Who’s Hot and Who’s Not? Ep.12: Black Condor to Blackhawks

The Tarzan of the Skies. A Titan's sister. The Blackest Knight. A polish war hero. His squadron. Which are hot, which are not? The Girls of the Hot Squad complete their assessment of Who's Who #2's entries for their sheer datability.

Featuring permanent panelists Nathalie, Josée, and Shotgun.

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13 responses to “Who’s Hot and Who’s Not? Ep.12: Black Condor to Blackhawks

  1. I wish you would have shown the ladies the Blackhawk’s superhero costumes from the late 1960’s, they were crazy!

  2. Mrmphm mughraumanam….sorry, I was eating my sandwich.

    Black Condor: I’ve admired that Jerry Ordway piece for 37 years, but until looking at the gallery images, I never noticed the “wrinkles” in the knee. Then the girls mentioned it! It does look like Ordway drew tights on him. Maybe like Burt Ward’s Robin costume has tights?

    Blackfire: It is odd that Perez didn’t draw any story images in the surprint. Wait until the girls fully realize Kory and Blackfire’s wishy-washy dad is name Myand’r. And Koriand’r is SPICY!!!

    Black Hand: I like how the girls couldn’t pull out of Batman-armor talk. Gil Kane was ahead of Michael Keaton’s bat-suit by 4 years!

    Blackhawk: The girls will be happy to know that post-Crisis, Blackhawk was often drawn with a smaller logo on his left breast. Oddly enough, the girls mentioned Black Condor looked a bit like Superman, but not Blackhawk, since both he and the Man of Steel were first played on screen by Kirk Alyn! Nice needle drop from that serial, Siskoid!

    Blackhawks/Blackhawk Plane/Blackhawk Island: Looking forward to covering the reappearance of the Blackhawks (or at least Chuck) in JLU Season 3, when we get to visit Blackhawk Island…the greatest comic HQ that’s NEVER been made into a toy! Someone make this, at least “army man” scale! And please, don’t show them OG Chop-Chop. Oy!!!

  3. Hooray for more Who’s Hot and Who’s

    Black Condor – I never could take this guy seriously with that costume. That’s got to be cold flying around like that! He doesn’t have a bulge because he’s so cold that his bulge is like a frightened turtle!

    Blackfire – Her armour naturally lifts and separates!

    Black Hand – This dude’s widow’s peak is so pronounced, it’s a logo on his mask and chest!

    Blackhawk(s) – This organization has more branding than Batman! Also, no jokes about the “submarine penis” being filled with seamen? Have I gone more blue than the Hot Squad?!? They’ve been a bad influence on me!

    Another fun episode, everyone! Keep up the great work!

    1. I’ve never understand the term ‘widow’s peak’ – it sounds like a hairstyle choice when it’s just a receding hairline.

      1. Actually, even with a full head of hair, if the hair line has a point in the middle, it’s still a widow’s peak.

        Isabel on the Squad has one, for example. And also voluminous hair.

  4. The wide thigh pants that are part of the Blackhawk uniform were intended for riding horses while also doing other things that required ease of movement. The denim twill that was tough enough fo the work had no give and you had to fight your trousers to swing a saber or a polo mallet from horseback. Now, almost all riding trousers incorporate stretch fibers that make it easy to bend and reach while riding. Even blue jeans have Lycra to slow down the bagging at the knees that always happens when you crouch or bend down.

    Jodhpurs were designed about 1880 for playing polo. They were loose fitting from the hip to the knee so that they didn’t bind when you swung your mallet on all four sides of your horse. They were tight fitting from the knee to ankle to lessen friction damage to your calf.

    When Indian riders demonstrated polo in Great Britain. The British thought the design was brilliant and quickly adopted the style to the high boots they preferred for military riding and following hounds through the woods.

    The style is still used in cavalry uniforms around the world including the RCMP red serge dress uniform.

