Who’s Hot and Who’s Not? Ep.13: Black Lightning to Black Racer

An electrifying high school teacher. Aqua Baby's killer. A mistress of disguise. A 16th-Century pirate. Death on skis. Which are hot, which are not? The Girls of the Hot Squad begin their assessment of Who's Who #3's entries based on sheer datability.

Featuring permanent panelists Elyse, Isabel, Nathalie, Josée, Shotgun, and Amélie.

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17 responses to “Who’s Hot and Who’s Not? Ep.13: Black Lightning to Black Racer

  1. I think this is the greatest show y’all have done yet! The Black Lightning tv show was awesome. I think his ex-wife is Green Lantern’s sister. Y’all must read the Black Orchid mini by Neil Gaiman it’s really good. When the first run of Who’s Who is done will y’all do the update issues & the loose -leaf books also?

  2. Line of the episode: “I understand that your face is symmetrical, but I’m as dry as desert.”

    If you want a pretty cool version of “Death on Skis”, I’d submit Deathurge, but I’m biased as he’s a big part of Quasar’s story. Of course I’m hedging my bet with his squirrel form. 😉

  3. Jack Kirby got the name “Black Racer” from a type of snake. And since a black racer is a snake, OF COURSE Marvel has a Black Racer of their own in the Serpent Society. I pulled out my OHOTMU issues to see if you’d get to see Marvel’s Black Racer in the Serpent Society entry, but it looks like she hadn’t been introduced yet when that issue of OHOTMU came out. Too bad, that could have been fun…”Wait, haven’t we heard this name before?”

  4. A little side-note on Black Lightning’s neighborhood of “Suicide Slum”: In DC’s animated cartoons (at least in “Super Hero Girls”), the bad part of Metropolis is referred to as “Sinister Slum,” since they wouldn’t want references to suicide in a kids’ show…

  5. The part where you described the power of your belts made my mom bust out laughing — and she needed a good laugh lately. So thank you, ladies.

  6. Fun show as always folks! A few thoughts.

    Black Lightning: I can’t remember when I first saw the “afro helmet” in action, probably a Dollar Comic issue of Detective, starring the Batman Family? But I was flummoxed a bit, because the artist in question drew Jefferson’s hair pretty much the same length and shape as his Black Lightning look! So, even at age 5 I was like…”What’s the point?”

    Black Manta: Kind of surprised he didn’t get a hot…but child-killer tends to overrule an kind of design “cool factor”. What the Girls point out as a weird bit with his helmet “neck” being flexible has long plagued this design. Up until recent years, it seemed impossible for a man’s head to be under that thing. Modern artists seem to address it, and the movies have done a great job with it. I too fear for cinematic Aquababy, although I think Mera may have become the victim de jour, for cast controversy reasons.

    Black Orchid: I have never read many Black Orchid appearances, but this entry alone makes me a fan of the design. It’s so unique. I can’t think of another character that looks quite like her. Imagine a TV antholgy series where each episode the Black Orchid, in that costume, is played by a different name actress. Add a central detective character trying to unravel who SHE really is, and you could milk this for several seasons!

    Black Pirate: I have a soft spot for this guy, thanks mostly to Starman, but I enjoyed this entry, and the “Whatever Happened To…” story in DC Comics Presents #48. Ordway is definitely working some Erroll Flynn into that unmasked portrait.

    Black Racer: Look, I love Kirby, and his unlimited imagination. But yeah, the visual here is just plain silly. Not sure why a silver version of the Oscar statue on a surfboard is awesome and this is dumb, but the geek heart wants what it wants. This idea is interesting, but the execution is just too “kitchen sink”. The Girls, having no real reverence for The King, are telling it like it is.

    1. My mind was blown by this ‘Afro as helmet’ but, I have no memory at all of it. I’ve just skimmed through the original series and find no reference. There is a moment when Jeff is picking up the wig/mask combo and he feels the weight of if, but I’m pretty sure that’s a figurative rather than literal thing. Was this aspect added later?

  7. It’s a real treat getting DC episodes every second episode, the Who’s Who entires are so much better than the OHotMU ones.

    I bow to no one when it comes to a love of puffy sleeves – Firestorm, Firebrand, Mon-El… but Black Lightning’s are just so nothingy, them need more oomph, more obvious billowing. This outfit has always looked like a cheap shell suit – the second series revamp looked so much better.

    And yet…this is just iconic. If the Seventies were a stinky cheese, it would be Black Lightning’s outfit.

    Ridiculous on every level, it’s only plus point is that it’s unique.

    Just gorgeous, but yes, she looks like a butterfly.

    A bit bland in daytime, but after dark, perfect.

    Did someone say that if this fella showed up to claim your life you’d laugh yourself to death? I agree. He’s one giant Dalmatian short of being an Atomic Knight.

  8. Shotgun’s impersonation of the people who gave her the free black stove made them sound like a French-Canadian Groucho Marx. I like to imagine all of Shotgun’s impersonations sound exactly the same.

    Black Lightning: I believe Suicide Slum is right next to Euthanasia Park on Stabby Street.

    Black Manta: This was perhaps the most contentious entry yet! Disagreements on dead babies and people’s faces. Infanricide almost tore this group apart!

    Also, Aquababy sounds like a 90s pop star.

    Black Orchid: Black Orchid’s greatest power was the ability to bring this group back together again so soon after after the Black Manta Incident.

    Black Pirate: I’m not going to lie, thinking about smelly, gross, old timey people having sex all the time feels like a cry for help. And I don’t think Black Pirate really believes in the power of water if he can’t even keep himself clean.

    Black Racer: I actually think that seeing a guy ski himself over to you would be a very pleasant way to find out you’re dead. It’s almost Christmasy. Like, sure, I’m dead, but look at him do a loop de loop!

    Having said that, my favorite line of the episode was, without a doubt, “so, the last thing you see before you die is this fucking guy?”

  9. Hooray for Hot or Not! I’m so far behind, but it’s great whenever I can get a chance to listen to the Hot Squad. They make the work day easier.

    Black Lighting – I know this is total ’70’s, but I love this costume and everything after is a downgrade. “….( I want a man) like a spaghetti.” Do you want them to have meatballs? I will leave now……

    …… and I’m back!
    Black Manta – I like to splash on a little Aquababy after shaving.

    Black Orchid – Nothing from Dr.Anj yet? Well, he would have said everything that needs to be said but all I can say is, yes, super hot.

    Black Pirate – His head looks too small for his body and stretched vertically. Either way, bucket boots is a plus. Sex on a boat is not as romantic when it’s the provincial ferry that you have to take for commuting reasons.

    Black Racer – “Death on skies.” This phrase made me think of Death Bed. What else can you put “Death” in front of to make it sound ridiculous? Death canoe? Death on slippers? Death kumquat? Death bulge?!?

    Your laughter brightened up my day! Keep up the great work!

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