4. It was an honor to be involved with this epic project! and the responses here only prove that statement: the creativity that this show is inspiring is awesome to behold! I can’t wait to hear what everyone (and Siskoid…EVERY TIME, Siskoid!) comes up with next!

  5. Okay, my one title idea –

    writer/artist/inker – rotating
    Reep Daggle is a Durlan from the 31st century trapped in the 21st century. Moreover, he finds that for some reason his powers are more limited in the past. Similar shapes, like humanoids, are easy to accomplish and maintain. More bestial forms take effort and stamina.

    When he sees underprivileged and marginalized groups bearing the brunt of injustice, he decides to right wrongs from within, adopting new identities which he can maintain long term to uncover corruption and help. Meanwhile, he is learning about the issues that plague these groups. And, if the time calls for it, he can become something else, more animal, more alien.

    With stories ripped from the headlines and with rotating creative teams best suited to tackle those issues, Chameleon is a warrior for justice.

  6. Max is worried about “Cando Arlik and the Philosopher’s Stone”, but he didn’t notice an organization named Monarch is rolling up to a dinosaur island? Or did he notice? “Kong: Skull Island” was released by Warners. If there isn’t a connection, I’m going to be pretty aggravated with this line….

    But why is this secret Secret kept so secret? It’s a Mystery to me.

    …and now this guy has shown up inviting me to his House to talk it over.

      1. This only proves that all stories are connected across all realities…by the Timewave! (Or perhaps even the….Hypertimewave? No…the madness has returned!!)

  7. I’ve really been enjoying this podcast! Siskoid, you and your guests have brought so much great knowledge and ideas to the DC Universe. I can’t wait for the next episode to see what happens with Composite Superman!

    Siskoid, I was punching the air and saying “Yes!” to everything you said abut Captain Marvel. That Convergence Shazam title was fantastic and would I love to see that (or your version!) as an ongoing series as opposed to what they have now. I’m not against what DC have now, but they clearly showed a great way to do a Captain Marvel series with Convergence and yet, DC keeps straying away from that. Also, I’m not sure if you like Captain Marvel, but the Multiversity title, “New Thunderworld Adventures” wasn’t too bad either.

    Keep up the great work!

    1. Composite Superman is a villain, so maybe nothing!

      And yes, Multiversity worked. As did Billy Batson and the Power of Shazam, as did Monster Society of Evil. If it’s off Earth-1, it works!

  8. Impressive podcast. Most impressive. I like what you did with that. Though the one idea for Camelot does remind me of Robert fields Guinevere comic from the 90s. Still different enough from that but it could work. I have my own ideas for Camelot 3000. Instead of happening in your 3000 it would happen in modern-day. And it of course be from a different universe. Where author comes back and save the universe from some evil. Probably the black night. Whom would be operating independent. And then becomes president of the earth. That worked in Dr. who why not? Maybe he was able to unite all of the different kingdoms under his leadership. Taking the presidential title instead of making title since that is forever. And I’m not sure after meeting his offspring he would want to pass that down. Any rate he would not be the focus of my story.

    Instead it would be Morgan LaFey. Because in some interpretation of the story she does become a good person and even helps out Lancelot for a bit. Before everything goes to crap for Lancelot. At any rate Morgan would become A P.I. in the modern timeline. Maybe she would work with the reincarnation of Lancelot in this world or the green man. Trying to fix up her messed up reputation. Granted if are going to talk male-female type issues with the whole King of the realm. Her also being a Pendragon kind of mean she might’ve been Queen. I’m not sure. I’ll leave all your environmental stuff they can be easily connected to her with Mdm. Xanadu. Whom every so once in a while Morgan will work with. Since they do have a past. Since Mme. Xanadu was dating Merlin and the magician and her limited series. So in this world Morgan would be the good guy sort of. She kind of be good enough. Not all the pure heart hero that Arthur is. And she would if I take money for doing her different cases. But she would work on the side of good. Mostly to use the media to fix her reputation and because part of her want to do good. And there was different cases some of which would be within the mystical realm since all of those things would be back now and become part of the day-to-day regular thing. Like dragons working as bankers. After all with all the treasures they’ve collected they could easily loan money and establish themselves as an important part of the infrastructure. It would you really want to default a dragon? Being late on alone for Dragon would be a bad idea. Maybe the trolls who join the police department. Gnomes can be bartenders. Dwarves could become structural engineers and work on bridges and trains and whatnot.