  5. Issue two done! Amazing!

    Black Condor – I have never really liked this character. He learned to fly by being raised by intelligent birds?? He took over someone else’s life?? He’s just a guy who can fly? It doesn’t help that his costume, for me, is goofy, Wrestling trunks, a sash, and a cape? Overall ridiculous.

    Blackfire – it is funny to hear her described positively. I also have images of her outright torturing Starfire. Pretty sure she betrayed her planet to the Citadel before trying to reclaim the planet. She is a bad guy. Doesn’t mean she isn’t hot. I always found her edge to be a bigger lure than anything her sister could bring to the table. And I can’t help but read her lines in Joan Crawford’s voice. Those eyebrows!!!!

    Blackhawk – Dave Cockrum’s Blackhawk is fine. But it doesn’t have the gravitas of Reed Crandall, Dan Spiegle, or Howard Chaykin – three artists I associate with Blackhawk usually.

  6. Another top episode, very well done.

    Black Condor is all kinds of daft, but yes, he looks great in a suit and that costume is just raw sex. I deny the tights. Hot.

    I realise Blackfire was wronged early on, and became more nuanced as time comes on, but my first impression was evil, torturing space witch, and that sticks. But doesn’t she look great? Hot. (I never get how the girls can suggest someone looks tall or short when there’s nothing or no one else in the image to measure them against, and their proportions are the same as most everyone else’s. Please explain!)

    I love that Black Hand’s whole schtick comes from Bill Finger’s habit of carrying a notebook everywhere and jotting down story ideas. Also, if we imagine that costume is leather, goodness. I don’t see Batman, I see Midnighter, who is, admittedly, a Batman knock-off. Hot.

    Speaking of black leather, everything about Blackhawk No1’s look is sexy as all get out – the jacket, the hat, the jodhpurs, the scarf adding a touch of swishiness… no wonder all his workmates copy his look. Hot. And hang on, Steven Spielberg has wanted to make a Blackhawk movie for decades, Raiders of the Lost Ark gave us Short Round… surely he’s sneaking a bit of Chop Chop in there?

    Regarding Andre, I had to look up ’Maquis’, it not being in the listing – aha, ze French Resistance!

    The original Black Canary on that cover always struck me as a sad little afterthought. She certainly deserves better.

    1. The Maquis were a resistant group, but not the actual capital “R” Resistance. They were extremely violent, hid in the hills and committed brutal acts. But you just exposed the fact that you didn’t watch Star Trek Deep Space Nine (or Voyager, but I don’t blame anyone) where a group calling itself the Maquis was very prominently used.

      Agree on the cover. It’s like George was told late that the two Canaries were different people.

      1. It always seemed to me that the French had multiple resistance movements because they had to start with groups that trusted each other (for security reasons). So, even groups operating in the same area really couldn’t coordinate their activities. It was only groups who had independent contact with the Allies that could act as organized irregular forces. I think that was the big “R” Resistance.

        The Star Trek Maquis were also at the edge of Bajoran resistance and did not recognize the peace conditions which put some planets on the wrong side of the negotiated boundaries. Ensign Ro from TNG was considered a terrorist even when she was back in a starfleet uniform.

  7. Have the any of the girls seen the dc animated movie the ray ?
    I ask because in that movie the is a modern version of black condor that is gay . In fact the movie manly focus on ray not only getting powers from alternate version of himself and the ray I forgot his real name trying to discover who he really is him self .
    Also black hawks have bin in justice league unlimited cartoon a couple of times .
    Also question have the gals every talked about the thunder agents or undersea agent ?
    I ask cause I know Dc did a thunder agents series but I don’t know if they are in who’s who ?

    1. Have the any of the girls seen the dc animated movie the ray ?

      Pfffft are you kidding? (*I* didn’t even know it was a thing)

      Also question have the gals every talked about the thunder agents or undersea agent ?

      Again, you do understand the premise of the show, right? 😉

      DC did a THUNDER Agents series wayyyyyyyyyy past any issue publication of Who’s who, so no, they never got their shot.

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