    And different cases could come across Morgan’s desk. Since she kind of be a magical detective. They would be different low crimes like things happening with Cyclops and other magical creatures and sometimes humans dealing with magical creatures. As well as her having to deal with ambassadors from the realm of fairytale. After all her other son kind of rules it. However she would kind of be the typical detective drinks too much smokes too much but not to the point where it’s a problem. And to be nice about it will say dates to much. After all that best fit her history not that, that’s a bad thing. Enjoy life can be a very good thing. I would keep this away from most superhero stories unless there is some magical connection within them so there can be a crossover. I would probably give this one to Matt Wagner to write. And drawn by Amy Reeder .

    Moving on Capt. atom. The still be the same guy he always was or it will seem that way. But, the explosion actually awakens an elemental. That takes over the corpse of Nathaniel Adam. And uses this body to affect the world it is own desires. The whole explosion however happened when he was going on a covert mission for the US into Chernobyl. Unfortunately that nuclear power plant had gone off at that very day. Killing the man that was Nathaniel Adams. And the elemental spirit took over instead. Bonding itself with the radiation adding to its capabilities. Our at least altering them. The rarity can affect the world as it sees fit. Mostly using his powers against creatures that are just a little too powerful for the average human to fight. Monsters and whatnot. And sometimes the humans that use the monsters to their advantages. Finding them to be more evil than the physical monster however throughout Capt. Adam will believe he is Nathaniel. Even though the captain is long dead this will explain how Capt. Adam can exist from these 60s all the way to present day. After all is already dead. And the elemental is just using his body. He will work with the doom patrol from time to time. When he feels he is required. James H. Williams III Art and writen by Peter David.

    As for the Legion of superheroes that easy enough. I would just do what I always do. Or rather what I did with my fanfiction. And make it where it’s multiple universes going on at once. And did this before convergence. Nothing they took my idea just saying that I came to the same idea as them before they did it. But ideas exist within the universe sometimes hitting people at different times. It is what it is and any rate my car universe would start with the regular Legion of superheroes fighting the time trapper and this time it turns out the time trapper is Saturn girl. At the end of the fight she causes her own hourglass to shatter. Causing time to fragment into different timelines. So multiple universes would be going on at once. I wrote it that way so it could be many people doing Legion story wants however no one else seemed to be one but me. However in this one for the first six issues would focus on one team the next another and a third and then it would go forward. The main villain would be Mordred and he would kind of be drawn to look like Alan Moore. I live right and draw the first 6 issues and the team would be led by cosmic kid. Now just called Capt. cosmic., with members Comet Queen, polar boy ( Only he’s Japanese in this version,) Element Lad and his boy friend Sun Boy. Laurel Kent Yep I’m bringing her back with her Supergirl poncho. And she will be the kryptonian character for my run. They will fight Mordru as well as the fatal five however in this world dream girl will become the new Emerald Empress. After being forced to witness the death of stone boy at the hands of the fatal five. And having to see all of his possible futures at once as he died. And the eye itself manipulating her mind. Warping it significantly. So after that I would pass it on to Mark Waid and Francis Manapul . For the next six issues. They can use anyone from in the Legion history and give them whatever Baxter and he wants as long as they don’t use the characters I used in my arc.
    I should note that cosmic boy will not be divorced from night girl. And have two children a son and daughter. And will currently be dating comet Queen. During my run they will mostly fight the fatal five and other villains. But, most of it will be all manipulated by Mordu. And that will carry on through the different series where he is seen as the main antagonist. Dream girl will also be off the table unless she is used as the Emerald Empress. This is what I have caused cannot be changed however it won’t affect the back stories for the other characters since each one of them is living within a fractured point of time. We will slowly find out that Mordred is not the main villain. But, is trying to put back the pieces of the fractured time and is being opposed by the time trapper. The new time trapper has come in to keep everything fractured since they can control these events better. And we will find out that the new time trapper is in fact color kid. Whom is Saturn girl had worked the mind of an given him much greater powers to being the former time trapper. And set this up right before being destroyed as the time trapper. However Saturn girl can be reused.

    Since that version of Saturn girl doesn’t exist in this new universe as fractured as it may be. Time trapper and Mordred will be the only constants. And each writer and artist team can use who they want and interpreted as they want. They just have to keep that main structure in line. And then once they’re done with their six issues it will be passed on to Tom and Mary Bierbaum and your duties will be done by Olivier Coipel . After they finished their six issues it will be passed on to Tony Bedard writer and artist Patrick Olliffe. I will let this team be the team that concludes this story line and they can then decide whom will be the Legion of superheroes in the new timeline.

    Capt. fear you know I just noticed when you’re reading this is whole crew are escaped slaves. What if he was one to? What if right before being captured he had worked with Henry Morgan? In the Caribbean. And had gone with a small ship of sailors to Africa to see what was there. And his men are killed by Spanish Conquistador’s. Whom capture the man whom would be Capt. fear along with several other African inhabitants. And he is only a slave for a bit before he creates a revolt. But, instead of going to America they take over the frigate. And use it as a pirate ship. Getting plundered where they can. Perhaps even working with Capt. Morgan as privateers. After all they were at war with Spain. And just like Blackbeard Capt. fear would use fear as his greatest weapon not being a bloody pirate of being a feared pirate and killing only when he needs to. Since Capt. Blackbeard rarely killed anyone. Unlike Black Bart used fear as a better weapon. So shall our man Capt. fear. But, he’s actually a privateer. Working for Jamaica. So he will stay in ancient times. Around the time of Capt. Morgan. Our man Can fear will be like Yasuke . In Japan only hill work out of the Caribbean. I’ll have it written and drawn byAlan Davis.

    And now for Capt. Marvel. This one is really sure what to do with. To start with I will probably have black Adam not betray shazam. Maybe had been the hero he was supposed to be in ancient times. And the wizard was able to pass on and eventually black Adam becomes the wizard. He then passes his powers onto Billy Batson as well as his sister Mary. Raised by their fake uncle and everything. Though I will leave out the real relative who turned out to be a jerk and stole all of Billy’s money. Perhaps black Adam interferes and stop that from happening. Using his magical powers making that man disappear maybe turning Tony Tiger into human for a bit so he can raise the kid until the fake uncle shows up. And convincing him to become the new guardian for Billy Batson and his sister. And later they can run into Capt. Marvel Junior. Maybe Billy Batson has Asburgers syndrome a form of Autism so that programs can happen between Savana and his different enemies. But they can convince him sometimes to help them in way he wouldn’t.

    Which could cause new problems but eventually Billy would find it out and saw things after all in some ways she would be much smarter than his opponents. And another’s she would be a bit naïve. Though there would be a bit of a dark streak to black Adam it wouldn’t fall on Capt. Marvel and Mary. A bit of a power would start to fall on Capt. Marvel Junior. Which might cause a bit of a rift between the three. Having Tony Tiger there to try to keep them together. But, not quite being able to make it work. The main team would probably be as it always been in the faucet universe. Just having to deal with things in the current DC universe. Leave them as the Boy Scout heroes trying to deal with a world that is very much not as clean as they knew it to be. With a bunch of gray. Capt. Marvel Junior slowly becomes more of an antihero as the others try to keep him from doing that. To the point where he ends up killing Silvanus son. As the mad scientist had turned schemes his own with his sister’s help. So a rift can develop between the three. And while they happily take shazam’s advice well black Adam’s advice. He is a bit darker than the shazam of the regular DC you. So he could become a problem in his own right.

    So a lot of the time Capt. Marvel Mary and the Tiger left to their own counsel. With help from their uncle. Annual fight all of his old rogues gallery. And since I have the sindrom I could help the writer on how to write Billy. I don’t think you have to be the same as a charcter to write them. Just do enough resarch on the charcter. Other wise you could never do any group books.

    I’ll just have it Drawn by Jerry Ordway and witten by Jeff Smith.

  9. What an excellent episode, obsessed Max makes for great pod radio! Forget producing a whole line that people won’t like, Max will fail with such fun, fascinating concepts as an African American Captain Comet, and Monarch and the Butterfly Society.

    I love Siskoid’s idea of Mystery Cruise but I’d bin Brian Azzarello as writer and go for someone with a lighter touch such as Karl Kesel or Sholly Fisch.

    I am hugely intrigued by Siskoid’s ‘light-hearted’ Whiz Comics in which Captain Marvel Jr’s arch enemy is Captain Neo-Nazi!

    So who would I give a series to? Maybe Cheshire. Taking a leaf from Bob Rozakis’ original treatment of Duela Dent, in which Harvey and Gilda’s gal pretended to be the daughter of different villains, Jade would take on the characteristics of different cheeses. Roy Harper would be confused as to who he truly loves – the mature Cheddar, Blues-singing Stilton, or that real stinker, Freda Fromage. And eventually she would be revealed as Cheshire, a debutante from the English counties. The obvious candidate for writer is Tom King, who would show us how our Dairy is our Soul, while Evan Dorkin, of course, would draw.

    Obviously, I’d also give a mini-series to Challengers Mountain, which would, inspired by the JLA’s secret sanctuary, play host to various super-teams – every time the Challs go off into the Unknown, a bunch of heroes or villains would find the mountain and set up shop in the ‘abandoned’ base. Then Rocky and co return and hilarity ensues, courtesy of writer Andrew Aydin. and artist Juan Gedeon, who did the most wonderful Beast Boy and Raven story in DC Digital’s Titans Together #3… 99c/79p, check it out!

    1. Thank you, Martin! I’m very glad to hear that you were entertained by Siskoid’s exorcism of the Timewave from my poor bedraggled brain! As for your ideas, I think that Cheshire alone proves that you absolutely must be a guest for a full episode of “Who’s Editing?” Also, not enough people mention “Sholly Fisch.” As the recent episode here on this very network so lovingly attested, he is one of the best and yet somehow underrated writers in comics these days. If only HE could take over the entire DCU, eh? Heck, with the news that’s breaking just now, perhaps he could end up buying it outright?

  10. I am so amazed and impressed by the creativity of all the participants of this show, including Frank and Liz in the comments! At this late date, I can’t remember many specifics of the proposals, just that I really liked almost all of them! Especially, the Pennyworth Team angle!

    1. Hi, Ward Hill Terry! First of all, yes: this Series is inspiring people to come up with simply amazing stuff that I would really love to read. Second, thanks for giving a thumbs up to the Alfred Pennyworth-led Challengers of the Unknown…if that’s the one you were thinking of! My own mind is still healing from Timewave trauma…..

  11. I normally think of a few ideas/concepts while I’m listening and this time, a few stuck with me to where I felt like they were worth putting in the comments:

    Camelot 3000: I have the deluxe hardcover of this, but I haven’t gotten around to reading it yet, so my ideas may unintentionally mirror the actual series. My first thought was to reimagine it as Camelot 2000 and remove any potential high-fantasy and sci-fi elements. Its the Arthurian legend reincarnated in the 20th (or 21st) century, but I would really want the writer to play with the idea of predestination and how much you do, or don’t, allow that to affect your life. Have Guinevere be an average girl in college, now be told she’s destined to be queen. Have Arthur be gay and attracted to Lancelot. Or maybe he is straight, but Morgaine is bi-sexual and pits Guinevere and Arthur against each other. I would want a lot of expectations to be subverted with this title. I would want one character, maybe Merlin, aware of the reincarnation aspect, trying to manipulate people into their assigned roles, with some naturally resisting it, and of course Merlin guessing certain people are the wrong person (imagine him assuming that this incarnation of Mordred is really Gawain, etc.)

    Captain Carrot and His Amazing Zoo Crew: This was my entry tile to super-heroes, it bridged Woody Woodpecker and Bugs Bunny to Superman and Batman for me. I’d like it to stay that. I would want a team like Jeff Parker and Scott Shaw on it. I would want it to have the same art style, riff on modern pop culture a little, but maybe not be so tied to the old Funny Stuff characters.

    Captain Marvel: I typically see most Superman fans wanting either a return to an imagined Silver Age or Golden Age for Superman, and Captain Marvel is one-half of that equation. I want Captain Marvel to be wise and forthright, and I want Billy to be between 10-12. I base him on my son Clark. Not a perfect kid, but not a sullen brat, not a constant wiseass, etc. I keep thinking of the last words of Sylvester McCoy on Doctor Who: “Somewhere there are people made of smoke, and cities made of song…” that level of weirdness should be Captain Marvel’s world, so I would want it to be Grant Morrison plotting with scripting maybe by a Mark Waid or again, Jeff Parker. I want Grant’s sense of madness, but not so dense that it turns off the average reader.

    Captain Marvel Jr.: If you want social relevant golden age Superman style, this is your book. Teenager Freddy Freeman, injured in the aftermath of a super-hero/super-villain fight, is brought back from near death by Captain Marvel. The unintended side-effect is that when he says the magic word, Shazam! he becomes a super powered teen…who looks like a teen-aged version of Captain Marvel, hence the media dubbing him Captain Marvel Jr. Captain Marvel Jr.’s powers are more in line with the Golden Age Superman’s. I would give him an updated job, but he is a teen (17-18) on his own trying to eek out a living on Gig jobs, squatting or living in a tenement or government housing, and his heart and world is more dealing with unsafe work conditions, corrupt landlords, clinics using expired drugs, etc. If you want to add more angst, there is still the element of being compared to and viewed as a younger version of what to him is a kid. I don’t really have a creative team in mind. I’m open to suggestions…

    1. Thanks, Scott! You’re now part of that small but dedicated group of fans that the Time Wave was created to inspire! You will receive further instructions…from some time in the distant alternate past!

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